There Was This Boy So Regal

There was a boy of ancient lore, who walked so regally through every door;
He was ruddy and strong, wise and as stately as an eventide song sung long;
He grew in stature and knowledge, and naturally knew what to do each day,
As he perfectly balanced work and play, and would say only what was right
In sight of everyone under the sun, because even in the dark he lived in light
So bright that many thought he’d been forged as a knight by heaven’s might;
And so it was that on a battlefield fierce he dared to pierce the enemy lines
With but sling and sleek stone by which he alone slew the one giant of fear,
Who stood so near on dreary day, while his people watched with admiration
And sensation as the great, husky foe fell to the ground with terrible sound;
Then did the army gain courage against pain of war and tore into the field,
Led by this brave boy whom history knows simply as David, born to be king



Grace . . . she wears rags but clothes you in silk and gold;
She is the milk of heaven but earthbound and quite bold;
Grace . . . she has no discretion and is never in recession;
She makes the wild one mild but strong; meek, not weak;
Grace . . . she’s not cheap but is free to befriend everyone;
She takes the laughter and scorn but is never torn apart;
Grace . . . she came with blood for every vein, not in vain;
She acts like a mere child but her prize is becoming wise;
Grace . . . she is bound by divine duty to restoring beauty;
She wears no masks but basks in bright sunlight of glory,
And this is her story . . .

Note: First published in February of this year, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

A Paschal Celebration

Out of the darkness the Light brightly shines,
As death itself is swallowed up in living Life
Breathing in the wicked halls of dark Hades
With walls lined by chained, mournful spirits,
But there are no shackles to be worn by you,
O Beloved, for you have born the very worst
And you have overcome, coming victoriously
Into the very throne room of groaning Sheol
To snatch the keys of death and hell
To be cast in your living well of Life;
And already the bell tolls the coming of dawn
As your tomb yawns in an awakening sunrise
That will be the greater surprise of all history
For death itself cannot hold in your bold Life
Just as the stark dark cannot overcome Light;
Yes, you are like that fabled phoenix, Beloved,
Rising from ashes with healing in your wings!

To one and all: Happy Easter! Blessed Resurrection Day!

And the Darkness Has Not Overcome

Blot out the sun, erase the stars till there are none,
And pull the full moon from high in the night sky,
And let the starkest of darkness draw ever so nigh,
He would not overcome the light from your eyes,
So fiercely piercing and bright, brilliant to my sight,
And all the thick, pitch black would just roll back
Like an ancient scroll without taking his toll on me,
For though I be blind to all else, I would see you
Shining in all of your beauty . . .

In you there is no night
In you there is no blight
In you there is no fright
For you are bright
For you are light
You are my sight

You are the ever-rising dawn to whom I am drawn,
And how do I feel when you peel off the darkness?
Safe and secure in the allure of your beautiful eyes!

Sonnet of the I AM

As the wind topples trees, mountains fall into the seas
I am here for thee, for thou art mine and I am thine,
As surely as the bright light doth belong to radiant sun,
And when all is said and done we have but only begun
To sing my song of love written long ago in ages past,
For I AM with thee and will be from the first to the last
And ere beyond into eternity in an infinity of union
That bespeaks the nature of our bond of communion;
And dost thou possess words enough to praise my love
That comest not from this world but from high above?
As the rain beateth against thy house I am steadfast,
And thou art safe since with me thy lot hast been cast,
For I AM thy beginning and thine ending forevermore,
And ye shall mount up like unto the eagle and soar,
As in me do ye find thy joy and thy final completion
In the perfect love of who I AM . . . thy one redemption!

The Key

You pound the wheel and stomp your heels;
Something is wrong: No song from the radio,
No lights on the dashboard this dark night
Of frightful lightening, painfully heavy rain,
And the terrible sound of rolling thunder,
But you’ve never even let it enter your mind
That you’ve blundered as myriad thoughts
Bind your brain, and you curse the bright day
He brought you this new car from far away;
You say it’s never worked and now you need
It to start more than ever! Ah, but then there
Is some slight recognition of the ignition…
And you blink as you calm down and think
Even on the brink of a nervous breakdown:
The Key
The Key
The Key

Life will never be all that it is meant to be without the Key

Note: First published in August 2016, now republished for the consideration and enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

There is a Place Called Peace

There is a place called Peace, where living waters never cease to flow
And you’ve led me here, away from fear, where your winds ever blow
And there is no end to wonder with you so near and so much to show
So I can wander freely, at liberty, beneath emerald eyes I so well know
Here every season lives, from spring to winter with freshly fallen snow

Here the wasted land is far away
Here the dæmons are held at bay
Here a calm comes with each day
Here the balm is found in the way
Here are only gentle words to say

And you’ve brought me here so dear to this place I’d never have found
Though I’ve sought Peace all of my life, but to you I’m now ever bound
You are the Peace of this place in time and space, with beauty crowned
And you’ve opened yourself as your name is round the earth renowned
So I rest, sing and rejoice, and bring my very soul to this sacred ground

And I dream in your gaze ~ mystic maze ~ and drink the cream of life . . .

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished for the pleasure (and hopefully blessing) of new reader-followers. Indeed, blessings to one and all!

Here For You

When you shiver and quiver inside and all hope seems lost,
And your very soul is tempest tossed and all looks bleak,
Seek me out and find me; I’m as close as your own breath,
Not far away like some distant star, but right beside you
Through night and day, and I’m here to stay nor to stray;
Like light of dawn shines bright over blue-green horizon,
Like sun rays bathing your face, your body, I enlace you
To myself to love, cherish and care for you in bare life,
If only you call and let down your wall of cold resistance;
I AM here for you…

Note: Originally published in May 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the pleasure to new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

The Shepherd’s Song

Let it be that you begin with me and end with me,
That you awaken in the morning in my strong arms
With me watching over you with no alarm,
And that you go to sleep safe from all harm;
Walk with me and talk with me all along life’s way,
Each and every day, for with you I will forever stay
And never stray, so do not stray from me but stay!
Stay close to my side and here abide in quiet peace
With new lease on life and no knife will cut between,
And take from me all I have to give and so fully live
In bold assurance and silent serenity on into infinity;
Yes . . .
Let it be that you begin with me and end with me,
Morning, noon and night, guarded from every blight,
For I will never be out of sight but your bright light,
So let it be!

The Christ Sonnet

Thou knowest thy love is enfolded within my breast
That come the tempest of life I shall pass thy test,
And shall rest me in thine arms safe from all harms,
For thou art my all in all, best of all heavenly charms,
And thy grand love for me I know full well and sing
In great cathedrals for thou art love and love ye bring
To even me in fullest measure as an ethereal treasure,
And shall I despise what thou givest for my pleasure?
Nay! Nor shall I turn away from thine eyes of passion,
But shall forever behold thee in greatest compassion,
For thou didst endure scorn and bloody tree for me!
Seest thou my passion for thee and let us united be!
For at thine altar fine do I pay my vows of loyalty
To be but one with thee and thee with me in royalty!