Together Two as One

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere beautiful, somewhere bountiful

Together we will gather ourselves together two as one here, there, and everywhere

Together we will be something wild, never mild, oblique in mystique, sleek physique

Together we will run two as one for fun, not to be outdone, with nothing cumbersome

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere heavenly, somewhere cleverly

Never to turn back from one to two

Never to part our ways in the heart


Beloved Potter: A Dialogue

And this Artist, has he failed in love’s way; withdrawn his hand in utter dismay?
And shall you now in dismay hinder my glorious work in perfecting our splendor?

Standing in the darkness, you never notice me,
So when you look my way, dark is all you see
Cloak of black, crawling ‘neath pale moonlight,
Damned for this life from Love’s bright sight

Ah, my love, I do see you and see you are blind;
Night for me is like light, and no dark does bind
With every day and desperate breath you plead,
I hear and reach and ask you my voice to heed!

In my eyes see the dancing light; in my breath let your soul take flight
In my tears hear the song sung sweet; in my heart the very heavens beat

I dream during the day, living death by the hours,
Till night swallows again, laying waste my powers
And I curse the coming dawn; must pain reappear?
So I hide in my cave to waste away in mortal fear

But night will fly away in the breaking light of day!
Your fears disappear and clear be made my way
My precious lover of the coffin, you will yet rise
To higher sights and songs and love’s great prize!

In my eyes see the dancing light; in my breath let your soul take flight
In my tears hear the song sung sweet; in my heart the very heavens beat

The journey hear is long and weary now the road,
Ominous storm clouds and heavy the heart’s load
I long to dance in your sun, and never fear the night,
Wrapped up in your arms, and safe in your might!

My touch and my kiss and all my heart do I give
To lift your burden and shame that you might live
You are with me, child, wrapped in my embrace;
I have always loved you and out-poured my grace

In my eyes see the dancing light; in my breath let your soul take flight
In my tears hear the song sung sweet; in my heart the very heavens beat

Have I heard your voice and now felt your glance?
Shall I, perhaps, awaken into your love’s trance?
Lie weary upon your bosom, and cradled find rest?
That from this grave I should arise alive, so blessed?

Oh my weak and wounded child, cast away all fear!
Feel my heart, my life, as I catch and hold you near!
And now in ecstasy in my arms feel victory beat,
As our souls now entwine and in sweet passion meet!
Breathe into you the love I breathe and deeply adore,
And I will myself bring you home healed forevermore

Note: First published in June 2015 under a different title, now revised and republished as an appropriate poetic dialogue in celebration of Easter (Pascha). Blessings to one and all!

Safe Within Your Love

So close, your whisper-soft of mystic sweet communion;
Your breath-hold, and I am love, secure in your womb,
Feeling your heartbeat rhythm, safe in your cocoon,
Inside from the world where we abide till eve’n tide.

Not restless from restlessness of the unsealed tombs
Of evil rising, riding, haunting to seal our doom.
Near in fear, upon the horizon does your light loom,
Piercing the burden-night, the plight, every ill-sight.

So at last when clouds so dark roll away,
Smoke clears in the break of your day;
When finally is gone the smog of despair,
Vapors of confusion dissolved in your air;
Then will I see with the eyes of my heart
That my pain and tears were but one part ~
Part of one battle, one skirmish fought
In an already won war, victory love bought.

Now, then, I breathe in life, breathe out all dying,
Inhale beautiful wisdom, and exhale all of the lying.
So, too, in-breathe your day, out-breathe his night,
Wrap myself in your arms, and dance in your light!

Note: First published in June 2015, now republished for the reading pleasure of new followers. Blessings to one and all!

Beyond the Horizon ~ Will You Be There?

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Splash of eternity, perhaps, in brilliant light
Ever elusive, tempting, yet always inviting
My curious mind and hungry soul behold the sight

To curl up in your arms so strong, where I belong;
To lay my head on your chest, where I should rest

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Picture so complete and filled with beauty.
Challenging, happily inspiring and satisfying
My restless soul so weary from life’s long journey

To see your eyes so bold, not cold, my own enfold;
– heaven on earth, angelic mirth, immortal rebirth

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Selene light of heaven in sweet magic to calm
Storm-churned waves of earthbound life,
While Eirene to my heart applies her healing balm

Let my barricade drop to rest me in complete surrender;
Pull me tightly and hold me to your bosom so tender

Note: First published in June 2015, now offered again for the pleasure of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Saga of Sara and Emma Jane

In courtroom large, the high charge stuck:
Sara’s man could not buck the stolen horse,
So chained and off to prison, the course
Of her life changed, radically rearranged;
Could she manage alone, fields newly sown?

Meanwhile, Emma Jane wept where cold body slept
In silent keep of death, and no one else would weep;
So what else could she do but sell out and bail out?
One man was tied as the other died, and both cried,
But Sara kept her claim and so Emma Jane came.

