By the Crimson Tree

By the crimson tree we are free to dance
On hallowed ground with joyous sound
Round and round on life’s new mound
Till we fall with laughter after first light
Of night when we rest beneath bowers
That tower above our heads as we make
Our beds for peaceful sleep ever so deep
Beneath crimson tree where we are free
On hallowed ground with joyous sound
Together as one with new life just begun

Note: Illustration by the artist Marcia Baldwin


Swim the Cerulean Sky

You give me wings to fly high into the sky
And coax me to try but I deny that I can take flight
And in fright stay perched upon my rock;
I will not stray even on this bright, sunny day,
So no wonder you cry that I would lie
And deny myself such unbridled pleasure,
Swimming through treasures in azure heavens
Leavened with love and grace so far above earth,
And you tell me my worth is more than granite,
That I should not allow this planet
To hold me down tight like a magnet . . .

You tell me if I am ready and steady enough
To swim in the deep blue sea with such glee,
Then I should not fear to soar above earthen floor;
It’s like walking through a door, so you say,
And as easy as it is to play, if only I would lay down
My fear, lift up my arms and pray . . . I will not drown
In the clouds any more than in the saltwater sea,
And I know there is nothing to fear with you so near,
So why do I hesitate as if you would bait me
Into doing something I would certainly hate?

Still, you look at me with compassion
In loving fashion fueled by passion . . .

And my heart is not proud, nor my eyes lifted high,
And though my sigh must discourage you, I do try
To understand the wonders you graciously unfold
And rest in quiet calm as you apply a healing balm,
So soon all worry will disappear,
And yet there is no need to hurry
As you look at me with compassion
In loving fashion fueled by passion . . .

My eyes run over the wings you’ve given me to fly
And I tell myself that maybe I’ll try . . . maybe try

Note: Originally published in October 2016

Sometimes You Just Need A Friend

Bills are piling high, pills will not do, and you want to cry;
Your roof is leaking, your soul is seeking, you want to die,
But you really try to stay calm, without any healing balm;
You feel lonely and frightened in the deadly dark of night,
And you reach ‘n try to teach yourself just to quiet down,
And you preach to yourself but anxiety still rises in heart
And every part of your being and you’re not seeing relief;
It is in times like this . . . sometimes you just need a friend;
Sometimes you need a bosom, helping hand, caring heart,
Yes, it is truly true . . . sometimes you just need that friend;
You need the touch, the reassurance that it will be alright,
And that there’s no need for fright or to live in the blight;
You need the light shining from another soul to your own,
Seeds of love sown . . . sometimes you just need the friend
To tell you this is not the end, there’s a bend in the road,
And that you’re going to make it as they take your hand,
And without judgment join with you to make two in one;
Yeah . . . sometimes you just need a friend . . . some friend;
Sometimes you just need a friend . . .

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister. (Proverbs 18.24b)

Following: I Need You

Nothing nefarious, nothing glorious, all mysterious,
You take me places I’ve never been
To see what I’ve never before seen,
And I don’t understand but you command me come,
And so I come along because I belong to you alone,
And you have shone in my life brighter than the sun,
And each night I feel like I’ve only just begun to live,
And so I rest me in your arms, safe from every harm,
Without comprehending just how you’re upending
All that I’ve ever known by everything you’ve shown
And all that you still have to reveal to seal my fate,
But not with poisonous bait,
You satiate my voracious appetite for love from above
And you cover me with yourself, bringing me into you
In some mystical sense without any pretense,
And I sense that all is well and has been well
Since I fell into your inviting, emerald eyes
That spy my very soul as you fill the hole in my heart,
And my part is only to trust, not thrust ahead of you,
But merely to keep in step where you lead and heed
Your still, soft but strong voice. . .
And I’ve surely made that right choice with no regrets;
So lead on, my shepherd-companion,
Along your chosen way through every night and day;
I will follow where you lead . . . I need you, I need you!

Note: Originally published in October 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new readers/followers … and others who happen to visit this blog! Blessings to one and all!

And Our Eyes Meet

Our eyes meet, greeting one another without a sound;
My hearts pounds inside my chest to be with the best;
I reach my hand to your shoulder, strong as a boulder;
You reach inside my very heart to take the better part;
Flames leap inside my soul and I smile without shame;
You enter in ever so deeply to the center of my being;
Here you find a home; in like kind I also find my own;
Here you find a throne, not made of stone, but of flesh;
And I gladly supplicate myself in the state of servitude;
You are my all in all, strong and tall, and ever-present;
And our eyes meet again to greet, so eternally sweet!

Note: First published in December 2016, now republished for the pleasure of new reader-followers (and quite possibly for long-time reader-followers as well!) Blessings to one and all!

Every Breath

With every breath I breathe, I breathe you in,
And every thought begins and ends with you,
And I am brought to an unsought paradise
With numinous treasures for my pleasure,
Such that there is no measure for this joy
That I enjoy with you, O Beloved, with no end;
And heaven sends rains of peace and serenity
In plenty so I am never empty of tranquility
In company with you, who fills my life to full;
. . .
With every breath I breathe, I breathe you in,
And every thought begins and ends with you

Sonnet to the Beloved

Rays of sunshine sweepeth o’er the landscape
As in thine eyes I find my own fine escape, 
Nor do I drape the morn in sorrow unbesought, 
But rejoice in such blessed gift thou hast brought,
And from thee so true should I foolishly turn away
T’would be to make dark night out of beauteous day;
Ah! No, ne’er shall I away from thy presence walk
But by thy side ere stay and thy very footsteps stalk,
For thou has brought unto even me thy pleasure
That in mine heart shall I ere and forever treasure,
For thou thyself art my bright and morning star
Come with love from above in heaven so far;
Ah! the sunshine sweepeth o’er the landscape
As in thine eyes I find my own fine escape!

To Begin With Laughter

Oh, to begin the morning with laughter that continues long after
Instead of waking to mourning, tears and fear is happiness untold,
But with you the skies are blue as you smile in rays of sunshine
And dance in the breeze so finely, enhancing every moment of time
And I chime with the rhythm and rhyme of your Spirit so freely
That what else can I say except ‘thank you’ with miles of smiles?
Oh, to begin the morning with laughter that continues long after
With you . . . only you, my Beloved

My River of Delight

I see you standing right beside me
I look into your bright emerald eyes,
And I hear your strong, lovely voice,
And I have no choice but to love you;
You are my endless river of delight,
Giver of light, my bright morning star;
You are the fairest of ten thousand,
And the sound of your words are music
To my soul as angels stroll around us,
And roll beauty into beauty in you
And me for all of the world to see,
And so let it be . . . So let it be . . .