Marching Forward Undaunted

Marching forward undaunted, lurching forward haunted

By days gone by in vaunted terror, much reckless error,

Bearers of hope, good news, good will, and carefree liberty,

Without sound of fury, nothing to hurry, no reason to worry,

Looking to better days ahead, Love fed, completely satisfied,

Eternity begun, fraternity born, taciturnity turned to kind words,

And this march continues on, only begun, no ending, no bending

. . . marching forward undaunted . . .


There Was This Boy So Regal

There was a boy of ancient lore, who walked so regally through every door;
He was ruddy and strong, wise and as stately as an eventide song sung long;
He grew in stature and knowledge, and naturally knew what to do each day,
As he perfectly balanced work and play, and would say only what was right
In sight of everyone under the sun, because even in the dark he lived in light
So bright that many thought he’d been forged as a knight by heaven’s might;
And so it was that on a battlefield fierce he dared to pierce the enemy lines
With but sling and sleek stone by which he alone slew the one giant of fear,
Who stood so near on dreary day, while his people watched with admiration
And sensation as the great, husky foe fell to the ground with terrible sound;
Then did the army gain courage against pain of war and tore into the field,
Led by this brave boy whom history knows simply as David, born to be king

Sonnet of Unrequited Love

Twas mine own proclamation of emancipation
When I didst tell thee of passionate affection,
Which didst proceed from an opened heart
That cared not how thou might play thy part,
But for sake of my tender soul ye wert kind,
And in thine eyes some honest pity I didst find,
And thou didst not reprimand me nor demand
That I should take my leave to ever be banned
From seeing thee again in some fondly way,
And thus, though sadly, did I await that day;
Nay, thou even granted a kiss upon my cheek
But ye also implored me another love to seek;
Ah! I have found such, yet thou art mournful,
But o’er my fortune why now be so scornful?

Bid Farewell to Your Monster

Does the monster wander back to try to conquer,
To conjure up fears like a stalker from your past?
Even though you have commanded him to leave?
Stand strong, reprimand and demand the demon
Never return; be brave; allow your heart to burn!
Remember that the monster has no right
To cause you fright or to blight your day!
He has no place in this space you call your home;
He has no authority nor any priority in your life;
He has no power over you to tower o’er the soul;
Be finally done with him, then, and let not his sin
Any more room in your heart again to tear apart!
Make him to hear your clarion call
To have him gone once and for all!
Be rid of the demon as you bid your final farewell!
Say your final ‘goodbye’ to the nefarious monster!

And The Child Shall Lead Them: Part III

Shall you lead us ore the trail of tears, through our fears in coming years,
As wicked men thrive while they deprive all love, and babies burn alive?
Shall you mend broken heart, extend mercy forgotten, and our wounds attend?
Are you too young for such responsibility without duplicity; pure nobility?
Are your hands strong for such demands while darkness and death expands
As innocent blood flows in Promised Land, while we watch with no reprimand?
Shall the Star misguide us afar, or will your boon be the crescent moon?

Spirit Dove, send us peace;
Let all the wars cease.
Spirit Dove, send us love;
Let it rain from above.

One there was who hunger fed, his own life bled; thorn-crown upon his head;
And how now shall you bear all concerns and care, my young Shepherdess fair,
When ore the ages even gods and sages have been slain in unthinkable pain?
When across the times dross-filled men have nailed such love to rugged cross?
Will you, but child meek and mild, seek truth free and wild, to be reviled
With nowhere to stay as friends turn away, and even family refuse to pray?
Are you thus strong to guide the throng; tend your sheep while so many weep?

Spirit Dove, send us peace;
Let all the wars cease.
Spirit Dove, send us love;
Let it rain from above.

When bullets fly and so many die, tears flood the alley-ways and your days
Are spent in relentless grace-chores no one adores; all your work abhors,
And you tire, well-spent; long for fire of funeral pyre; your eyes glaze,
Once dancing and laughing, prancing and clapping, will you backward gaze,
Long for brighter days? Or stay your heavenly course by strength of force
To be our source of inspiration in animation of peace, consolation, and light
Streaming from God to humanity against all calamity and such vile vanity?

Spirit Dove, send us peace;
Let all the wars cease.
Spirit Dove, send us love;
Let it rain from above.