On Trying to ‘Trump’ Reality

It was an undeniably bitter defeat for someone who has said so many times that he does not like “losers” and, accordingly, has disparaged his opponents by calling them “losers,” along with many other pejorative names and remarks, but . . . he lost. Period. Donald Trump truthfully and legally lost his bid for reelection. He has yet to accept this fact, which is beyond realistic dispute.

When at the height of the Vietnam War the Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, lost his bid for the White House to Lyndon Johnson, who scored a landslide victory, he accepted the outcome, congratulated his opponent, and promised his continued prayers for and service to this country. Goldwater truly understood constitutional, representative democracy and he respected it.

The same can be said for the Democrat candidates, Hubert Humphry and George McGovern, who both lost to Nixon. And mentioning Richard Nixon, he voluntarily resigned from office for the good and, specifically, the unity of the country. Humphry, McGovern, and even Nixon truly understood constitutional, representative democracy and they respected it.

The Ex-Presidents Club

And, yes, the same can be said for Republican Gerald Ford and Democrat James E. Carter, who lost the presidential race to Ronald Reagan. Even in the controversial 2000 election, Vice-President and Democrat nominee, Al Gore, eventually conceded the race to George W. Bush, assuring him of his prayers and support, and wishing him well. He understood constitutional, representative democracy and he respected it.

So, too, the American people, or at least most, but not Donald Trump, and so now he constitutes the one greatest threat to our system of governance. Trump currently poses the greatest threat to democracy, yet in this his true colors are showing. There is no evidence of voter fraud or, more generally speaking, a corrupted election, and this is something even conservative, Republican-appointed judges have said from the bench.

The U. S. Supreme Court is currently comprised of six conservative justices, three of whom were appointed by Trump himself, and three liberal justices, yet even these justices have unanimously knocked down two attempts at overturning the legal results of Election 2020. Yes, even Trump’s own appointees have ruled against allegations of voter fraud and election corruption!

The fact of the matter is, the 2020 election was free, fair, legal and level. Period. It is far past time for Donald Trump to accept this, but he will not, and he will not back down. After four years of witnessing just how he operates — what makes him tick, how he acts and reacts, his motivations and (seeming) fears — no one should expect him to act reasonably and out of any genuine concern for the country.

This being the case, it’s up to the rest of us to put the election behind us, at least as much as possible, and congratulate Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, promising them our prayers and support, while also (hopefully!) putting these last horrific four years behind us. This is imperative, because quite honestly, our country is undergoing an extreme (but ultimately good?) transformation.

It is this current, ongoing, sociopolitical-cultural transformation that has birthed nearly tangible fear in the hearts and minds of so many millions of Americans . . . mostly conservative, traditionalist, Caucasians, who pine for the “good ole days” when the United States was unquestionably ruled by white males (with, perhaps, a few women, too.) They long for bygone days of white, “Christian,” supremacy, to tell the truth.

The country is going through transformation anyway, despite their wicked longings and unreasonable fears, so that America is changing right before our very eyes. We are really and truly growing and maturing into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, socio-politically and religiously varied society. We will no longer be the America of “I Like Ike,” and “I Love Lucy,” mostly white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).

The dawning of an altogether new era actually began in earnest in 2008, with the election of Barak Obama. In 2016, after eight years, came the militant reaction to this transformation. It was almost instinctive, certainly expected, and quite visceral. It was, along with the tens of millions who voted for Trump this year, the gasping breath of a dying corpse of white, Protestant “Christian” (and white, conservative Catholic) privilege.

So, yes, congratulations to Biden and Harris. May as many of us, who are ready and willing to be reasonable, respectful and peaceful, commit ourselves to prayer for and support of our country, government at every level, and above all our fellow citizens. We cannot wait for those who simply refuse to even acknowledge reality as reality. We must lock arm, join hands, and simply march forward together . . . as one.


Doc in a Box

He’ll knock you out for a minute or two;
He’s the doc in a box and so very untrue;
No real treatment nor any appeasement,
Just an ‘I can’t help you’ with a pill ‘n bill;
Clinic after clinic ‘n you become a cynic,
And lose your belief you’ll find any relief!
Not even any advice; just a nice farewell;
Oh, but you have to pay for that sad day!
Yes, they’ll take your money with honey
Sweet hands that band together
In no treatment of your ailment;
Yes, this is a doc in a box and sly as a fox;
You leave with no more than dirty socks!
Medical care in America is a rotten snare!

