For Valentine’s Sake


Someone died because another one lied;
Someone tried the innocent and tied him
To the stake for the sake of the guilty;
Burned him alive at a quarter to five
On the day of love for following the way
Of cross and celestial crown that brought
The frown of a silly but powerful clown;
But who would remember and who could tell
His tale in this land of forgotten memories?
As sand flows thru the glass, the wind blows
Ashes of Valentine round the hills of Rome,
His tome shot thru by little Cupid’s arrow
In barely narrow remembrance of real love.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!



Miscelleny 3


If Beauty has a name, it is spelled G O D…

If Beauty has a face, it is painted on a cross.

Women Shouldn’t Ask???

Women shouldn’t ask men out on a date? Really?

Should women write books? Should women create great works of art? Should women be astronauts and fighter pilots? Should women serve in Congress and lead entire nations? Should women serve in law enforcement, in the medical profession as doctors, preside in courts as judges? Let’s think about this for a moment, shall we?

Jane Austin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Mother Teresa, Elizabeth Blackwell, Mary Cassatt, Marie Curie, Georgia O’Keeffe, Amelia Earhart, Margaret Thatcher, Sandra Day O’Connor, Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick, Margaret Mead, Sarah Palin, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Benazir Bhutto…

But women cannot ask men out on a date? Hmmmm… Really? Sounds pretty antiquarian to me! Women can command the allegiance of thousands, even millions, lead entire kingdoms, save entire peoples, but…

Full Time Work At Part Time Pay

You want her to push sales to increase the profit margins, complete one dozen tasks at the same time with perfect efficiency, clean and detail the department to look like it did on opening day, and all that with how many other expectations???

Fine. Give her full-time pay and/or commission and she’ll be more likely to give you the results you want… Part time hours at part time pay usually leads to partial outcomes or, in other words, you get what you pay for!

Patron Saint for Our Times

Patron saint of the Internet? You‘ve got to be kidding? Well, no, and his name is Isadore of Seville. But this saint died in the year 636, so one might justly wonder how he could possibly have anything to do with the Internet?

Evidently this intriguing character took it upon himself to catalogue, or compile, all “universal knowledge,” much like the Internet aims to do today. There is an affinity, then, and so even Net surfers have the benefit of saintly accompaniment, if they want. And the Lord knows we certainly need saints on the Internet!