131 Rewritten

Lord, my heart is not proud nor my eyes lifted high;
Of great affairs of greater men I do not worry,
Nor wonders to understand do I even try;
But I am calm and quiet and no longer do I hurry ~
Like child with mother, Lord, and never a cry.

I wrote this months ago, but now so much has changed. Not for bad, but for my good, I know. Still, the pain is real and deep, especially when those changes include having to bid farewell … and most especially to those who have so fundamentally defined my life for so many years. Shall it always be so? What the Lord of Life inspired me to pen below seems to answer, “no, it shall not alway be so, but even better.” Yet now does the sun scorch and I am tired and weary…

Jonah-Twist by the Heartbroken Man
By Jonathan Noble

Removed, I flew away to rock-hewn solitude, alone in desert land,
So did I loathe the company of better souls bearing again my pain.
To sit in remorse, my comfort, dancing damned with demon band;
But then did you ask, ‘Why be angry that I heed not your demand?’

Lo, did two blessings flow from your hand, full-life trees of shade,
And did I not then dance and sing, rejoice and find rest as you bade
Neath the evergreen branches, two for my life, their life my refrain?
Came then the worms to assault, destroy and uproot what you made!

Beats down now the sun, and no comfort, no reason more for living;
Why give so much, so good to snatch away in cruelty unforgiving?
Yet your answer, the question, ‘Should I not take back to give again?
Look, blind fool, the trees are not dead, but the worms are decaying!’

‘For a time you were blessed by two trees, and now by scorching sun,
And you don’t understand, but in you I will complete that work begun!’


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