We Cast Long Shadows

We cast long shadows over our own lives,
So long that we belong to those shadows,
Though we imagine we are walking in light
With our sight set high and so we fly . . .

We fly to our own murky destinations
Without hesitation or any examination,
Thinking all will be well (so sound the bell!)
When we have only created our own hell

We cast long shadows, deep and dark,
And in them we hide from stark reality,
But the finality is all the same (and not tame);
We wake up to realize it’s more than a game!

Yes, we cast long shadows over our lives,
And we bury ourselves in their folds,
But when bold comes the light shadows flee
And we can see clearly the bright truth
And then, and only then, can we really be free


Sometimes These Shadows

Shadows walk with us, sometimes numerous
And often unnoticed, sometimes very clearly,
Sometimes barely visible, sometimes friendly,
Sometimes quite ominous, but always present

Sometimes these shadows come from the past,
Sometimes these shadows forebode the future,
Sometimes these shadows are merely our own,
Sometimes these shadows come from another

Shadows can haunt us and taunt our very souls,
And sometimes strike a cautionary note to us,
But oftentimes they come to call us to recollect
Something long forgotten, before we were born

Yes, the very Ages themselves cast long shadows
That walk with and talk to us, if we see and hear,
And they bespeak the imperfect story of humans,
And they bespeak the imperfect story of our own

Sometimes these shadows come from hell’s pit,
Sometimes these shadows come from heaven,
Sometimes these shadows invoke much terror,
Sometimes these shadows provoke much peace

But always these shadows in our shadow land;
Shadows walk with us . . . yes, ever the shadows

Note: I would like to dedicate this poem especially to my fellow-blogger and friend, Tony Single who, like all artisans (including yours truly), must be a bit of a shadow-walker. Blessings to one and all!

Shadow Bard

Luteguy_8227It’s hard, sitting in the darkness, playing shadow bard;
Staying in my place, moving like an eel ~ slime pace ~
Singing another low song, to save face, amid the throng
Of easy ego-pleasers with no wrong turn, too bad to burn,
To dense to learn; help me Eloise! I but aim to please!

It’s hard watching ’em die, while I play shadow bard;
Up and down, turn around, cause it’s bound to get wild
As the sound of my flute dances so freely in the air;
Better wear your best mask, cause it’s my task to stay
And play, yours to suck it up, cause you’re stuck here. . .

Here, there, everywhere, I stay to play shadow bard;
From the dark with haunting music, taunting lyrics,
And flaunting sound that hounds your everlasting soul.
Pick up the bowl, lick the cherry, let the juice stick
In your mouth; be merry! I’m the shadow bard . . .

Shadow Bard