In Your Inner Space

Tripping over exotic eye wire, ripping through veil of flesh into your soul

To see the whole of your world, read the scroll of your mystical heart

Not in part but from start of an alluring childhood so misunderstood

But we play there, rest and pray and jest there, sing, dance and hide away

And stay the night till morning dawn in your inner space laced in mystery

No history but what we make our own to own for the two of us in one

And I am happy inside you looking thru your eyes to spy the space outside

Alive more now that I’ve been torn away, born away into your inner space


Shattered and Blown Away

Spinning atop the world as the world blows us away today

Ever so confusing unity in fusion of souls now torn apart

But heartfelt love is an art of delicate balance in eloquence

Yet the cold, dark Cosmos knows nothing of this spirit dance

Or the stance we make and the chance we take to hold on

Even as another mold is shattered by an unseen hand

In command of the destinies of all lovers young and old

Before Ten Thousand Faces

You are before ten thousand faces,
Base of the cosmos, ever in place,
Peace for whom all race and chase,
Grace in beauty and beauty in grace;
You erase every inhibition
And never anyone debase;
You embrace and enlace me
With your passion-love from above,
And place me to showcase me
As you embrace me so tightly;
You are the end
Of the ten thousand falls,
Answering ten thousand calls
In one second of time, great ‘n small;
You forestall impending doom,
And to you I’d crawl
But you ask me to stand tall
Though I cannot help but fall
Before your charm and grand beauty,
And what other song to sing so long,
Except of my love for you, for me?

Note: First published in December 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!