Good Morning Life!

For the streams and hillocks and sweet dreams,
Fountains of water, and flowers and mountains
That rise, and blue skies, how could I despise?
For fireflies, moonlight at night, and the stars
That shine from afar; for my friends and family
So near and dear, where is there room for fear?
For perfect love from above casts out all fear!
For riverbanks and the quiet time, I give thanks;
For sunrays and bays and child’s play in the day,
And ballets and bouquets, how could I be hateful;
No! I am grateful … grateful for this and more…
And so I say, ‘Good Morning Life! Good Morning!’

Note: First published on March 12, 2017


To Begin With Laughter

Oh, to begin the morning with laughter that continues long after
Instead of waking to mourning, tears and fear is happiness untold,
But with you the skies are blue as you smile in rays of sunshine
And dance in the breeze so finely, enhancing every moment of time
And I chime with the rhythm and rhyme of your Spirit so freely
That what else can I say except ‘thank you’ with miles of smiles?
Oh, to begin the morning with laughter that continues long after
With you . . . only you, my Beloved

One Auspicious Morning

It was an auspicious morning many years ago
When all the world around seemed to lay low
And fade till life was like some waking dream
And the cream of heaven flowed freely to me,
Overwhelming me with more than I could see
And the feeling was surreal but also very real,
And it was like a healing balm to calm my soul
As I walked around but barely talked to folks,
Just taking it all in as it came . . . what was it?
It was nearly like an out-of-body experience,
Yet there I was in the midst of real reality . . .
Or maybe I just then stepped into true reality?
Perhaps I was seeing the world as it truly is:
Moving shadows, reflections and refractions
Of a reality behind what we consider reality,
I do not know but this show ended too fast;
It did not last and is now buried into my past
But I still wonder if I might somehow blunder
Into such an experience sometime again . . . ?

Sanctuary of Life

Fresh from dreams and unfettered streams of imagination
You lie for a while in lush green fields and yield yourself
To the first bright rays of light with hillocks all around you
And you listen to the birds sing as they bring morning song
And in the distance you can hear waters of a gurgling brook
And you stretch lazily in comfort and security in the purity
Of the sacred moment so new and fresh with nothing askew
Not exactly sought but simply brought to you as a treasure
For your very own pleasure and without any given measure
As there is no pre-limitation in this sacred sanctuary of life

Note: Previously published in January of this year, now being republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure of new followers. Blessings to one and all!

Waking Thoughts

Will you be there when I arrive?
Please don’t deprive me of you;
After driving so far from home,
Tell me I’ll be arriving in yours

Crazy thoughts flow in and out of mind
Still in bind of sleep, eyes keep closing;
Repair something, you say? But what?
With tender, loving care . . . But what?

Heavy heart vacant as an empty lot;
Except for you, so much is changing
And I strain to see how, where and why
But I don’t know where the train is going!

And what am I to fix in this mix?
There’re no tricks up my sleeve!
Anyway I didn’t break it!
Then how can I remake it?

I feel like crying after trying so hard,
But I just wanna know if you’ll show
What’s up ahead? Will I have a bed?
I tread lightly . . . now I’m so afraid!

What will I do? I don’t have a clue!
I just know I didn’t expect the blow,
And now . . . my heart feels ready
To explode; completely unsteady

Will you be there when I arrive?
Please don’t deprive me of you;
After driving so far from home,
Tell me I’ll be arriving in yours

Tell me I’ll be arriving in your arms!

In the Unfolding Day Along the Way

What is this that I wake up crying
Trying to lie to myself that it was just a dream
When I can’t even remember the theme
Or even if I did dream, though it seems I did,
But I crawl out of bed ready to scrawl
On the walls but I fall to the floor without words,
Hearing birds chirping outside beside my window,
Which is only a show of other life happy,
And I wonder why I can’t be more snappy
And sing, too . . . If only the birds would bring
Inside my soul their song
But they throng outside all to themselves,
Or have they brought me a song already,
So I have what I’ve sought all my life
Never knowing it was blowing so near and dear?
But will I go through the day this way?
I know I may stay somber in this same location
With my same vocation,
But at least I find some relief in the belief
That I’m doing something good and productive,
Something even seductive to my artisan soul!
I may bite my pen for awhile in tears
But eventually I will write
In sight of the whole world . . .
If anyone cares to read, and maybe my words
Will then have planted some seed worth growing
In the hole of someone’s soul . . .
I may not be able to save myself
But I can behave as if I’m saving another,
Though all I may be doing is raving like a lunatic!

Note: This is the third (or fourth) of my stream-of-consciousness poem

Greetings, Thank You

Good morning, Morning Star! Humble greetings to your majesty, Sol,
Reigning so high in the sky, bathing now this side of gentle Gaia
In radiant light, so iconic of Light everlasting.

Fare thee well, most lovely Luna, sweet Selene of the night sky,
Mother of luminescence in dark, our stark reminder that the Light
Never dies, but shows forth Beauty even in shadows.

Salve cara terram, celestial orb who gently sails round Father Sun;
Saludos a usted, dearest Gaia, upon whose breasts we feed and live,
So many small children sometimes so reckless.

Another morning bathed in beams under canopy of blue-grand Coelum…

Thank You and Greetings … Greetings!

Haiku Greeting for New Day

So the sun rises
On some few new ideas
Full of surprises.


My dear readers (and friends!), most of you already know about Haiku, but to be honest, I didn’t … not really. Well, learn something new each day, right? Anyway, just in case any of you are like me ~ LOL ~ Haiku is (or comes from) a Japanese poem-style of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. There are, of course, obviously English imitations of this. So this is my very first venture into Haiku! It was honestly harder than I expected … at least for me! But fun!