Covered Up Safe

And he’ll keep me warm and safe tonight against this unholy, frozen blight,

Frightening though it be for me, tightening of the throat, and face whitening,

You can trace the lines of fear of things far and near, and in my heart hear terror,

Except for the wings that cover me, bringing calm peace, singing serenity,

Giving me new identity in an absurd outpouring of love, mercy and grace.



Home . . . a place to call my own
Where in secret dreams are sown

A bed where to lay my head
And find the best rest for my body weary

A table where to eat my daily bread
After thankful prayer is said

Home . . . where ideas are freely sought
Home . . . where there is liberty of thought

Safe and secure from all alarm
Walled in securely from all harm

Far above and beyond mere survival
Home . . . where there is daily revival

Home . . . where God is ever so near
And there is no need for fear

Home . . . where there is the heart
And of life every best part . . . home

Rest Upon Your Breast

You give me rest upon your breast when I am weary,
And you comfort me till I slumber as you disencumber
With words of compassion from the passion of our love;
You hold me in your arms giving me safety from all harm
And then indeed there is no more need for alarms
As you charm me and exceed again all expectation
Being an ablation to the grand glaciers of my fears
In feeling you so near and just hearing your voice,
I would make no other choice that to be with you;
Looking up into your emerald eyes I spy nothing but love
From above carried into my very soul by numinous dove;
And thereof you are like a glove covering my whole self;
Yes, you give me rest upon your breast so strong and true;
Each day and night is new light along this way with you!

Safe in Your Bay: Love Beyond Words

Silently now I come to you on this fresh new day,
And I come to stay, anchored in your sweet bay,
Knowing there is little I can do to repay your love;
Still I come away from all to replay our sun dance
So light and bright, to prance freely in your sight;
And how so very free I now am to finally be me
While the sea beyond rages ‘n no sages can tame
Such dangerous game played by the heavy waves,
But you have saved me from darkly, watery grave,
Safely ensconcing me away in your dear conclave,
And I would be but a knave to stray from your bay
So here I stay this bright, brand new day with you!
Oh love beyond words! Has anyone ever heard???

Evening Song

As the day is dying in the West,
And I lay my head down to rest,
O give me of your best to keep
As my eyes close in deep sleep

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

As the sun dips o’er far horizon,
My heart enlighten ‘n brighten,
So there’ll be light in the night
And no awful monsters to fight

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

Stay here as day bids farewell,
For with you sleep will be well,
How comforting I cannot tell
But you are my one sure citadel

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

Rest me in your best tonight,
And all will be good and right,
And all will be good and right . . .

Sélená: Now Faith Renewed

moon_goddessTerror grips my heart, my whole soul trembles in fear
Because loss has come my way — fleeting securities finally gone —
Day seems turned to night, and my vision so unclear,
And I cry for what I could not keep, and keep my fear so near,
Turn away from your beautiful face, to press on…
On into the darkness alone, waiting for your light to reappear,
But what without you, and all of faith gone, ere do I spawn?
Now I crawl along the wall till fate befall one so small;
Yet strong calls your voice, soft falls your hand; you are near,
And in your eyes does fear disappear; all now made clear;
You pull me safe to your breast, cover me in silken shawl;
Hold me tightly ‘neath nightly stars, and heavenly sphere,
And here now is faith reborn in one so torn, while you adorn
Him in sweet sheet of beauty, crown of air so fair, naught austere
In dream now new, and truth like dew, and ne’er to scorn;
Terror gone, heart free, soul at liberty, and love ere near.