Toward Understanding and Harmony: One Way Forward

While looking back on previously published poetry for inclusion in (possibly) another printed collection, I ran across this one that seems appropriate, not only at the beginning of this New Year, but also for the current political climate here in the U. S.! (Who knows? Perhaps POTUS will read it and be transformed into something of a real human being! LOL) Ah, but here it is, from back in August of 2015:

So often it’s so easy to misunderstand and reprimand
When there’s really no reason for words out of season;
We assume and fume and leave no room for the benefit
Of doubt; never consider we may be wrong, agony prolong
So unnecessarily because we’ve failed to give charity
And beckon clarity for sake of peace instead of caprice
In broken harmony as we release anger and animosity
From paucity of heart; we can be so small when we should
Stand tall in character and integrity with better dignity;
And so much strife would fade in play of fife and flute
Of happier days and higher ways, in serenity and amenity;
Would not this be better than bitter rancor and soul canker?
Perhaps we begin with open ears to hear and eyes to see
In the other our true sister, brother, father, and mother
Rather than unsuspecting foe ready to deal death blow…
Oh, how suspicious we can be when we’re not free
To live and love without attrition of suspicion of ill-will!

Better Ways on Brighter Days

I look at the world around me and boldly hold
Onto the broad scope of hope for better ways
On brighter days here and around the world
With love and peace unfurled as one banner
For all the kingdoms and countries of earth
In recognition of the worth of every person
With honor and respect as the perspective
Of every heart in and toward one another
For the other way of war will be no more
With no more score to be kept anywhere
Neither here nor there nor any thought
Of being brought in and bought to feed
Corporation greed that seeds the need
To trade people as mere commodities
For gross gain involving so much pain
With such insane and inhumane pride
In pompous stride with the devil who
Hates ‘n baits all hooks for all crooks
. . .
But no more, I say, as I go to the floor
Upon bended knees to say my prayer
For better ways on brighter days . . .

Fly Me Away

Fly me through the sky to some faraway place today
And let the way be bright and clear and ever-so dear
And keep my heart near to your heart in every part
Of the journey and when we reach our destination
In manifestation of love and serendipity from above
Where the treasure is in the simple pleasure of life
And where the hole in my soul is filled with serenity
Far from the cacophony and disharmony of a world
Filled with much terror and anxiety and insane pain
And let me gain simplicity in complicity with peace
. . .
Yes, fly me faraway some way today to such a place
Where the pace is slow and I may behold your face
Ever and always, my Love

Chains and Pain (and Pride)

Many chains and so much pain in the world,
And do we contribute our part for our gain?
Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters each one
Under the sun – one family in disharmony –
Surely there is a better way to brighter days
In the saying, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’
Instead of braying on about who is straying,
Who’s staying and who’s not welcome at all!
Ultimately, you see, we rise and fall together
Despite our differences, however important;
After all, how really difficult is it to say,
‘I’m not going to shoot you or boot you?’
. . .
Many chains and so much pain in the world,
And do we contribute our part for our gain?

Haikus of Life and Love

Feel the Fair Breeze

Feel the quiet breeze
Teasing your hair in the air
To make your heart fair…

Let There Be Peace

Live in love and peace,
Let all war and striving cease,
Share the golden fleece…

After Virtue

After virtue, what?
Comes the laughter of the gods?
No, but what we sought…

Shall We Begin?

So shall we begin,
To grin, strip down to the skin,
And taste nature once again?

Safe Lees and Honey Bees

Lees and honey bees,
Flying under our shelter,
Bring joy to our hearts…

Autumn Promise

Promising new life,
Autumn comes round bringing death,
What comes before life…

Sky Smiles

See the sky smile —
So radiant for miles —
For all to enjoy.

Note: Originally published in October 2015, now being republished due to some renewed interest and also for newer followers-readers to enjoy. Peace and blessings to one and all!

Chaos Rising: The Malice of Isfet

apophis_the_destroyerPersonified hate, I am, bait of the Şeytan,
One and the same, to satiate raging appetite
For anthracite minds and hearts torn apart
By profusion of confusion and dark delusion;
Yes, I laugh and chase, hot on their heels,
And they tire and weary and in pity kneel!

Ha! I am all blood spilled, every battle lost,
All fierce fighting and souls tempest-tossed;
Pity-tears in bottles and every sad sung song,
Humanity’s tossing, turning and every wrong;
Very sun I blackened and never slackened,
Nailed him to wood to make foul Hades’ food!

I had him sold, though Īsā I could not hold,
But I’ve sought his preachers and teachers
And have happily bought many a soul so cold;
Again and again I profane the reign of light
And life and all that’s bright in the sight
Of Dyēus, and against justice of Ma’at I plot.

I am Isfet — division and schism, derision
And all prison-religion — the Serpent who
Strikes at the heel of all those who kneel
And dare to stay to pray and never stray
From duty of beauty nor path of love’s way,
Like bitch Caillína and pretty-witch Sélená!

