Will It Be Today?

Will it be today, this day, that I hear the good news?
Along the way I wait ever so patiently with my view
Stretched out into the tomorrows of borrowed life
And wonder will I blunder this time or will I chime
With angels in rhythm and rhyme in an alive living?
Oh, will I hear it today that I am free and at liberty?
Will it be today, this day, that I hear the good news?
Along the way I’ve waited patiently with it in view!
Now I’m beginning to feel excitation in anticipation!
Will it be today? Oh, will it be today?


Waking Up a Year Later

This morning I awoke with a melancholy heart,
My mind on a trolley filled with a volley of thoughts
Brought on partly by the New Year, partly by the old,
And I felt cold, yet at the same time strangely bold;
Not only had I survived the old, but in ways even thrived,
And I could not help but wonder what is in store this year?
I hear it’s supposed to be a good one for me, but we’ll see!
Here it is, then: January has creeped in and I begin again;
Changes are in store for me, so it won’t be a bore for sure!
And I do have my resolutions for some small revolution
In my life, but the year now stretches far beyond my sight,
And it is a bit frightening; will there be blight? Or might
I thrive like busy bees in their hive? Well, I am alive!
What about you? To you I simply say, ‘Happy New Year!’
May yours be blessed with peace and cheer and lots of love!