You Never Tire of Me

You never tire of me though the situation may be that dire,

And you, my Lord, never hire me out to an insolent squire,

And my soul is diffident before you, my bows in adoration

As my hands offer libation in an oblation of heart worship,

Of my gratitude in an attitude of love ‘n joyful resignation

Without hesitation in acknowledgment of your salvation,

Because you never tire of me in whom you light your fire


My Consuming Fire

Never destroying, only molding, shaping . . . restoring,
You are my consuming fire, assuming every part of me,
Thunder and lightning in my heart, ever burning flower
That grows in my soul, reaching and teaching me to be
All that you see in me, and I grow with you like the tree
Ever green, never so very much trying yet never dying,
And in your bright light there’s no more lying to myself
As your truth stands strong and tall to prevent my fall,
And thus do I gladly give you my all and heed your call,
O my Beloved, who in grandeur stands across the land
Of my being, seeing so much more of me than I can see,
Now assuming every part of me, my one consuming fire