I am a troll for souls, and prey on strays;
My thrill is to kill, to do whatever I will;
I am the open grave for the foolish knave,
And I save my best treating for the beating
Of children lying and dying in the street,
Of the elders who shriek and reek of death.

One of my special hobbies is in the lobbies
Of the corporations of the powerful nations,
Leading businessmen into feeding frenzies
Of greed for more of what they do not need,
While millions starve in the global pillion
And very few care to repair my damage done.

I am the staph of humanity — what a laugh —
Now close your ears and eyes again; hear not,
See not, for I’m really not here … am I?


Note: “Apophis the Destroyer” by Genzoman

Dream, Rest … Please Sleep

Travelling round the six-lane circle, horns blaring, people glaring;
Where are they all going? Too quickly; slow down.
Your town is going nowhere; smile like a clown.

Stream water gently flows over time-worn stones, like bones of history;

People rushing in and out of corporation buildings with faux gildings;
Why are they in a hurry? Everything’s blurry.
Stop the scurry and endless fury and worry.

Blest rain serenely falls, bringing sky and earth so nigh one another;

Prophets preaching, teaching, and selling books with worried looks;
Why such gloom and doom? They only assume.
Make room for plume of happy laughter.

Trees bend and sway melodically, hypnotically in tune with sacred wind;

Yells and shouts and bouts over the television-idol’s remote control;
Why more news that skews the whole world?
Turn off the boob; be a family in amity.

Peep and bark, bray and bay, and songs sung by all the birds and herds;


Yes, For You…

Panoramic dart to the heart

heartDo you know in the show of life
That sun rises anew just for you?
Yes, you! Don’t look around
For someone else to be found…
And birds sing their long song
For you, too, in sky so blue;
Yes, you! And none too few,
As flowers bloom in radiant plume
Of flashing colors, dashing
In beauty for you, too; every hue
To say something new and true…
In new-fallen snow, you should know
Every particle glistens and listens
To you; yes, you! And makes haste
To waste no moment to bring smile
To your face from across the miles,
And ease your trials on earth,
To bring new birth and joyous mirth
Into your days without any haze
Of doom and gloom … Yes, for you!

Breaking Down the Walls, Part II

You. Who are you? And when they say ‘you,’
Is it You they’re really speaking to?
Or the silly, vacant ‘you’ that’s not true
To You as the ‘I’ you are, so far removed
From the vacuous him or her leaking words
In empty speaking, so impersonal, because
You are different, aberrant, indurate …
But ‘they’ made the ‘I’ you are the scar
That scares them into distant uncaring,
Wearing fake smile while malice bearing,
Tearing you asunder, while they blunder
Through theology, etiology, skewed biology
In endless tautology of doctrinal calumny
From their twisted psychology, and so they
Never really know you as the genuine ‘You’
True to who God made from sod and Spirit,
Not flawed, but an art that awed all angels,
While creation sang and heavenly music rang
At you, the new ‘I’ that Eye saw and smiled,
New child, unique and sweet and mild; but
Who beguiled you into hiding the ‘I’ you
You are ~ bright star, radiating so far ~
When you live in charity, pine for clarity
And truth, spirit youth; in loving dedication
In union and communion with Lord and companion;
To spread your board with feast for the least
Of sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers?
More walls to tear down, or drown under frown
Of condemnation, though you live like Jesus
Who frees us; no more stalling at the walling!
Time for the ‘I’ you are to be You ever true
For them to clear-see and know, but ne’er again
To be just another sick brick separating you
From the world around, bounded in sheer fear;
Time for liberty from captivity; for every ‘I’
To be a ‘you’ to you, for you to be You, too!


Breaking Down the Walls

piecebypiece2Angry screams and loud shouts, terrible dreams and painful bouts;
Killing looks thru piercing eyes, filling lives like hatred hives;
Hungry hearts tear apart, push the cart of division in derision
Of all charity from lack of clarity because of fear so near soul,
And we do not hear our own doom that looms on ever-close horizon;
And we dizen our skin and bones, wizened by page of age, not sage
Of wisdom of kingdom coming…
Time to break down the walls! And walk the halls of peace and love
From above! Break down the tall walls of suspicion, contrition,
Competition, admonition, inquisition along pulse-wicked partition
Of false accusation to damnation of all creation; down the wall
Before we fall…

I spy
Butterfly cry
High in blue sky

All too swift
Reject angel gift

Break down the walls that stall, bring us to crawl and heavy-bawl
For broken hearts and shattered lives,
Better parts sliced by steel-sharp knives;
Arise! Reach across the span and grab the hand; join earthen band
Of dust and sand; arm in arm, dispel all harm with heavenly charm,
Break down the walls of division, soul collision, and deprivation;
We are one under the sun, having begun common life without strife,
And we can return from the burn of hell with holy wedding bells
Of renewed unity of sacred community, an opportunity with impunity!
In the recesses of our collective memory, before excesses of pride,
We remember more placid stride, without oppression, suppression,
Repression, no need for confession; in recollection, no possession…

I cry
To high fly
In brighter sky

Cracking tall
Much ready to fall

We’re breaking down the walls, breaking down the walls, breaking down the walls…