And Our Eyes Meet

Our eyes meet, greeting one another without a sound;
My hearts pounds inside my chest to be with the best;
I reach my hand to your shoulder, strong as a boulder;
You reach inside my very heart to take the better part;
Flames leap inside my soul and I smile without shame;
You enter in ever so deeply to the center of my being;
Here you find a home; in like kind I also find my own;
Here you find a throne, not made of stone, but of flesh;
And I gladly supplicate myself in the state of servitude;
You are my all in all, strong and tall, and ever-present;
And our eyes meet again to greet, so eternally sweet!

Note: First published in December 2016, now republished for the pleasure of new reader-followers (and quite possibly for long-time reader-followers as well!) Blessings to one and all!


Love Held in Earthen Keep

It is still night, the sun not yet even a promise on the horizon,
And the melancholy blanket of black has been thick and long,
Unseen eyes out from opaque coverings hovering in corners
As the man sits at his mahogany desk with pen and ink-well
Still lingering over an ongoing song suiting the suave suitor,
One song for love he does not feel, peeling away authenticity,
So goes his way of life and he wonders when the sun will rise
Bringing light back into his vacuous existence in this valley
While remembering that one lovely star that faded and fell
Not so very long ago, now shrouded and held in earthen keep,
Leaving his soul covered in numinous dust as the reminder
That genuine communion does live for some souls who live,
But he had died that day she died, and of that he could not lie;
And the song he longed to sing was married but also buried,
So no new tune had arisen in his heart and words eluded him,
And it is still night with no bright glow yet on the far horizon

Dancing the Dance

One glance by chance and then the dance:
Store of passion guided us across the floor
Gliding on out the door in timeless motion
Causing quite a commotion in our devotion
So suddenly birthed in such hasty mirth
And all to heed the call of love-eruption
Without hesitation or need for affectation
And never any deviation from the dance;
We still dance through the night into light
Under sun, moon and stars so far away . . .
We dance the never-ending dance of love
Love Everlasting

Up To Eternal Fire

Ah! Does the taste of hope waste away
When the bell tolls in this earthen hell?
Will love keep what was given in sleep,
Or that which seems real only in dreams?
You bade reality fade

And how high will you fly till you sigh
In utter frustration in stark recognition
Of your own condition, and then low bow
To how your highest self is not high…
So you say ‘good bye’

Ah! Only in you are too few the moments
Of sweet satisfaction in total relaxation
Of all your preconditions for exaltation;
You should’ve known you’re not enough…
On your very own

Yeah, you need another — brother, sister
And father, mother — to hold you up now
And make you bold, to no longer quake
In sheer fear with free-flowing tears…
Heart torn apart

What will make you, what will break you?
A three-stranded cord’s much stronger
And lasts longer than one and one alone;
Yeah, you’ve been thrown but you’ve grown;
Now you’ve been shown…

Yeah, you can reach higher than yourself,
Higher than the sky … higher and higher,
Up to eternal fire

Note: Inspired by “Lover’s Affliction” by Nandita of Manan Chained and Josslyn of A Life in Transition.

Sweet Selene Passing By. . .

maxresdefaultSo silently, surreptitiously, and smoothly do you slide in with ocean tide to abide in abode of my soul, making hearth of my heart your home, again and once again, yet never to stay, to be held at bay, whatever I might say; so sing your song sung blue and true, old and ever-new. Have only some few become your lovers, who hover around your every word, hoping for your tender, titillating touch, not much but just enough.

Oh sweet Selene of Yaşam Ruh’u, what do you do in your smoothly silken, silver brush through the air, so fair and wild, what we cannot bear yet in which we share but for fleeting moments, enough to lift our care. Ought we beware of you, so true but wrapped in mystery, your history largely unknown because that you have not shown. We have but some small share in the treasure you bring, as you sing in the breeze with eloquent ease.

