So Long Waiting for You

So long waiting for you, wrong for debating loyalty to your royalty,

Is it for me to say I will see you today than to serve as you deserve?

Or shall I complain of the pain of absence as if it were an offense?

Or be so bold to say your hold on me is completely voluntary?

No, no, I will wait while I satiate my appetite with religious rites,

Crowing toward heaven, knowing you hear, wanting you near,

Burning incense, feeling intense, not wanting to cause offense,

So long waiting for you . . .

So long waiting for you . . .


Together Two as One

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere beautiful, somewhere bountiful

Together we will gather ourselves together two as one here, there, and everywhere

Together we will be something wild, never mild, oblique in mystique, sleek physique

Together we will run two as one for fun, not to be outdone, with nothing cumbersome

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere heavenly, somewhere cleverly

Never to turn back from one to two

Never to part our ways in the heart

Desire: To Want You More . . .

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

Your ways and the ray of your face
Fills the horizon of my day . . .
And there is something in the stillness
Of the night that pulls me tight to you,
And there seems to be all too few
Of these moments with you, too!

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

I look deep into your emerald eyes
And I spy eternity in fraternity with you,
And how else could it be for you and me?
And you look in my eyes and spy longing,
Deep longing to belong only to you, too,
And you knew it would be this way, true?

Do you know what it is like to want someone
More than anyone else in the whole world?

I would have frozen had I not been chosen
By you in love above all love . . .
When I was so sick, you picked me up
And carried me home, your home, my home
And I could now write a tome about you,
Beloved, ever hovering over and covering me

Ah! Yes, of course you know, and know that I know
What it is to want someone as much as I want you . . .

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure of new (and old) followers. Blessings to one and all!

Fly High into the Sky . . . May I?

Can I spring wings and fly high into the sky
With you and leave below my heavy sigh?
Your emerald eyes are enchanting
And leave my poor soul panting . . .
But the depression still remains,
Though in assiduous repression;
Will you not take me with you this night?
Rescue me from the blight of my own sight
With you in constant view instead,
Then my heart will have been fed
From the riverbed of the Cosmos,
Drinking the cream of numinous dreams;
Will you take me with you into the stream
Of heaven and thus redeem me this night?
Oh, for just one flight with you,
Leaving this world out of sight!
Your golden-brown skin and bronze hair
Appeal but not enough to repair;
Allure but not enough to cure me;
And you look inside me like an open book
And read me, then feed me astute words
Of wisdom, but I am but a drooling fool,
Who cannot wholly understand,
And then, upset, you reprimand
Let me spring wings ‘n fly high in the sky;
Show me what it is you want me to know!
Oh, take pity and rescue me
From the City of Humanity!
Oh, tell me . . .
Can I spring wings and fly high into the sky
With you and leave below my heavy sigh?

Note: First published in September 2016, now being republished for the reading pleasure of new followers (and, perhaps, some old ones, too!) Blessings to one and all!

Return, O Lover, Return

Oh, has part of my heart moved so far away
To decrease my peace in your fair bosom?
Ah! How my soul minds this kind of absence!
It is the essence of loneliness
Out from the madness of love!
Come back, Lover, and again hover over me,
Or shall I die as I lie awake for your sake?
You’re like a rose that knows when to bloom,
So blossom in me once again
So I’ll cease to strain in pain!
I cannot stand the distance in this existence,
And so I persist to insist upon your return!
Come back to me and let me see you again;
Come back and fill me with the love I lack!
Or has part of my heart moved too far away?
If so, then the day will end in restless dismay
And I’m afraid I will stray even further away!
Return, oh return to this heart that burns . . .
For you . . . for you!

Note: Originally published in November 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Hello, I Know It’s Late…

When the clock chime told me the time I heard your name,
And I hate to call so late, but understand I had no choice;
I just had to hear your voice, however low, to say ‘hello;’
You see, it’s lonely here and I’d like to be there with you.
Please, can you understand my hand shook as I took the book
To look up your number, even though it was burned on my
Over-churned heart. . . Yes, dear, I know it’s late but fate
Has dealt me a terrible blow, and the sea of snow outside
Feels so bitter cold even in here where I am ~ the coldest
Cold is the cold of being alone ~ and the frost on windows
Has cost me my last tear; can you hear me? Oh, please don’t
Be upset but pity me; in this vast city I just needed to hear
One lovely voice, so I picked up the phone to dial my own trial,
Chancing no answer, but . . . ‘Hello,’ you so kindly spoke,
Knowing it was me, showing compassion; ‘how are you doing
My dear old friend?’ Ah, better now, for somehow hearing you
So clear and true steers my heart aright and renews my spirit.
Oh, I know it’s late, but I just had to hear your sweet voice. . .
You understand, I had no choice but to hear your voice. . .
No choice . . . so, ‘hello, my love; how are you, too?’

Note: Originally published in February 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!  

Hunter Eyes Chasing Face

Like lion I hunt your smiles for miles around,
Stunningly radiant in gradient luminescence,
Salient to the soul, mind deviant, not lenient
To star-starved lover under cover of darkness,
As I hover unseen to discover your hidden den
All to recover what was tossed away and lost
So long ago, but where belongs my heart, this
I know and will show thru wind, rain and snow
No matter how low I must sink below foot-trod
Earth, place of love’s birth, heavenly worth;
Ah! but will you continue to hide, leaving me
With memories to bide my time while I await
Miles of smiles with eyes that chase your face?

Note: First published in February 2016

On the Far Horizon: Believe

Arise in hope and look to the far horizon,
Where lies your destination of restoration,
For there is hope to do more than cope
From day to day along life’s winding way

Believe and receive strength for the steps,
Steps that won’t grieve you as you achieve
Such grand promise to which you cleave
As you weave your way along this pathway

Arise, believe and claim the waiting prize,
And always remember: You are not alone!

And You Sing to Me

How could I lie to you while captured by your piercing gaze?
Life has been like trekking thru a maze through a thick haze,
So when you asked, ‘Do you really trust me?’ it was a bust,
And felt like a powerful gust of wind nearly blowing me over;
Your voice was so penetrating and I knew you already knew!
Not a few times I’ve had to hang my head in shame in blame,
And this was no game and your inquiry anything but tame!
Your emerald eyes stabbed me to the very center of my heart
And tore me apart piece by piece and I felt no peace inside,
But I could not abide by your side in silence; I had to answer,
‘No . . . I guess I really do not, and I’m sorry,’ but you knew
And so you simply smiled; at least I didn’t skew my answer,
And so you at least appreciated my honesty and my integrity,
Which is why your reply was so soothing: ‘I thought as much
And it’s alright; you’ll learn even if it burns, but you’ll turn
To me time and time again as you churn inside;’ and I cried;
How many times already have you brought rhythm ‘n rhyme
To my life? How often and how deeply have you loved me
And hovered over me in protective care? You, my one prayer?
So now you’ve just removed another dirty, encrusted layer
So that I’m closer to shining in the bright light you bring . . .
You sing to me a new song as I bring to you all my longings;
Yes, yes . . . you sing to me

You Feel So Far Away

What do I do when you feel so far away?
How do I hold at bay my lonely feelings,
And not stray into despondent remorse,
And take another course in this journey?
My heart, torn apart, hungers for a look
And much more your soft loving touch!
My soul pines for your fine compassion
As I wait with ashen face for your love;
O when will you settle again above me
To see your sharp eyes as you hold me?
Ah! What to do? You feel so far away!
Come! Come again to stay, night ‘n day!

Note: Previously published in early November 2016