I AM …

By Jonathan Noble

I am the pusher, the user, the drunkard laid upon the floor;
I am the whore, the prostitute, the refuse knockin’ at your door;
I am the working man, poor man, the child starving in the night;
I am the sick, the diseased, the dying from an unknown plight…

I am the albatross around your neck,
The nightmare that will never go away;
I am the life of promise become a wreck,
The horror of creation, ever here to stay.

I am the rapist, heartless killer, the thief in the dark;
I am the demon, the beast, stamped with the mark;
I am the singer, the binger, the beloved movie star;
I am the doctor, lawyer, the friendless man at the bar;

I am your brightest dream that faded away,
All of your hopes and prayers for a better day;
I am the inescapable truth of life in this world,
The vilest evil, what makes the blood run cold.

And what will you do with me, saddled as you are ~
Such a troublesome burden, and creation’s scar?
Will you throw me away and simply let me be,
When you realize that I am you and you are me?


30 thoughts on “I AM …

  1. Wow, such raw truth in that! We try so hard to create a scale of sin, yet fail to realize that any sin is a separation from God. There are different consequences in THIS life for sin, but for the eternal life any sin, every sin, uncovered by the blood of Christ has the same consequence. This life is but a mist….eternity is forever.

  2. I wrote one titled “I AM”

    I Am.
    I care.
    In troubled times I will be there
    To comfort you,
    And lift you up from deep despair.

    I AM.
    I care.
    In troubled times I will be there
    To comfort you
    And strengthen
    Through the love I share
    With all mankind
    So you may know I care.

  3. That poem is brilliant! We are darker than sin if we do not embrace the lost and lonely evil ones struggling to survive in places devoid of hope. We are truly EVERYMAN.

  4. What a great introductory poem! Very nice to meet you Jonathan! Looking forward to reading more of you!
    ~ Dajena 🙂

    1. Yes, my friend, I am safe and healthy. I’ve been away for quite some time, and have had no Internet access, but now I’m back on line again! I dearly hope and pray you are doing well, too! Take care and God bless!

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