So do we seize the passing by and ne’er try to grasp your essence to keep in the fluorescence of our  minds, which only dim in your presence. Yet we are more, not less, since your visitation; our incense rises to meet and greet your coming-movement in and through the veins of our very being to make new what was the aged pages of our lives. Ah! But do say when you will not stray but stay, we pray.

Oh, when will you stay, we pray?

Tease: ‘With the Wind, My Friend’

Where do you begin and where do you end?
Yes, you say, ‘with the wind, my friend;’
But who knows where the wind blows?
You show me you intimacy, sweet delicacy,
Magnificently interwoven so infinitely
Lovingly and just a little impudently,
And teasingly, too, for this is the you
I know and love from above, bitter dove;
But where ~ here or there ~ do you begin
And end, and why at height of ecstasy do
You send me away and hold me at bay?
Cruel like the wind that wraps but never
Holds; too bold, you leave me in the cold.

Oh where do you begin and where do you end?

Maftet and Lessons of Petty Divisions

summerly-noon-temple“People dear worshipped here, once upon a time; drinking the fine wine of fellowship,” Maftet spoke softly in the haunted old courtyard of once-vaunted temple. “Women, men and children; fathers, mothers, and sisters, brothers all; simple poor and those who stood tall in unity of community.” She ran fingers over one lingering wall, browned dark and dank, yet not cast down, but no longer part of crown achievement of city dead, now raising pity rather than praise.

“What happened here to make this place so drear,” I wondered allowed as an hundred questions flew thru my mind in like kind as I drew near my patroness-protector.

“The young and new wanted to cast out the old, but so soon as they’d begun the old grew bold; and the last song sung here was broken by tears,” Maftet answered. “The malefactors continued the fight against the old dogs’ bite, but most grew weary and it was then this magnificent place grew dreary. . . Death hung heavy in the air ~ the levy of schism ~ and evil laid bare the ill-intentions of darkened hearts. . . Unity fled and the community bled; then was no more.”

“Then do these stones not face the world now as a monument of disgrace?”

Maftet turned; fire burned in her eyes. “More than monument of disgrace, but an edifice of learning for any but fools; here are tools for teaching how reaching too far, too deeply, too soon can bring destruction at the noontime of any community.” She began to walk as she continued to talk. “Thy young say to the old, ‘Get out of the way,’ and the elders strive to hold them at bay, but then all devolves into dismay!”

“Tell me, please, who was right in your sight?”

“Ah!” She slipped her hand round my waist band. “Both were right, and both were wrong; both lacked sight, and both were weak, not strong. Enmity grew and lead to calamity that will ne’er be forgot in all eternity. . . And all over such trifling matters; all the clatter of fools with their endless prattle. Then came the clatter of sword and shield, for neither side would yield, and in yonder plain half were slain.”

And so it was that we were standing, hand in hand, not only in ancient ruins . . . but in the graveyard of what once was community ~ the hard reality pressing in on me that many such cemeteries exist as the living still persist in trifles and petty disputes. I was mute.


Our Way in the Beautiful Day

Now it’s such an exquisitely beautiful day,
An exquisitely beautiful day for you and me
To be together walking along the same way,
Away from the fray of way too busy affairs;
Just one pair among pairs of lovers walking
And talking, strolling along the greenery,
Enjoying the scenery, and nothing could be
Finer nor more delightful in our flightful
Fantasy-turned-reality, where we two agree
And see our twin lives as one that’s begun
To grow into an eloquent show for the world.


Fare Thee Well. . .

You left me behind, and I know not why;
You’d been so kind, such a friend to find.
Why now bow out? Do you doubt my love?
Why walk and talk with me so much before
To flip-flop and drop me? Did something
Crop up? Did you make a friendship swap;
Has our communion been so shallow, or
Perhaps even hallow? With broken heart
And tears; I guess my part is to cry and
Say ‘good-bye,’ but why? Sigh in my soul,
Thoughts fly round as I lie awake at night,
And at noontime high I dry my face and pace.
Oh what went wrong, my dear, that I must
Sing such drear song as I make my way along?
Fare thee well, then … fare thee well.