CosgirlsAnd the two bright, strong women would fight
To keep their only plot of land — not a lot —
Sara and Emma Jane plowed and prayed for rain
Again and again to adorn their field with corn;
Work, no play — the pay was strong bond of love.

Out in the wild, wild West they would survive,
Hope kept alive by burning backs, aching arms,
And no time for charm till dinner bell chime;
Sara and Emma Jane would climb up into bed
And lay their heads down with very little said.

Ah, they had their land and crops, home and slop
For hogs and wood to chop in a virtual sweatshop
With no whistle-stop — work begun had to be done
Under the sun — and they rarely made it into town;
But these two had their space on their own place.

Sara and Emma Jane, given to one another, could
Never be won by man passing by, try as he might;
Light of love bound to survival in ever revival
Of one spirit in two bodies married these two
In true love forged above and sealed on earth.

Sara and Emma Jane stood their ground, so profound,
Against so many hounds of hell striking warning bell;
They would not sell, no, not Sara’s land to band
Of thieving men bent on sin to win what belonged
To two women so strong, who’d chosen the long road.

And Beauty stood tall, formidable, nothing biddable
As Sara and Emma Jane tamed the wild, wild West. . .


Maftet and Lessons of Petty Divisions

summerly-noon-temple“People dear worshipped here, once upon a time; drinking the fine wine of fellowship,” Maftet spoke softly in the haunted old courtyard of once-vaunted temple. “Women, men and children; fathers, mothers, and sisters, brothers all; simple poor and those who stood tall in unity of community.” She ran fingers over one lingering wall, browned dark and dank, yet not cast down, but no longer part of crown achievement of city dead, now raising pity rather than praise.

“What happened here to make this place so drear,” I wondered allowed as an hundred questions flew thru my mind in like kind as I drew near my patroness-protector.

“The young and new wanted to cast out the old, but so soon as they’d begun the old grew bold; and the last song sung here was broken by tears,” Maftet answered. “The malefactors continued the fight against the old dogs’ bite, but most grew weary and it was then this magnificent place grew dreary. . . Death hung heavy in the air ~ the levy of schism ~ and evil laid bare the ill-intentions of darkened hearts. . . Unity fled and the community bled; then was no more.”

“Then do these stones not face the world now as a monument of disgrace?”

Maftet turned; fire burned in her eyes. “More than monument of disgrace, but an edifice of learning for any but fools; here are tools for teaching how reaching too far, too deeply, too soon can bring destruction at the noontime of any community.” She began to walk as she continued to talk. “Thy young say to the old, ‘Get out of the way,’ and the elders strive to hold them at bay, but then all devolves into dismay!”

“Tell me, please, who was right in your sight?”

“Ah!” She slipped her hand round my waist band. “Both were right, and both were wrong; both lacked sight, and both were weak, not strong. Enmity grew and lead to calamity that will ne’er be forgot in all eternity. . . And all over such trifling matters; all the clatter of fools with their endless prattle. Then came the clatter of sword and shield, for neither side would yield, and in yonder plain half were slain.”

And so it was that we were standing, hand in hand, not only in ancient ruins . . . but in the graveyard of what once was community ~ the hard reality pressing in on me that many such cemeteries exist as the living still persist in trifles and petty disputes. I was mute.


Our Way in the Beautiful Day

Now it’s such an exquisitely beautiful day,
An exquisitely beautiful day for you and me
To be together walking along the same way,
Away from the fray of way too busy affairs;
Just one pair among pairs of lovers walking
And talking, strolling along the greenery,
Enjoying the scenery, and nothing could be
Finer nor more delightful in our flightful
Fantasy-turned-reality, where we two agree
And see our twin lives as one that’s begun
To grow into an eloquent show for the world.


I Will Wait For You

I am here and I’m alive

Waiting for love to arrive
Ill look to you and strive
Like I am a desperate person
Lying here it only worsens

Why wait to take the bait?
A raving appetite to satiate
Ill slam right into your gate
To hear you cry, “checkmate!”

For love belongs to the strong
Over the weak, where I belong
Right or wrong, I sing the song

Yell, then, if you really must
Only please let me in you trust
Until I can taste your stardust!

Note: This acrostic poem inspired by My Silly World

Annette and Julietta: A Love Story

teen-girls-hugging-outsideFields of flowers, yields of apples, dancing and prancing:
Pretty girls, brown-eyed Julietta, and Annette was brunette;
One was rosette for the other, who for her played clarinet;
Like one, the two played and prayed, and together stayed,
Never strayed in love, like turtle doves, in beauty arrayed.

Annette and Julietta, two blossoms of near-flawless promise,
Budding in form and warm affection; rouge lips for lips
And sips of sweet nectar from growing gardens free flowing;
Arm in arm walks, heart to heart talks, sharing one soul clock;
Miles of smiles, skipping and prancing, stripping and swimming.

Annette and Julietta, one silhouette of finest courtly minuet,
Vignette of an angelic song sung by the stars far flung in sky
Of cloudless night, darkly bright; they lay in softly breeze,
Roll and teasingly squeeze to please, immune to the disease
Of the unkind of stony hearts, closed minds, and spirits blind.

