Breath Breeze Biddings

Over the seas and through the valleys blows numinous breeze;
Over mountains grand and great forest stands, band of angels
Whisper-sing to bring an extraordinary message from up above
In love expressed from an esoteric pool to school us in serenity;
There is a long song in the air to prepare us for a spiritual affair,
An Immanuel flare to repair the broken, which we dare not miss!
As Father Christmas bids New Year come, then let there be cheer
Among all who are near and dear without any thought of fear . . .
Season’s greetings and happy holy days with shining heart rays!



Yuletide Plea and Prayer

Now let there be Yuletide cheer for all near and dear
And those far away, too, without any reason for fear!
No tears or mocking jeers, let peace and joy appear
For sheer enjoyment; no sneers or smears, only love
In which each person is a compeer – small and great,
Short and tall – everyone is hailed at the grand ball!
Let war and violence cease and let goodwill increase
With mother, father, daughter, brother, sister, niece
And everyone without restraint or taint of misdeeds;
Yes, and let all needs be met – the hungry finely fed,
And beds for the homeless, and medicine for the sick
As a grand gesture from ole Saint Nick – with a prick
Of conscience to inspire those who can give to give
That others might truly live everyday along this way,
And let not be for just one day but all the year round;
Let the Yuletide spirit abound in sight and sound . . .
One born long ago was torn and died; and Mary cried;
Let us tear no more but dare to begin to repair now!
Give birth to mirth this Yuletide in cheer, my dearest,
And let love once again descend from up high above!

Note: Previously published on Pax et Dolor

Merry Lights for Better Times

I see lights in the trees, twinkling in the breeze,
Heralding another Christmas with all of its glee,
And I think, what a grand time for me to be free,
When once again my ghosts of the past must flee;
For I am me, and I’m here with Christmas trees,
Bound to the evergreen, sounds of mystic angels
As they sing such serene songs to hear, no fear;
Just the right time to rejoice and hold tight hope
For better years ahead, but for now I’m well-fed,
And lay me down in comfortable bed, with my head
Full of dreams shot thru with lighted trees
Twinkling in the breeze, promising coming glee,
So for now I truly am free to be me, you see.

Good tidings to you, one and all, and much fun
Immersed in the many lights of night twinkling
In the breeze to freeze all curses, and to free
In this Christmas season for none other reason
Than Yuletide greetings for you to be only you,
To laugh and dance, twirl and prance, and sing!

Happy Christmas season to one and all! Blessings!

Note: Originally published in early December 2015

No Gift to Give His Children Except . . .

He has no gift to give his children this Christmas
Except love, hugs and kisses . . . and a heart-poem
. . .
If I could give you a large mansion with room for expansion, I would;
If I could give you gold, as cold as the metal might be, I surely would;
If I could give you the stars so far away, I would give them one by one;
If I could give you fine clothing and a nice bottle of wine, I would do so;
If I could give you the moon, so soon would I fetch it down, all for you;
If I could give you cars to travel afar and a reservoir of jewels, I would;
Yes, if I could give you both all of this and more from some Santa store
Please know that I would, and allow this thought grow in your hearts:
I would give you material goods made of silver, metal, jewels ‘n wood,
But I can give you only my love and pray you do not shove this aside,
As well as my affection with no rejection nor reduction in my gratitude
For the two of you . . .
You both are my own gift as you lift my spirit to an heavenly altitude!
So with this I say, ‘merry Christmas’ with a kiss you surely won’t miss


Happy Holiday Thinking

Do you think of the person who looks for a place to lay his head,
Wondering where he’ll get his next piece of bread?
Who finds a place to curl up against the cold winter’s night
Only to be told to move when he has nowhere to go,
Except maybe six feet below?
Or the little girl who whirls around from alleyway to alleyway
Trying to find someone who cares but only ends up
With some pervert that binds her behind locked door?
Do you consider the old woman with shopping cart
Who makes dumpsters her grocery mart?
Or the wandering band from a foreign land
They used to call home?
Or the shell-shocked children of Gaza
Who search for toys among rock and rubble plazas?
Do you think oils spills that poison drinking water
Or the mountain of bills the poor cannot afford to pay?
Or the bullets that kill amidst the shrill screams of war?
Or the ill who have no medical care
Because they cannot bear the cost?
Or the man lost in his own world without hope of escape?
Or blackened drapes, sour grapes, formless shapes,
And untold rapes?
Say, what do you think when you blink your eyes at the world?
Before you say ‘happy holidays,’ think and sink into reality . . .
* * * * * * * *
Do you consider the person who looks for a place to lay his head,
Wondering where he’ll get his next piece of bread?

Happy Yuletide to You

YuletideHappy Yuletide to one and all, both great and small, short and tall;
And may the Spirit of Christmas bless you and everyone near and dear
With holiday cheer, no fear; and may peace keep your soul and your
Heart leap for joy and ne’er cease to bring laughter into the air
So bright and fair, perchance with layer of snow as the wind blows
In holiday show; may each of you know an ever slow pace of restful
Quiet in the soul, every heart hole filled with love from above …

And all around; may love abound!

