Giving Way to Old Man Winter

Caelus is now hauntingly dark,
Stark clouds roil with rain
As Sol boils with jealous pain;
Trees strain against the wind,
And bend and bow their heads;
Flower beds ready themselves
For the coming blow, the show
Of storm crow of Tempestas;
Birds nestle down and squirrels
Scurry and chipmunks hurry
To their holes, sole homes
Of hopeful safety; there is
Nothing dainty here happening
. . . It’s Old Man Winter!

Dance of Day and Night

MitraLight in the night, night in the womb of day,
As two in beauty chance romance in sacred dance
Among the stars Dyēus happily flung far to sing,
To bring pleasure in eternal Spring even among
Four seasons to adore; so Mah and Mitra in awe
Of one another, wild and happy with loud guffaw!
Swirling, twirling round the world and bound
Yet different; exotic passion, heavenly fashion,
With nothing but compassion on the world below,
And what a show as everyone knows, with blowMah1
Of wind and bend of trees, budding flower-beauty
In gleeful duty to all that is right in sight
Of celestial angels graceful in grateful flight
Through day and night; play of Mitra and Mah
Like sister-lovers who hover under heavenly cover.
They are the dancing twins, who spin earth, moon,
And sun ere since by Dyēus the world begun…


Note: images of Mah and Mitra from