Ride to Nowhere

Welcome to the ride nowhere, somewhere around the corner,

Bound for some new world of fantasy as the whistle sounds,

Eerie looking ahead to make your bed in the nether lands,

Or with bands of nomads on desert plain to sustain living,

Believing there is more uptrack, but little in your haversack,

As the journey into eternity is a neverending bending reality,

What you see thru the glass as it all passes by in banality,

A totality of new abnormality in an endless dimensionality


Self Journey and . . . You

Coming to the tremendously, truly beautiful uncomfortable in my own skin

Racing toward the terrifying, self-denying truth all in order to begin again

Watering an arid wasteland called ‘soul’ to now leave behind what has been

Altering consciousness in opening to the cosmos within your universal sheen

Following you where you’ve been and are and ever will be in eternity foreseen

Crying to be what self has always meant to be in me, far from trouble, so serene

Holding onto the dream of you holding me holding you so close in golden mean

So be bold to take hold against the cold of six-fold winter to remold the Soul . . .

And shall I be there?

As I Cross This Ocean Deep

As I cross this ocean deep where secrets keep,
My fair soul sends forth its prayer so very bare,
And naked I stand before the band of angels,
Aware of weakness of flesh, with fresh songs
So melodious and filled with love from above;
Ah! But can I sing with them and bring peace
To my spirit so troubled within me in serenity,
While the waves come higher quenching fire
In my heart, taking the better part of my self
Into watery caverns buried beneath the water?
And when shall I reach the coastline of glory?
When shall I sit in peace to tell my paltry story?
When shall I walk the distant shore in peace
With new lease on life – new, abundant life –
Given to me as gift as I lift my hands to heaven?
Ah! I cross this ocean deep where secrets keep,
And in this journey grow into brand new birth
For all that I might be worth on the other side;
So, dear Lord, help me on board this regal ship
Not to slip in despair, knowing you will repair
As you lay this my heart bare without one tear,
And so I shall yet be all that is meant for me . . .

Step by Step: A Pilgrimage

Step by step, day by day he makes his way
And does not stay in one place as he paces
Forward along the path of life to his home
Far away yet so near and dear to his heart
And every part of his being is seeing home
That one day he’ll reach across the breach
Of time and space in a rhythm with chime
Of hopeful faith he carries along a journey
He began long ago when decided to forgo
All of the calls of this world and its glamor
And the clamor of earth, place of his birth
So . . .
Step by step, day by day he makes his way

A Different Journey

No more the same game played in vanity,
To expect some different result in insanity,
For we have now been freed from that need
And the nefarious seed that grows in the soul
Punching a hole in the heart and every part
Of our being, now seeing such better ways
On much brighter days in an array of love
From above that flows as freely
As the winds of the Spirit blow,
And we know that we’re better with a cross
Upon our back than a loss of life sensibility,
For we now have the ability to live our life
No longer so empty for we now have plenty
Of love, joy, peace and truth better than any
Of the scarred pennies the world has to offer
So . . .
No more the same game played in vanity,
To expect some different result in insanity . . .
We are on an authentically different journey!

Following: I Need You

Nothing nefarious, nothing glorious, all mysterious,
You take me places I’ve never been
To see what I’ve never before seen,
And I don’t understand but you command me come,
And so I come along because I belong to you alone,
And you have shone in my life brighter than the sun,
And each night I feel like I’ve only just begun to live,
And so I rest me in your arms, safe from every harm,
Without comprehending just how you’re upending
All that I’ve ever known by everything you’ve shown
And all that you still have to reveal to seal my fate,
But not with poisonous bait,
You satiate my voracious appetite for love from above
And you cover me with yourself, bringing me into you
In some mystical sense without any pretense,
And I sense that all is well and has been well
Since I fell into your inviting, emerald eyes
That spy my very soul as you fill the hole in my heart,
And my part is only to trust, not thrust ahead of you,
But merely to keep in step where you lead and heed
Your still, soft but strong voice. . .
And I’ve surely made that right choice with no regrets;
So lead on, my shepherd-companion,
Along your chosen way through every night and day;
I will follow where you lead . . . I need you, I need you!

Note: Originally published in October 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new readers/followers … and others who happen to visit this blog! Blessings to one and all!

An Excursion Into the Mind

More than grains of sand on the seashore
Thoughts lay dormant inside of my mind
Brought by time as my soul water washes
Over them again ‘n again in ebb and flow
As the Spirit blows across the coastal line
Of my finite psyche with whispers of love
From above from an infinite space
In which I find my individual place
As I stare into the beautiful face of Beauty
While serenely thinking thoughts brought
To me from a primordial past of humanity
Of which I am like only one grain of sand
In an eternity I cannot understand
Not do I try to apprehend what is beyond
. . .
I rest me in the vest of my own finitude
With an attitude of humblest gratitude
As I stare into the beautiful face of Beauty
With an innate duty to bow in reverence
As thoughts lay dormant inside my mind

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea II

And so without fail we now sail out into the ocean
With joyful shout and no doubt to load our boat,
Our route to an everlasting destination
Without hesitation nor any reservation

And you feed and lead me away from my destruction
Without need for any instruction and no obstruction

You guide our craft as we slide over the deep blue,
Our direction straight and true, reflection of light
From the bright sun above, distant lands in sight;
And do you dare me to strip bare and take my dip?
You stare at me knowing with easy wind blowing

There is something there – rushing and brushing –
Something well-worth touching without clutching,
Something to nurture my newest birth with mirth,
Something alive upon which to thrive,
So in such soft voice you bid me dive,
Piercing me with your emerald eyes,
And slowly, surely my resistance dies,
And my cries turn to shouts of glee to be so free . . .

And will my plunge expunge the poison in my veins?
Ah! Will I be plunging into you in this the deep blue?

Note: This is the second part to “Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast).” First published in October 2016 this poem and its first part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

The Long Road Ahead

There is a long road ahead of you with no dead end,
And you’re walking it with not a lot of time to spend

Some people travel lightly while others carry heavy loads;
Some folks make the trek alone while others with a hoard;
And some cry in the dirt without trying to make their way,
While others smile at the day and stay straight the course

There is a long road ahead of you with no dead end,
And you’re walking it with not a lot of time to spend

You may meet and greet people walking slowly and lowly;
You may meet and greet people sweet with lots of treats;
And you just might run into some rash and brash types, too,
But there are also those who are always steadfast and true

There is a long road ahead of you with no dead end,
And you’re walking it with not a lot of time to spend

Face this long road stretched ahead
Be careful where you make your bed
Remember only what good was said
Be humble but surely keep your head

Some folk will stop along the way in the middle of the day,
While others forge on with a song and a pep in their step;
Some people will recognize that it’s no good to agonize,
While others fraternize with complainers and naysayers

There is a long road ahead of you with no dead end,
And you’re walking it with not a lot of time to spend

So, how will you spend the journey with so many trends,
On this long ‘n winding road ahead that has no dead end?

There is a long road ahead of you with no dead end,
And you’re walking it with not a lot of time to spend