And Heaven Weeps

Let compassion reign o’er malice as we drink from the chalice
Of love and peace from above, even in the face of vile rancor,
And may we stay the course set before us even when reviled,
And let us weep in keep with the tears of heaven for the child
Once meek and mild, now gone wild, where faith once lived
But now only ruins remain to mark the place of dead belief,
And may we pray for the day that hope is revived in his soul,
But above all, let us carry on in cadence with the song of truth
Under the banner of compassion every day along life’s way. . .
Though heaven may weep in keep with all the strain and pain
Of her pilgrim children marching onward through this world
To gain the Promise of the Ages from the torn pages of history


Everywhere You Enfold Me

In the cerulean sky so high I see you smile at me;
In the mountain brook I look and see your eyes,
And listening to the glistening water
Your soft laughter is so near to hear,
And I lay down in green fields and feel your heart,
And your art is apparent in the wilder woodlands
With bands of trees forming seas of your passion,
So that everywhere I go I see and hear you truly;
Even the birds sing your song long into the night
When the moon calmly reflects your bright light;
And you enwrap me and trap my soul with love
From above and enfold me wholly
So I solely belong to you ever true
As in the cerulean skies so high I see you smile. . .

Reading the Beloved

With fiery eyes you read the diary of his heart,
And you hungrily devour each line part by part
As you desire to know him perfectly
Just as he knows you so very wholly,

So, too, you scrutinize each letter
To better understand the Beloved,
Even while some mock you
While others stand in shock,
But you dismiss blame and shame cast upon you
And remain true to your task as you bask in love

His soul is an opened book
And so you anxiously look
You read every line
Gaze upon each sign

You burn to learn your Beloved and discern his ways
As days pass into nights that give way to bright light
In sight of the one to whom you have joined yourself
In the union of such sweet communion forevermore

In Some Sweet, Mysterious Way

In some sweet, mysterious way you ever abide by my side,
Like an ethereal river flows while numinous wind blows,
You course through my being and I am seeing the unseen,
And words do not suffice to describe the precise nature
Of our love, my Beloved, nor the communion we share
In the union of my soul within your very own where seeds
Of passion are sown in surreal fashion beyond knowledge,
And you sweep over me touching the deep of my very soul
Like none other can so that the sun shines its light brightly
Within my innermost self both day and night in every way
As I become your moon, reflecting your shining brilliance
With resilience because your love is always and forever
As in a sweet, mysterious way you ever abide by my side,
An ethereal river flowing with numinous wind blowing . . .

In the Mountains of Caelum

The drum beats in the grand Mountains of Caelum,
Calling me in the valley low to make my ascension
Without affectation to see you in your exaltation,
And so I begin my benign climb on this one fine day,
Careful in each step and nowhere to stay on my way
To see you, my Beloved, within your rugged keep
So steep, but the travel is weary and I sadly weep
To think that on the brink of meeting you I may fail
Because I am weak, though I seek you with my all,
Yet I may fall and then shall you come to find me?
And will you still bind me to yourself above in love
Where you stand in the grand Mountains of Caelum?
Yes, in your passion and compassion I know you will
But still I do not want to carry the blame and shame
Of faltering along the way this day to be with you . . .
In the Mountains of Caelum, your heavenly realm . . .

Note: In Latin, “caelum” means “heaven.” Blessings to one and all!

In the Keep of Forest Deep

In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
I meet you alone where we two make but one,
And sun breaks through trees to make three
In one as we soak in the rays where we stay
And lay down all trials after miles of walking
And hours of talking . . . then comes the silence
Sweetly serenading in cadence with our hearts
And every part of our one being seeing beauty
In the union of our utmost sacred communion
As we lie on woodland floor, not to die but live
In an aliveness hitherto unknown but shown
In the depths of my soul enfolded within yours
In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
And I meet you where we two become one . . .

In the Dance of the Divine

In this helter-skelter life you have given me shelter,
Though my home is always with you, this is so true;
And I have no bank full of money, yet I am thankful
And though I could be so strangled by despondency
As to paralyze me, I realize that troubles of any size
Are never too great for you, but you offer me a prize
In your arms, safe from all harms,
And my head rests on your chest;
So I may not know the future, but I know you, Love,
And this is enough from above life’s sick cacophony;
There’s no agony constantly, monstrously haunting
Nor any dæmons taunting me as I sit by your Tree,
Where I am completely free and my spirit at liberty;
And how can I portray the intimacy we share,
Or is that something I even ought to lay bare?
It is no duty for me to bow to your beauty,
But pleasure alone, like long lost treasure!
I am yours and you are mine; our dance is divine!

Note: First published in December 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment (and inspiration?) of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Saved by Love for Love

You found me in the wilderness of loneliness, crippled and starving,
Carving out some place for my own burial, adversarial to my own life,
And there you came without any blame and simply lifted me up . . .
And I then found myself around your shoulders strong as boulders
Being carried across the wasteland by your mighty, strong hands . . .
Suddenly I found myself lying in cool, lush green grass
Thru which an attractive, crystal-clear stream did pass;
And there you were with the cure in hand
To bind wounds and put my mind at ease;
And I looked into your emerald eyes as if for the first time spying love;
You smiled a mile wide and laughed as you gently stroked my head
As I laid in my prairie bed, and you said that I had nothing to fear,
That you would hold me dear, and always be near enough to hear
My cries, and you did not lie, for you have been ever close, never far;
And now I dance in the romance we share forever, without any end!

Note: First published in December 2016 as a poetic-spiritual testimonial