Tales Upon Tales to be Told

Have you ever seen a story walking?
They’re stalking you and not talking,
But they are all around everywhere,
Bound up with tales great and small,
Tall ‘n short, of runs, falls and sport!
Look around ‘n hear the quiet sound
Of imperative narratives superlative
And comparative to great literature,
Carried on wind around every bend!
Have you ever seen a story standing,
Demanding to be told by the bold?
Open your eyes, listen with the heart
And take part in the one grand story
Of the world enwrapped around you!
Ah! Tales to be seen, heard and told!
Stories upon stories upon stories . . .


Words can steal, and nearly kill, but words can heal;
Words can turn an ugly flight into cowardly flight.
Words skilled, filled with love can rebuild the broken;
Words chilled with hate leave the forlorn unfulfilled.
Words can make the dour more sour by the hour;
Words are power that tower over life rife with pain.
Words can be strong enough to turn the wrong into song;
Words can turn the world upside-down or right-side up.
Words abate, relate, satiate, debate and even create;
Words to speak or write, meek and mild or with ill-will.

Words are yours; you are your words.