Annette and Julietta, grown and storm-blown but sewn together,
Not to be torn; they were sworn in ever-union so soon as born;
Dancing still across the hills, laughter filled the air so fair;
No snare nor care could quench hot flare of their love affair;
And the maze of their days were unpretentiously venturesome.

HandnHandMany cried, “scandalous,” while others were simply jealous;
Pharisees were zealous; only few thought it something to relish,
And hellish hours flowed like scours for Annette and Julietta,
And though they moved deep into forest keep, and did not weep,
Still they could not leap for joy nor sleep in heavenly peace.

Yet remains flower fields, apple yields, dancing and prancing,
And eternal joy, where bright stars ring and their voices sing,
And left here now only intertwined bones on cold hard stones.


World in Harmony: Can We Do This?

6a00d8341bffb053ef00e54f3e16e08833-500wi[1]Can we find common ground upon which to stand, to work toward harmony and peace in this world? Can we do so without compromising dearly held beliefs and convictions? Yes, I do believe so; in fact, I earnestly believe we share more common ground spiritually and religiously than many of us might imagine. I believe we can stand on this common grounds, lock arms, and with determination move forward, and all without ceasing to be who and what we are in heart, mind and soul. And this begins with an appropriate prayer:

Then did I recognize you in mind, to be the first and the last, O Lord, Progenitor of good thought, when I apprehended you in my the eye of my soul: True creator of all that is right, the Lord over the proceedings of life![1] And so it is that you are gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love; good to all, and your compassion is over all that you have made.[2]

The Lord is Cherisher of all Worlds – who created us, and it is God who guides us; who gives us food and drink, and when we are ill, it is he who cures us; who will cause us to die, and then to live again; and who, we have reason to hope, will forgive us our faults on the Day of Judgment.[3] Yes, but this self-same God of all says in majestic mystery:

I have no corporeal existence, but Universal Benevolence is my divine body. I have no physical power, but Uprightness is my strength. I have no religious clairvoyance beyond what is bestowed by Wisdom. I have no power of miracle other than the attainment of quiet happiness. I have no tact except the exercise of gentleness. [4]

God is love.[5] God is beautiful and loves beauty.[6] God is All-gentle to God’s servants, providing for whomsoever God will.[7] And so it is God says, “To love is to know me, my innermost nature, and the truth that I am.” [8] The Tao is immortal, the mysterious fertile mother of us all, of heaven and earth, of everything and not-thing; invisible yet ever-present, you can enjoy her forever without exhausting her.[9]

parvati3rdeye[1]God says, “I am mother and father of the world.”[10] And so we say, “You are father, mother, friend, and brother. With you as nurturer in all places, what have we to fear?”[11] We cry aloud:

O Mother of the world and humanity, advocate for the whole world! What a remarkable Mother we have! O Mother, a pillar, a refuge! O Mother, to whom all prostrate in greeting before one enters her habitation! We are justly proud of our Mother. O Mother who arrives, who arrives majestic and offers water to all![12] That breast of yours, which is inexhaustible, health-giving, by which you nurse all that is noble, containing treasure, bearing wealth, bestowed freely; lay that bare, divine Mother, for our nurture![13]

Indeed, we are the children of the Lord our God;[14] for all humans are God’s children, and those dearest to God are those who treat his children kindly.[15] For God, people of the whole world are all children of God, and so all of us equally must understand that God is our Parent.[16] So, too, all of us under the heavens; we must regard heaven as our father, earth as our mother, and all things as our brothers and sisters![17]

1400805161603[1]And so this is how we are to live: Whatever you wish that people would do to you, do so to them.[18] A woman should wander about treating all creatures as she herself would be treated.[19] Indeed, try your best to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and you will find that this is the shortest way to benevolence.[20] Comparing oneself to others in such terms as “just as I am so are they; just as they are so am I;” he should neither kill nor cause others to kill.[21] This simply means, one should not behave towards others in a way which is disagreeable to oneself. This is the essence of morality. All other activities are due to selfish desire.[22]

Is this really so difficult? Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God, and he who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God; for God is love. No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and God’s love is perfected in us. By this we know that we abide in God and God in us, because the Everlasting One has given us the very Spirit of life and love. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and she who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because God first loved us. If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his sister or brother, he is a liar; for she who does not love her brother or sister whom she has seen, cannot love God whom she has not seen.[23]

Endlessknot[1]Have benevolence towards all living beings, joy at the sight of the virtuous, compassion and sympathy for the afflicted, and tolerance towards the indolent and ill-behaved.[24] Ah! Then that do we choose, O Lord of Wisdom, O beautiful Truth, that do we think, do we speak, and do we practice, which shall be best of the actions of living ones for both worlds![25] For to the addict, nothing is like his dope; to the fish, nothing is like water; but those immersed in the love of God feel love for all things.[26]

Amen and Amen. So let it be, Everlasting and Most Benevolent One!



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