As the Wind Whips Round the Corner

How can you know, when the wind whips round the corner,
What debris it will bring, or what song it will sing?
Perhaps flower petals will fly around you, bound for
Nowhere and everywhere, and perhaps some song sung
By myriad colors of rainbow ecstasy will leave you
Breathlessly joyful, or again some elegy unexpected
Turn your heart mournful in sudden loss of love so dear
And near now gone on, as the wind whips round the corner;
How can you know what life will show from the shadows,
Or when you may see the bone hand holding scythe high
Under dark sky? And will you question why now, then bow?
And what angel may fly low to brush your fevered brow
With heavenly wing to bring cool peace at conclusion
Of your lease on life, as wind whips round the corner?
As the wind whips round the corner…



Being Human: What It All Really Boils Down To

I know I have posted this poem elsewhere on my blog, but I did so without any explanation … assuming, of course, that the intelligent read would understand. And I do not doubt for a moment that most people have understood; nevertheless, I feel compelled to re-submit this as an actual blog “article” with the explicit explanation that in the ultimate scheme of life in this time, in this world, no one is really “better” than anyone else … an unadulterated truth taught by the greatest of faith/religious leaders down though the ages. More specifically, my “target” audience are those who, like myself, adhere to the Christian faith.  All too often, I have found it to be tragically the case that “Christians” look down their long noses, so to speak, at “those people,” without realizing that in truth ~ in reality, in this time, in this world ~ they are no better whatsoever. And that is what this poem is all about…

I am the pusher, the user, the drunkard laid upon the floor;
I am the whore, the prostitute, the refuse knockin’ at your door;
I am the working man, poor man, the child starving in the night;
I am the sick, the diseased, the dying from an unknown plight…

I am the albatross around your neck,
The nightmare that will never go away;
I am the life of promise become a wreck,
The horror of creation, ever here to stay.

I am the rapist, heartless killer, the thief in the dark;
I am the demon, the beast, stamped with the mark;
I am the singer, the binger, the beloved movie star;
I am the doctor, lawyer, the friendless man at the bar;

I am your brightest dream that faded away,
All of your hopes and prayers for a better day;
I am the inescapable truth of life in this world,
The vilest evil, what makes the blood run cold.

And what will you do with me, saddled as you are ~
Such a troublesome burden, and creation’s scar?
Will you throw me away and simply let me be,
When you realize that I am you and you are me?

Now I might only add the scriptural truth that “there is no one righteous; no, not even one… For all have fallen short of the glory of God: therefore, judge not that you be not judged.”  Right?



More Like An Infant

mother_and_childAh! I am heavy-hearted and sad, even on this most beautiful morning, because I am like the infant who still has some vague notion of your presence even when you have left the room, most nurturing and mothering God.

And so I cry because I can no longer see you, hear you or feel your touch. I want you back in the room, to smile at me, and speak soft and comforting words; to pick me up and hold me.

Nothing may really be wrong ~ you certainly have not left me unattended ~ but I still need you. I want you, and, like the infant, it upsets me that you have walked out of the room.

Very much like the infant, too, I suppose, I never actually think or feel beyond my needs and wants, which all necessarily find fulfillment in you and in you alone. And so my soul cries and keeps crying.

My soul continues to cry till you come back into the room to comfort and reassure me; to hold me in your strong arms; to speak and sing in the Voice I have known from even before I was born I was born … the only Voice able to calm and make me feel safe and secure; that Voice that belongs to the One who provides and takes care of me.

Is this not as it is?

Changes, No Sad Farewells

Well, it’s been fun and interesting and rewarding, but as I continue through yet another monumental transition in life I may not be able to maintain my blog. Internet access will be severely limited, so entries will only be made sporadically at best.  Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, interacted, encouraged and supported me.  It is deeply appreciated; you have made my effort here an invaluable blessing and provided me one of those life experiences I will always cherish. Thank you and God bless each one of you.

Jon N