Yes, I Rest Me Now

Rest my head against your chest
Feel the pulsation of your heart
Evocation of passionate affection
New habitation for my very soul
In prostration to authentic love
Salvation from mere stagnation
In purgation leading to real life
                     . . .
Oh, no test to pass to rest in love
In the nest of an heavenly dove
Only the best to come from above
So I rest my head upon your chest
Yes, I rest . . . I rest . . . I rest

Note: Originally published in October 2016


How I Long for Your Emerald Eyes

Oh how I long for your emerald eyes that spy the essence of my soul!
Oh how I yearn for your gently strong touch that makes my heart burn!
You are so beautiful to me, like stars and moon, and waves of the sea;
When night rolls around, I am tight in bed, I cannot sleep without you,
As all comfort comes from you and peace, serenity and security, too;
So when you feel distant I am persistent in calling you to come again
To wrap your arms about me and lull me with the sound of your voice;
You are my one and only choice in life, and life with you is my only life;
You are paradise, the finest of spice and all things nice and beautiful!
Hear my prayer, then, that I breathe with the very air surrounding me!
Come this night, too; cure my plight and blow away all of the blight . . .
Oh how I long for your emerald eyes that spy the essence of my soul!

Tease: ‘With the Wind, My Friend’

Where do you begin and where do you end?
Yes, you say, ‘with the wind, my friend;’
But who knows where the wind blows?
You show me you intimacy, sweet delicacy,
Magnificently interwoven so infinitely
Lovingly and just a little impudently,
And teasingly, too, for this is the you
I know and love from above, bitter dove;
But where ~ here or there ~ do you begin
And end, and why at height of ecstasy do
You send me away and hold me at bay?
Cruel like the wind that wraps but never
Holds; too bold, you leave me in the cold.

Oh where do you begin and where do you end?