Drowning in Your Rosey World

(Ninefold Poem)

One hand held up high above the waves,
No one can save your rose-colored world
Unfurled in what you dare to wear.

Curled in a corner of your mind,
You bind yourself to never find peace
Or another lease on life serene.

Reeling and peeling inside your soul,
Stealing scripture to fill in the hole,
Your goal not to drown in black abyss.


Race for Life (Ninefold Poem)

It’s a race for life, the breaths you take,
To stay alive; this you cannot fake . . .
From morning to night and till you wake.

It’s a race for thoughts inside your mind,
As they fly by, put you in a bind;
Sanity you can no longer find.

It’s a race for love in your spirit,
Though darkness will not let you near it;
Still, you cannot let yourself fear it.

Ninefold Journey & Blessing

As the world scorns, you have been reborn,
Proving that there is exaltation
Even in earthen degradation.

Your mind soars above the blue skyline,
And shines in intellectual shrine;
Fine are your thoughts, now better than mine.

Celestial wind sweeps thru the keep
Of your soul, and you reap benefits
Unknown to mortals so derelict.

Note: Inspired by Sacred Numbers Deviation by Ninefold Evolution