In Your Eyes

In Your eyes I can dream one thousand dreams

Streaming from the subconscious of my mind

To bind me to you bound to me for all to see

And to be mesmerized forever in my endeavor

To love you as much as you love me

Above all the world’s fray as we play

And I sink into your eyes where lies my peace


Desire: To Want You More . . .

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

Your ways and the ray of your face
Fills the horizon of my day . . .
And there is something in the stillness
Of the night that pulls me tight to you,
And there seems to be all too few
Of these moments with you, too!

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

I look deep into your emerald eyes
And I spy eternity in fraternity with you,
And how else could it be for you and me?
And you look in my eyes and spy longing,
Deep longing to belong only to you, too,
And you knew it would be this way, true?

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

I would have frozen had I not been chosen
By you in love above all love . . .
When I was so sick, you picked me up
And carried me home, your home, my home
And I could now write a tome about you,
Beloved, ever hovering over and covering me

Ah! Yes, of course you know, and know that I know
What it is to want someone as much as I want you . . .

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure of new (and old) followers. Blessings to one and all!

Following: I Need You

Nothing nefarious, nothing glorious, all mysterious,
You take me places I’ve never been
To see what I’ve never before seen,
And I don’t understand but you command me come,
And so I come along because I belong to you alone,
And you have shone in my life brighter than the sun,
And each night I feel like I’ve only just begun to live,
And so I rest me in your arms, safe from every harm,
Without comprehending just how you’re upending
All that I’ve ever known by everything you’ve shown
And all that you still have to reveal to seal my fate,
But not with poisonous bait,
You satiate my voracious appetite for love from above
And you cover me with yourself, bringing me into you
In some mystical sense without any pretense,
And I sense that all is well and has been well
Since I fell into your inviting, emerald eyes
That spy my very soul as you fill the hole in my heart,
And my part is only to trust, not thrust ahead of you,
But merely to keep in step where you lead and heed
Your still, soft but strong voice. . .
And I’ve surely made that right choice with no regrets;
So lead on, my shepherd-companion,
Along your chosen way through every night and day;
I will follow where you lead . . . I need you, I need you!

Note: Originally published in October 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new readers/followers … and others who happen to visit this blog! Blessings to one and all!

Always Watching

Ah! It is for sheer joy that I now cry
For your eyes never stop watching
And with you there is no ‘goodbye’
And I sigh in ultimate contentment
At attainment of this relationship
That grips my very heart and soul
And equips me with love-courage
Yet also gives me the best of rest
As your arms enfold and hold me
Against any harm . . .
With you heaven has leavened me
So it is for sheer joy that I now cry
As your eyes never stop watching
Always watching over me . . .

And I Will Wait for You

You looked at me with razor sharp eyes, penetrating
You read my inner-self like an open book, just waiting
You smiled sunshine into my soul, nothing berating

Yes, I realize now you were there that fateful night
Full of bright light and you actually pitied my plight
So briefly I saw your lovely face before I took flight

You never do leave me alone
You speak to me in soft tones
You let me know I am known

So I may be at the crossroad but you showed me compassion
And love flowed and I realize you helped me carry this load
And so I wait as you abate the weight of worry I have carried
And in this state my fate is in you and you’ll guide me straight
For you don’t castigate me nor abdicate your place in my life
You love me with love from above that is new every morning
And so I will wait for you to show the way one day very soon

I will wait for you, knowing that you are never late, my love


Behind those eyes of joy lie years of heartbreak
And ten thousand tears and suffering for keepsake;
Behind those eyes of peace sits twice the turmoil
And the high price of pain, over and over again;
Behind those eyes so inviting stands mass rejection
And cruel defection and a lifetime of introspection;
Behind those eyes of love is there scars of hate
And malice toward One who never took hell’s bait;
Behind those eyes…
Eyes that look at me with such unbridled compassion
And understanding with such commanding presence;
Eyes that look at me with so much wisened patience
And inspiration to keep walking to my destination
Eyes that look at me so very kindly and even blindly
And yet seeing all, when I stand tall and when I fall;
Eyes that look at me so openly with such charity
And clarity with verity and even strange solidarity;
Ah! Those eyes…