Politics in America

Bring out the paint to make some saints, and don’t forget the masks
For brash-crass politicians to bypass truth and bask in the circus
Of gleeful glory while piling manure over the real story in an effort
To seal the fate of an entire nation of lemmings, condemning them
To an unsuspected fate by bait of impossible promises pulled from
Effervescent clouds floating in liquescent sky under crescent moon
So soon to fade away on the day empty oaths are sworn with plenty
Of pomp and circumstance while citizens watch in mindless trance
And the puppet-servants prance while pence-bought clowns dance
In the romance of self-made fantasy of having gained something
In the election by their defection from flimsy conviction without
Realizing they’ll soon be served an eviction because they no longer
Serve any real purpose, but the party will go on beyond reason
For a season till the people understand too late that they’ve taken
Poisoned bait … again, that they’ve been pricked by self-serving
Dicks and tricked … again, and then they’ll cry to begin anew
But so few will make the effort to actually take action because
Of fear of harsh reaction and making such a fussy muss in pain
To regain life and liberty, sense and sensibility; and so the band
Plays on without any real reprimand — same tune, same song —
And so this is where we belong … in the grand ole U. S. of A**

Better Ways for Brighter Days?

Shrouded in doubt, clouded by deception, we wait for the reception
Of some new conception that will wipe away our tears and all fears,
Yet knowing that no selection in any election will lead to perfection;
Our destination is cremation of our nation to which we give nutation
Without thinking or even blinking; we just wink and nod and go on
About our business as usual, which is unusual for people in distress,
But why obsess over the inevitable, or impress with vain knowledge
When it’s easier to repress our feelings peeling away at our souls?
Here then is the conundrum of living in a dying kingdom with lying
Queen and bellicose autocrat vying to sit in the white tower of power:
What choice do people have with no voice, and over what to rejoice?
Ah! But most are intent to remain content, so long as they belong
To the games and the circus goes on with all silly gaffs and laughs
Without a thought that this happy show has been bought at the price
Of liberty by simplicity of trickery grown from the gross fertility
Of unchecked, wicked wizardry of those who hide in dark anonymity;
But will the simplicity of it all finally
Shine through the red, white and blue?
Will we see and refuse to bend the knee
To such insidious, political cruelty?
Are there better ways for brighter days?

Can You Stand?

Can you stand to join hands with Wisdom in the prism of Truth,
Wade thru the lies that fly by day, refusing to glorify rank error?
Can you refuse to stroke the grand egos of socio-political brokers,
Who seal up lips, steal over hearts, kill what is right in the sight
Of God and good people? What is this but to stand alone in grand
Opposition to the position of evil in the world in honest admission
Of wrongdoing no matter the cost or what may now here be lost?
But how will you wage war and gauge your progress against many,
Who rage against light, bemoaning their own plight under weight
Of the Truth shining brilliantly in the night sky, heavenly sight?
Oh say can you see the banner that waves in manner of what is lost
Because riches and glory have tossed the people to and fro upon
Waves of blind luxury with no one to save apart from hearts hungry
And thirsty for Wisdom and Truth? An high calling this is to keep
One from falling and crawling before the ever-sprawling masses;
What high price to pay, but can you say there is another sure way
To reach some higher destination in acclimation of all that is good?
Oh, can you stand to join hands with Wisdom in the prism of Truth?

Babylon America

And he called out with a mighty voice, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!”
— From the Revelation of St. John (or the Apocalypse)
Fallen to the seduction of greed, have we created our own self-destruction
In an introduction to deconstruction of everything we’ve pretended to be?
Alas Lady Liberty! What stain of blood on hands and for what sordid gain?
And do you hear all the children cry and say ‘goodbye’ as they lay and die?
Do you see the crimson river flowing and feel the wind blowing the turmoil
That you alone have created in order to be sated in demonstrated avarice?
Do you wonder at your own short-sighted blunder cutting nations asunder?
Ah! But the time is now here when God shall strike fear into your very soul,
And who shall save you from falling from your height, O Babylon of might?
Night has come upon you and there is no flight, but only heaven’s blight!