Beside, Inside, to Abide

Pain ever so deep and wonderful, so constant and fertile,

Longing for you to long for me for all the wrong reasons,

Thankful to feel, grateful to seal my fate with your future

To nurture this bondage of soul to soul to fill in the hole

Left from cosmic decimation of long ago indiscrimination

Of one man and his demand to be you so untrue to himself,

And have we not paid the price ever since in hard penance,

So I treasure this pain, no bane of longing to belong to you,

Only beside you, inside you, to forever abide with you . . .

Never to be you, but only true to my Self within you


Beyond the Horizon ~ Will You Be There?

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Splash of eternity, perhaps, in brilliant light
Ever elusive, tempting, yet always inviting
My curious mind and hungry soul behold the sight

To curl up in your arms so strong, where I belong;
To lay my head on your chest, where I should rest

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Picture so complete and filled with beauty.
Challenging, happily inspiring and satisfying
My restless soul so weary from life’s long journey

To see your eyes so bold, not cold, my own enfold;
– heaven on earth, angelic mirth, immortal rebirth

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Selene light of heaven in sweet magic to calm
Storm-churned waves of earthbound life,
While Eirene to my heart applies her healing balm

Let my barricade drop to rest me in complete surrender;
Pull me tightly and hold me to your bosom so tender

Note: First published in June 2015, now offered again for the pleasure of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Love untold, so bold, not cold;
Dream desire of my soul.
Arms strong, I belong, nothing wrong;
Passionately crave the whole.

Eyes aflame, no blame, no shame;
Deep longing of my heart.
Nectars flow, not slow, from below;
To be fully fed, not in part.

Veil opening, divine parting, inviting
Desperate hunger to be filled.
Sweet scent, holy mint, lover’s tent;
My crying spirit would be thrilled.

Note: First published in December 2014. Republished now due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure (and, perhaps, edification) of new reader-followers. All the best to each and everyone with peace and blessings!

Allina of the Ten Thousand Falls

Allina of my dream, maker of the Ten Thousand Falls,

What came you to say to me, to tear down what walls?
So close, so noble, so means your name, but why for me,
One who lives not by his born-given identity?
To tell me of your babe, in letters written above gift
Never opened by me to see, to leave but mystery to sift?
What is this new aberration, this soul-mystic creation?
Accusation or acclamation? Your gift was meant to lift,
Your message your kindly farewell, though we never met,
And never I set eyes upon you, but you’ve cast your net;
Now am I caught, forever bought by one never sought,
And how has this come but in dream to one never taught
Subtle ways of mystic days, vision-nights, angelic-lights,
But left to ponder in wonder, who you are …
Allina of the Ten Thousand Falls?










Note: Originally published in July 2015, this poem was inspired by a fading dream early one morning when I was still half-asleep. So far as memory serves, this is the only time this has happened. At any rate, the “Allina of Ten Thousand Falls,” as well as the content of this work, comes from the fragments of that dream. Now being republished due to some renewed interest and also for new readers-followers to enjoy. Blessings to one and all!

Whirlwind for Heavenly Bazaar

MississippianInk2-by-irlaAs the whirlwind wraps me in her arms and whispers in my ear so near,

I hear the voices of seven thousand souls from heaven to leaven the air,

And my hair blows back gently as she stares in my eyes, spies my heart:

‘Where did you go wrong, my dear? What song do you sing that brings

Such pain with no gain? Take my hand and feel the grand spirits of old;

Be bold and let them take hold of your spirit but for one swift moment

To sift you and make you whole again.’ My arms stretched to blue sky

Above to try to embrace the whole celestial realm, but she only laughed

In love: ‘No; open up within and they will begin to hold you, woo you

And fill you with true song ~ long on love ~ guide you where you belong,

And you will rest in numinous nest as in the days of old so cold now

In your memory.’ I’d fallen far and could no longer see my guiding star,

My soul reservoir nearly empty where once there’d been plenty: ‘Come.

