The Price You Pay

Oh the price you pay today for happiness without satisfaction

For your joy is not joy, just a toy with which to fiddle like a riddle

But you can never solve this puzzle since you muzzled Wisdom

And drove her into the ground without a sound, pound for pound,

And you’ve taken leave of your sense, sit in a corner and grieve,

While fair young Peace stands ready to give you new lease on life

Not rife with pain without gain and no strife, gift of gold not cold

If only you’ll make bold to kneel and kiss his tender, lovely feet

And wrap tightly round him, within him, bound to him forever

And to never pay so high a price for what only looks to you nice


Happier Days Are Coming

Happier days are coming, blooming within the soul
Of the one who waits expectantly with living hope
And expectation in anticipation of fresh joy untold
With bold confidence that happier days are coming,
Looming large on the horizon as prayers bear their
Weight in heaven above, from where all blessings
Flow as sacred wind blows, rushing in with answers
To supplications made in humility with the ability
To believe, relieving distress and dismay with rays
Of bright light flooding every part of the heart now
. . .
Happier days are coming, blooming within the soul
Of the one who waits expectantly with living hope
And expectation in anticipation of fresh joy untold,
So be bold! And hold on! Happier days are coming!

Serendipity: Healing

So silently slip into peace and rest,
For the best of Life is yet to come
Some sure and certain, unending day,
Some say; home…

Can you see across the lush, rolling green hills
On far horizon, shimmering lake of serendipity,
Where plays barely audible symphony of reality?
Beautiful sound and imagery…

Pound of your heart keeps rhythm and rhyme
With angelic serenity where rests your
Soul identity, and with no brevity of life;
Font of plenty…


Note: First published in January 2016


One fine day we will find our way and learn to say, ‘I love you’
And mean it from a clean heart from where we glean our humanity;
And on some starry night we might find we are not alone after all,
But held by the strong arms of another of might, beautiful sight;
And all of our nightmares will disappear and peace will reappear
In our souls without any holes, just bowls of affection like new
Springs with no infection, and no defection or dereliction of duty,
But for now we wait while heaven fights the hate in our dark hearts
As the enemy darts in and out of the shadows thru the meadows
Of song-filled spirits where we belong to each other and to the One;
How now shall we live, and how shall we be for all the world to see?
Is there anyone who has such fun playing on the strings of our minds
As the angels who sing and bring good cheer to residents of earth?
We march forward on all fours across the floor of terrestrial sphere,
Never coming near the goal of immortality yet not moving in futility;
We step forward into everlasting day in the same way we were born:
Through pain but in deep joy too, and who can tell what happiness
Is brought by ones who fought to give life to such hope in the heart?

Note: First published in May 2016

The Color Green

rose-color-greenFields of green in clean souls
Find life meaning, no clinging
To the old and the bitter cold,
So we are told in barren hold.
Rise up and run into the sun;
What is holding you back, what
Do you lack in the color green?
Life is waiting, even in clouds
And rain, despite all the pain;
It grows, it whispers, it calls;

So stand tall against the wind;
Don’t bend and break; dance!
Prance, jump, dance in green;

You’re alive; be alive and live!

Note: Originally published in January 2016; being republished now due to some renewed interest and also to simply share with new readers/followers. Peace and blessings to one and all!


Your joy just grows and it shows;
It’s like a whiplash of happiness,
No gaseous flashiness in an uptown
Explosion of giddiness as you drown
In laughter at the coming hereafter;
And youth is renewed when viewed
From behind ~ how kind ~ so smile
One mile wide ~ don’t hide or chide;
You’ve got the right dress to press
On to success and bless yourself
As the world goes to hell
And the bell tolls twelve
As you sell your mockery
For six pence as genuine gleefulness;
Yeah, take it out on the town, girl
And unfurl your flag while you hurl
Your skin-sag bag to the north wind



They say that a smile is but a frown turned upside down;
One smile can lift the heart of a stranger you’ve just met;
One smile can leave joy in the soul, a lasting silhouette;
One smile can be a precious gift that heals a painful rift;
One smile can sift thru the muck and mire to find a choir
Of angels singing, bringing happiness to the dreary weary;
One smile can turn tears of fear into a sphere of splendor,
An atmosphere of grandeur and render terror quite tender;
They say that a smile is but a frown turned upside down;
Perhaps, but one smile can certainly turn life right-side up!