Merry Christmas!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing…

Hark, the herald angels sing the birth of Christ the king;
Bring gifts of adoration in realization Someone has come,
And the world lies silently, blindly begging kindly gift
From afar, beyond the stars, to break the bars of prison
And sickening poison: Who will feed us, clothe us? Who
Will need us, and give us better creed by which to live?

Is this the newborn babe, torn from heaven’s womb, born
To live, to die, to try sceptre of the world to capture
For my sake? To make better the earth with his own birth,
To shatter slumber and wake the heart of humanity long
Caught in slumber deadly, in medley of satanic cruelty
And its own desire burning like fire, making its pyre?

Across the field I yield to sweet, small voices in chorus
Choices of carols of the season for reason to be at peace
But not for wars to cease; hope born each year at the end
Of heaven’s pier, and so dear to think the One who bled
Fed the thousands, yet millions starve while the chorus
Continues this silent night, deadly night in world ne’er
Saved from plight; only afforded trite promises, quite right
In words but wrong in song sung so far from heavenly sight.

Hark, the herald angels sing the birth of Christ the king;
Bring gifts of adoration in realization Someone has come
In incarnation ~ let the drums beat ~ tis Twelvetide again! 

Karim and the Gift of Generosity

There is something about charity, liberality of the heart, that has always ranked high in the estimation of humanity; perhaps some latent memory of divine generosity at the beginning of the life of this world that impels the human soul to imitate its Maker. However that may be, unfeigned generosity is given an especially high place in faith-religions throughout the world.

In the Hebrew Psalms of David we are taught:

Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord delivers him in the day of trouble.  (41.1)

And in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit we read that charity, or almsgiving, leads to eternal life:

Almsgiving is death’s avoiding, is guilt’s atoning, is the winning of mercy and of life eternal…  Tobias (Tobit) 12.9 (Knox Bible)

Buddhism teaches us that even the poor should be generous:

A poor man who himself subsists on charity should give charity.  (Dhammapada 224)

Generosity is inextricably linked to authentic faith:

Let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to his neighbor, and let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to his guest.  (Forty Hadith of an-Nawawi 15)

One Native American religion goes so far as to threaten death as the result of stinginess:

See to it that whoever enters your house obtains something to eat, however little you may have. Such food will be a source of death to you if you withhold it.

So generosity is a spiritual gem, an invaluable virtue, an admirable quality, and for many thousands of people in the world on the receiving end, life-saving.  But does God take care of those who care for others?  I would like to believe so – and I’m not asking the question in a sacrilegious manner – but sometimes it seems the most genuinely giving people are left with little or nothing.  Perhaps they’ve given too much?  This is certainly possible, I suppose, and that would mean they should have been more frugal.  But what of the person who has simply, and quite literally, been sincerely generous, and has given out of love more than a sense of duty?

I know a man –  call him “Karim,” which actually means “generous” –  and he has been very openhanded through the years.  Like everyone, of course, Karim is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but no one could ever accuse him of the deadly sin of greed.  Who knows how much he’s given in dollar amounts?  Is an account kept in heaven?  I don’t know, but from what I do know the figure would hit well up into the tens of thousands … no small amount for Karim because he’s never been a wealthy man.  But there you go!  Maybe he would be wealthy if he hadn’t given away so much!

Karim doesn’t think so.  He is a bit of a non-materialistic idealist, who believes that genuine generosity, especially to those in greatest need, is its own reward.  Consequently, true wealth comes from giving away what you have been given because, according to this dear soul, it has been given precisely to be given again … and again and again.  Life for Karim, in fact, is lived best when it’s lived for others, and life is satisfying only to the extent that it’s given away.  Well, he probably hasn’t perfectly lived out this ideal,  but he’s been materially and financially generous, for sure, and that must mean something.  Does it?  Enter now my doubt.

I know for fact that he has given to many people who have, seemingly at least, forgotten poor Karim (and he is poor now).  What especially vexes me, however, are those who promised to repay Karim, though he gave what he gave as a gift.  But they insisted at the time, and then quite promptly forgot … or did they?  Why should it bother me?  Well, perhaps it shouldn’t; after all, Karim gave what he gave freely, without thought of repayment. Besides, he himself insists that generosity is its own reward;  maybe he is at peace and satisfied.  And, too, maybe an infinitely benevolent God will grant mercy and life eternal to Karim as promised in the Wisdom of Sirach.

Here and now, though, Karim seems to have very little, at least materially, and I couldn’t help but feel sad for him this Christmas.  He received precious few holiday cards and most of the ones he did receive were from charities to which he’s donated … asking for more money, of course!  It’s enough to make you laugh and cry at the same time!  (Actually, I’ve done both, but anyway…)  Karim just goes on, though, living the days God has given him, holding out for something more and better … some day.  Well, maybe he’s right after all; perhaps generosity is it’s own reward.  At least I can say Karim doesn’t seem too bruised by the callousness of others;  he does seem happy when he’s giving. And that, at any rate, is something to ponder a while.