Sometimes You Just Need A Friend

Bills are piling high, pills will not do, and you want to cry;
Your roof is leaking, your soul is seeking, you want to die,
But you really try to stay calm, without any healing balm;
You feel lonely and frightened in the deadly dark of night,
And you reach ‘n try to teach yourself just to quiet down,
And you preach to yourself but anxiety still rises in heart
And every part of your being and you’re not seeing relief;
It is in times like this . . . sometimes you just need a friend;
Sometimes you need a bosom, helping hand, caring heart,
Yes, it is truly true . . . sometimes you just need that friend;
You need the touch, the reassurance that it will be alright,
And that there’s no need for fright or to live in the blight;
You need the light shining from another soul to your own,
Seeds of love sown . . . sometimes you just need the friend
To tell you this is not the end, there’s a bend in the road,
And that you’re going to make it as they take your hand,
And without judgment join with you to make two in one;
Yeah . . . sometimes you just need a friend . . . some friend;
Sometimes you just need a friend . . .

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister. (Proverbs 18.24b)


Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is like the turbulent sea;
My soul is a labyrinthine mystery,
And you would quake at what you
Find in the quagmire of my mind!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is a bog covered with fog;
My nights are blighted with fright,
And you would get lost and tossed
About and chilled by my cold frost!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is at least mostly the beast
As I ceased long ago to belong to
Humanity, choosing an anonymity
With no amenity to lovers like you!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
This is my most desperate plea!
Turn away and walk into the day!

Note: When I first wrote this poem in November 2016 I actually did not think it was one of my best, but as it turned out it happened to be a favorite among my readers. Now, within one day, there has been quite some renewed interest in this poem; therefore, it is being republished for the enjoyment (and hopefully appreciation) of new reader-followers. All the best to all with peace and blessings!

My Kitty Cat: Creature Companion

Never particularly the cat lover
This kitty-cat hovered around
And was bound to win my heart
And so she became part
Of our beloved family. . .
So it has been for over 12 years
And now the tears come to eyes
As I cry when she cries out
Not knowing where she is;
You understand, she forgets now
And gets frightened when alone,
And she has to be shone her dish
With the wish that she will eat
Rather than simply seat herself;
Kitty doesn’t see as well either
And is easily scared
By rapid movement;
Nor does she move as fast,
And is past quickly jumping;
My dear kitty-cat has grown old,
And I don’t have to be told . . . no;
No, it won’t be very long, I know,
And when that day comes
I will openly show sorrow
For my sister-companion,
And I will have lost part of my heart

Cruel Cut in Companionship

Oh! You were my friend, closer than kin,
Who could comprehend my own heart
More than I, and apprehend my feelings
Much better than anyone else,
Reading me like an open letter,
And could loosen the fetters that bound,
And, too, you seemed to be ever around
When I needed you, my one true friend;
Ah! But you plunged your knife deep
Into the keep of my despondent soul
With words of malice and ugly anger
And for the first time I sensed danger;
Then my soul shriveled up within me
And I’ve left you no key to unlock me;
Such sacred bonds have been broken,
And no token of love can easily heal
Deep wounds that steal intimate trust;
Now you’ve made your deadly thrust
And I must guard each part of my heart
As we start over again
To chart a new course
Rather than simply parting our ways;
Friendship is delicate and no one can
Quite estimate just how relevant and
Even preeminent it is in life . . . my life!
Truly it is said, ‘True friends are one
Soul inhabiting two bodies!’ And amen!

Be My Lover Today, Forever

When the sun rises it seems so empty without you
Though there’s plenty of bright light and clear skies;
Without you the new day seems already old ‘n cold
Though it’s warm outside, but with you by my side
Even the fiercest bite of winter can’t pierce my soul;
You fill the hole in my life ‘n thrill my beating heart,
Not in part but fully fill ‘n guard me against the chill
Like the skilled lover you are, but when you do seem
So far away my mind strays into confusion and life
Becomes an appalling illusion in which the chimera
Raises her horrid head beside my bed covering me
With nightmares I dare not face alone, and so I cry
And call to you to be true to our love and rescue me;
Oh, rescue me, indeed, from the raging sea of vanity
And persistence in vacuous existence . . .
I offer you no resistance, only insistence,
For even beautiful moonlight at night is but a blight
Apart from you . . . I need you . . . I feed upon you . . .
Come and stay, never to stray . . . be my Lover today

What Do You See In Me?

And what do you see when you look at me?
Do you see a broken man, token of sorrow?
Perhaps an ill-spoken man, even madman,
Less than normal, and certainly not formal;
Or do you see a lifespan of broken dreams,
Streams of failure following bad behavior?
Just what do you see when you look at me?
If you look closer you may see a composer
Of greatest composure with a heart of art,
Who weaves together the broken dreams
Into one grand gleaming, numinous theme
For pleasure and even treasure for others;
If you look closer you may see a musician
With an ambition to audition his rendition
Of life in beauty in duty to love and charity
With symphonic clarity ‘n angels for choir;
But what do you require in a man, in me?
To be all you imagine your love should be?
But life is not perfect and this I do reflect,
Yet this man is not so sullied that he ought
To be buried as an hopeless case so base,
As some creature of night, a human blight;
And if you can but clear your sight
Then you will see this man is right;
But then again, this is your plight:
The fright of choosing to see what will be;
Ah! And what I will be to you we shall see!

Porcelain Doll

Porcelain doll, delicate love, will you fall for me?
But if you fall and break for my sake, then all I see
Of your devotion will be shattered on the floor
Before my very eyes, and so too my battered heart
Will break for your sake!
And who will remake us,
In the wake of such devastation, a new creation?
Perhaps our pieces refit and refine to shine as one?
Could it be, my love, that we both need to break
Apart in order to have fashioned one single heart?

Goodbye, My Friend, Goodbye

Ah! why did you leave, my friend?  How it grieves my soul,
Knowing you received my love, then bled my heart and fled!
Was it something I said? Did I speak out of turn and burn
Your heart? Though I never tried to charm, I meant no harm,
But did I somehow alarm your mind, unarm your intellect,
Causing you to reflect on who and what your are, not some
Guiding star but only flesh and blood, fresh from mud-soil,
In your place of endless turmoil of your very own making,
Forsaking reality for the cream of cosmic dreams that ne’er
Reach this earth, womb of your birth? Yet true friends do
Speak truth, do they not? Or have you forgot what is meant
By honest companionship? Ah! But you cut me off so neatly
And very completely without hesitation and no explanation!
And am I to cry or simply, soberly say ‘goodbye?’ I sigh…
Goodbye, my friend … goodbye


There is One closer than mother, father, brother or sister;
There is One who cares and sends the fair winds and rain;
There is One who walks and talks in softly whisper tones;
This One is companion, no phantom, who feeds in famine,
Nor leaves you a lonely gamin; this One does not abandon.


Note: “Companion” was the word for the day