Up From the Deep Inside of Me

There is something deep inside of me that I have not even seen;
It has been held in spiritual keep all of these years, pure, clean;
Numinous fire burning through prior ages and pages of history,
It is not of me, from me or by me but it is quickly becoming me;
Spirit untamed and wild, nothing mild about her, yet like a child;
And the lowly gods whirl their heads trying to keep her in bed,
But in vain and it drives them insane; they cannot stop this train
And my clouds are full of rain ready to shower upon this world
Into which I’ve been hurled on purpose for a show in this circus;
Yet my tongue remains wordless but with earnest I try to release
What is roiling and boiling inside me rather than to bide my time
Because the clock chimes daybreak and it’s ready to break forth,
This something deep inside of me that even I have not yet seen

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure of new blog followers. Blessings to one and all! (And, by the way, the above is as true today as when it was written two months ago.)


Out Into the Deep

Out into the deep where your secrets you keep
Is where I dare to venture to better know you
And to show you the depths of my own passion
For you and only you and how true I am to you
If only you will open up all your treasure to me
To take pleasure in the profundity of your soul
As you abide in me and I in you in stride as one
Under sun, moon and stars into the far reaches
Of love from above through days ‘n nights
Taking flight together in inseparable union
Forever and forever in an infinity of affinity . . .
But first the deep where your secrets you keep
Out into the deep

Sailing the Storm . . . Home

We ride on the storm waves to brighter days and better ways;
This ship will not capsize on these seas as we claim our prize!
And the Captain is a sure and steady hand with a band
Of experienced sailors tailor-made for such a journey!
We will reach the distant shore with persistent determination,
And dock in safe bay at the break of day, the yawn of new dawn,
And this wandering band shall take to new land of new promise
With incitement of fresh excitement in discovery of new country
Unsettled and untainted, with assurety of purity and serenity,
And here we will take our place and make our home in peace
With new lease on life not rife with any pain and ill-sought gain
Yes . . .
We ride on the storm waves to brighter days and better ways . . .

One Auspicious Morning

It was an auspicious morning many years ago
When all the world around seemed to lay low
And fade till life was like some waking dream
And the cream of heaven flowed freely to me,
Overwhelming me with more than I could see
And the feeling was surreal but also very real,
And it was like a healing balm to calm my soul
As I walked around but barely talked to folks,
Just taking it all in as it came . . . what was it?
It was nearly like an out-of-body experience,
Yet there I was in the midst of real reality . . .
Or maybe I just then stepped into true reality?
Perhaps I was seeing the world as it truly is:
Moving shadows, reflections and refractions
Of a reality behind what we consider reality,
I do not know but this show ended too fast;
It did not last and is now buried into my past
But I still wonder if I might somehow blunder
Into such an experience sometime again . . . ?

Sail Away, Return

Ah, you had to sail away that day, I know;
I was there at the bay to say fare-thee-well
With all of the others watching you board,
But with no lack of enthusiasm
You granted you would be back,
Yet tears still freely flowed as you set sail
In your great galleon, mighty sea stallion,
Off toward far horizon . . .
Oh, and it has been many long years now
And hear little talk of your return
As people balk at the very notion,
But I know and so I set my eyes each day
Upon the horizon as I meditate at the bay,
And here I’ll stay as this has been my way
For days upon days because I do know
You will show your beautiful face again,
For just as surely as you had to sail away,
So it is as certain that you will return . . .
One day, my Love, one brightly lit day!

I Looked for You

I looked for you in bars and in the stars,
In plush beds and in might river heads,
As I knew you were bound to be found,
And I searched through the thick forests,
Perched on large limbs to see only you,
And I travelled gravel roads to find you,
And looked through hills and old mills,
But you were not anywhere to be found,
Though I could hear your whisper sound,
And I wondered as I blundered through
This world into which I had been hurled
How I could hear someone so very dear,
But never find . . . never see . . .
So I looked in one final place: my heart
And there you were with traces of grace,
Where you had been all along,
Where you always did belong,
And now I sing your song ‘n freely dance
And prance and now suddenly see you . . .

You Brought Me Home

Wandering the wasteland with a nefarious band,
You came and found me and took me by the hand,
Led me across the desert sand and even carried me
When I could not stand, so much did you care for me,
And as I cried you dried my many tears
And I could hear you say, ‘I so love you,’
But I was silent and pliant as you tended to my scars
And promised to defend me always with compassion
In the passion of love from heaven above
And this was like treasure with pleasure!
Now I make my home with you so beautiful and true,
Never again to wander and wonder
Where to lay my head and make my bed,
And now I can truly say, ‘I love you, too!’
No more in the wasteland with some nefarious band,
No more . . . I am Home

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast)

Take me out of my marshy lagoon at high noon
To sail the wide open azure sea; I want to be free

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me before my soul dies in this concavity of lies

It is a galleon, this ocean stallion of my salvation
Yet uncertain for the duration of this journey
But fascination draws me into an ocean
Without limitation and far away from
My swampy bay of self-damnation

Off the brackish shelf and out from myself
Into the soul of heaven without digression
Nor concession, an expression of freedom
Let me make my confession in procession
Into heart liberty with no more discretion

Oh, sail me now into the keep of mystical deep
Where lays life unknown, blown by your breath
Away from my groans alone in this secluded bay
Out into the bright, numinous light of day to stay
Never to return to my bay
Never to stray from glory . . .

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me though into open azure sea; I want to be free

Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea

Note: First published in October 2016 this poem and its second part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

Waking Up Beyond Mere Existing

Waking up to your dream-reality past the banality of mere existence
In insistence and persistence of catching an ideal and holding onto it
Not letting it go in flow of time even when the clock chimes midnight
Which means standing squarely in the bright light of this blessed life
And taking a numinous knife to cut off all of the obstacles in the way
To claim the day and say ‘I have won’ as you stand in the shining sun
Where you will no longer succumb to mediocrity or societal idolatry
You have awakened beyond mere existence . . . to living an alive life!

To the Edge of the Cosmos and Beyond

Can’t you see the stars falling? Can’t you hear the angels calling?
Absolutely enthralling to be at the edge of the Cosmos, to touch
The universal hedge; to go beyond, so near the end, my friend.
And we can dance in the sun, party spun, and never be burned
Nor ever turned away from the cacophony of celestial symphony,
With comets playing drums on the moon; too soon to cry or die!
The party’s just begun … at the edge of the Cosmos and beyond.

Can’t you hear the clouds hissing?  And see the dæmons pissing?
And what a wonderful world, indeed; hurled through space and time,
And we ain’t got a dime for the boreal jukebox, auroral machine
Making music; an oral reminder to the asteroids not to quarrel,
And we get to dance, you know! And prance on moonlight beams,
And streams of sunshine, while we dream all our dreams — cream
Of active imaginations that never grew up, but forever grew out…

To the edge of the Cosmos and beyond…

Note: This light hearted, somewhat humorous poem was first published in December 2015, now being republished for (hopefully) the enjoyment of many new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!