More Tightly Bound

Do I hear your sweet nightly songs?

Am I wrapped tightly in your arms?

Did you take me mightily by force of passion?

Did you press me excitedly against your love?

Am I rightly breathing poetry for you?

Am I more than slightly pleasing to you?

Could I be more tightly bound to you than I am now?


Everywhere You Enfold Me

In the cerulean sky so high I see you smile at me;
In the mountain brook I look and see your eyes,
And listening to the glistening water
Your soft laughter is so near to hear,
And I lay down in green fields and feel your heart,
And your art is apparent in the wilder woodlands
With bands of trees forming seas of your passion,
So that everywhere I go I see and hear you truly;
Even the birds sing your song long into the night
When the moon calmly reflects your bright light;
And you enwrap me and trap my soul with love
From above and enfold me wholly
So I solely belong to you ever true
As in the cerulean skies so high I see you smile. . .

Fly High into the Sky . . . May I?

Can I spring wings and fly high into the sky
With you and leave below my heavy sigh?
Your emerald eyes are enchanting
And leave my poor soul panting . . .
But the depression still remains,
Though in assiduous repression;
Will you not take me with you this night?
Rescue me from the blight of my own sight
With you in constant view instead,
Then my heart will have been fed
From the riverbed of the Cosmos,
Drinking the cream of numinous dreams;
Will you take me with you into the stream
Of heaven and thus redeem me this night?
Oh, for just one flight with you,
Leaving this world out of sight!
Your golden-brown skin and bronze hair
Appeal but not enough to repair;
Allure but not enough to cure me;
And you look inside me like an open book
And read me, then feed me astute words
Of wisdom, but I am but a drooling fool,
Who cannot wholly understand,
And then, upset, you reprimand
Let me spring wings ‘n fly high in the sky;
Show me what it is you want me to know!
Oh, take pity and rescue me
From the City of Humanity!
Oh, tell me . . .
Can I spring wings and fly high into the sky
With you and leave below my heavy sigh?

Note: First published in September 2016, now being republished for the reading pleasure of new followers (and, perhaps, some old ones, too!) Blessings to one and all!

My Soul is Whole (Sevenfold)

My days are brighter with you,
And I know you love me, too;
My nights are not quite so dark,
Nor is the black quite so stark;
With you my own soul is whole,
And life cannot take its toll,
For you are my Beloved . . .

Note: This poem is written in seven lines with seven syllables in each, thus it is a sevenfold poem. Hope and pray you enjoy… Blessings to one and all!

On an Uncloudy Day

Sol is shining brightly in the heavens,
Sending forth his brilliant bright light
Across the white-topped mountains,
Shining so fairly for us so that we can
Barely contain ourselves and all that
Pertains to our love from high above,
And so we dance the dance of aeons
And prance like young deer so near,
And without any fear embrace tightly
Before our ethereal nightly romance,
Singing our one song
On an uncloudy day!

On the Night Train

What cargo do you carry as you come barreling through?
Is it good or ill to seal my destiny desperately or in ecstasy?
What passengers ride along and do they belong to the night
Or to the light? Are they kind enough to mind themselves?
And do you bring grain for the hungry soul or only pain?
Nothing is plain to see in such numinous rain; it’s insane!
But, then, what should one expect . . .? It is the night train

Nothing Compares to You

Mountain streams flowing and sun beams of glowing gold,
And valleys of lush green and rolling pastures ever serene;
Cerulean skies of azure blue where the majestic eagle flies;
From the highest heaven to gilded wheat that leaven fields;
Nothing compares to you, not even rarest beauty laid bare,
And I’m caught in the slipstream of your passionate dream
Of love that blows in the quiet wind and round every bend,
O my Beloved, who stands so far above ten thousand loves;
No, nothing compares to you, so how shall I speak of you?
Ah! beauty reflects Beauty so it’s my duty to reflect you too
Though I dare not try to compare even my true soul to you,
For nothing compares to you; no, nothing compares to you!

Saved by Love for Love

You found me in the wilderness of loneliness, crippled and starving,
Carving out some place for my own burial, adversarial to my own life,
And there you came without any blame and simply lifted me up . . .
And I then found myself around your shoulders strong as boulders
Being carried across the wasteland by your mighty, strong hands . . .
Suddenly I found myself lying in cool, lush green grass
Thru which an attractive, crystal-clear stream did pass;
And there you were with the cure in hand
To bind wounds and put my mind at ease;
And I looked into your emerald eyes as if for the first time spying love;
You smiled a mile wide and laughed as you gently stroked my head
As I laid in my prairie bed, and you said that I had nothing to fear,
That you would hold me dear, and always be near enough to hear
My cries, and you did not lie, for you have been ever close, never far;
And now I dance in the romance we share forever, without any end!

Note: First published in December 2016 as a poetic-spiritual testimonial

Have You Ever?

Have you ever seen your life reflected in someone’s eyes?
Have you ever felt your unseen self floating in the skies?
Have you ever heard your unsung song sung in a stream?
Have you ever met your mirror image in a vivid dream?
Have you ever known there is more to you than you see?
Have you ever shown yourself what your self could be?
Have you ever been drawn beyond the dawn of being . . .?
Have you ever?