Addiction to Poisoned Person

Prediction of addiction is total destruction
Abdication of the soul with no reconstruction
Abandon all of the demands of true reality
Senility of the mind in the bind of death trap
Leave what is behind for your kind of hell
Hear bells toll as fire lights your funeral pyre
Will you ask if he was worth the birth of pain
And what do you gain from being so insane
Straight lane to perdition in your condition
Contrition gone in submission to your position
Admonition unheeded in sedition of the soul
Petition the mortician for removal of remains
Your end has come, no more bends in the road
Bid farewell to the last chance given to dance
Liberty is now but memory by your treachery


‘Merry’ in Muck and Mire

Have you ever noticed how some people stuck
In muck and mire and require the most help
Insistently complain but with persistence
Refuse any and all assistance in an almost
Rebellious resistance? They treat the muck
Like so much bad luck and the mire very much
Like hellfire, but they don’t want out because
It’s what they’re all about; and yes, the muck
Sucks out all of their joy, and the mire makes
Them squires of despair, but this has become
To them the very air they breathe, and they
Want no repair of the situation because oddly
Enough it gives them identification; and how
Do you prove to such an intractable individual
That it is their destination, more than their
Situation, that gives them real identification?
Sometimes, oftentimes, you cannot persuade
These souls so fraught with many troubles that
To them have become like precious gems, and
So waste no more time expending your efforts
In extending mercy… Beware and take care,
For one day you may find yourself drowning
In the very same dire muck and mire! Beware!

Poison & the Sword of Peace

Better the strike and bite of a venomous snake
Than the break of dæmonic poison in the heart;
For the one may kill; the other steal the soul.

I love you too much
To let this happen to you,
You, my love so true.

Bid not yourself to wraiths; be rid of the poison;
You have been chosen for more than a raging boar,
Set upon engaging creation in foolish destruction.

I appeal to you,
Repeal the agreement made
With hate to abate.

Raging war is fought, gauging the strength of heart;
Your part is seize the sword of peace and now start
To fight the plight of poison that blights humanity.

Red Viper Strikes Again

And so the Red Viper enters in again,
With splinter bits of poison and sin.
Who left the door wide open for her
To slither along the floor with black-
Painted core of soul to score quick
Bites in the thick of her profusion
Of confusion?  And tis not illusion;
Only self-delusion if you think she’s
Safe when she’s put you on the brink
Of another collapse, relapse into fog
Of war you never meant to fight, blight
On your heart,weak now with no might
And rescue out of sight; sheer height
Of cacophony drowning out all reason;
Red Viper’s never quite out of season,
No plague ever is, and so never should
You have left the door open … again;
Now you’re on the floor, and writhing
In pain with no gain or torpid victory.
Ah! But you should’ve know from history
Not to leave your life’s door wide open
For the Red Viper! Who is on your side?
She’s slick and now you’re deeply sick
From poison coursing through your thick
Heart, so sensitive; tis the part you
Chose to play, right? And now you pay!