Come above, my love, and I’ll show you an heavenly bazaar from which 

You may fill yourself to overflowing.’ And my world started growing,

My mistress lord glowing in the fresh wind blowing: ‘Child so mild,

Yet heart untamed and wild, like me all of treasure of all of the Cosmos

Have been here, not there; all around you, but you’ve been so long bound.’

And tis true . . . but now the world opened up wide, and there I’ll abide.

Here I’ll abide!

Note: Originally published in February 2016, being republished now due to some renewed interest as well as to simply share with new followers/readers. Enjoy!

Speck of Dust In Joy

And the sun still rises, after moon and stars shine at night by the same light;
And I cannot help but wonder here below why you even bother to look my way today?
And I know I am but the son of Ḥawwāh, speck of cosmic dust hardly worth your sight;
And yet in your faithful love, Selene so serene, do I trust to guide along life’s way.

Here stand I, then, confident and secure without a murmur,
Ready to leap and dance, hold to your passion to keep…

Rejoice in you, Lady Love, rejoice in me; I once was blind but now I see;
Once did mourn but now I sing; dance in you in the joy you bring!

But sun ne’er shines on the wicked blind, whom the innocent in torment bind;
Oh, no, the ground is marsh for those so harsh; sinking in sickness all their kind,
And kindred, too, as you carry your lover-child to leave such cruelty behind;
Oh, no, I will not remain in isolated desolation, but run in freedom unconfined.

Here stand I, then, confident and secure without a murmur,
Ready to leap and dance, hold to your passion to keep…

Rejoice in you, Lady Love, rejoice in me; I once was blind but now I see;
Once did mourn but now I sing; dance in you in the joy you bring!

Sélená of Truth, O heavenly Dove; celestial Spirit of Wisdom from heaven above,
Radiate in poignant power your beacon light, spread your wings; dispel the night.
Enflame my heart with holy fire that in your love-work your lover ne’er may tire;
Ah! But nurture and fill me with powerful peace; my praise of you ne’er will cease!

Here stand I, then, confident and secure without a murmur,
Ready to leap and dance, hold to your passion to keep…

Rejoice in you, Lady Love, rejoice in me; I once was blind but now I see;
Once did mourn but now I sing; dance in you in the joy you bring!

Note: Originally published in July 2015

All is New in You

Did you stretch to pull me back from the edge?
Did you lift your head when I was so harried?
Did you laugh ever loftily when you reached me?
Did you shed tears of joy with me in your arms?

And all is new in you…

Shall we dance now and swoon ‘neath the stars?
Shall we run and play now and ne’er grow weary?
Shall we prance thru fields of green of life?
Shall we rest by the wide-open, golden ocean?

And all is new in you…

Do you see me now in new clothing so spotless?
Do you hear me now in new song sung sweetly?
Do you feel me now in my everlasting passion?
Do you know me now in eternally grateful heart?

And all is new in you…


Take care! They whisper in your ear, though inaudible
Your soul can hear, and your very heart sheds a tear,
And your spirit quakes in fear as they sear your mind
And bind you to your lower self behind numinous bars


Images fly across your mental screen, scene after scene,
As the harlot queen stakes her claim seemingly so serene,
And you choke on the refuse of your sordid imagination
In gestation of the summation of every wicked temptation


Stand tall in your inner-self else you fall to siren call,
And take heed to every need and feed on what is right
And just and bright before they punch a hole in your soul,
And leave you for dead in the dead of an esoteric night



Engulfing darkness pulsing with death, breath of hell,
And the bell rings and brings stench of corruption
In eruption of the fate of all humanity in calamity

But I arise to claim my prize

Overwhelming waves, pelting rain, pending our doom
In the gloom of night without light, fatal plight
Of destination in damnation by ever slow gradation

But I arise to claim my prize

Bottomless pit, ominous sounds in somnolence of soul
Emptied across the sands of time by wandering band
Of sordid dæmons uncorded now but awarded their end

But I arise to claim my prize