You Dare to Smile

Bent beneath a load of care, you dare to smile a mile wide,

And let nothing get you down, no frown for you, tis true!

And you dance in the rain, prance through big puddles

To muddle things up a bit, then you laugh, split half your side

To abide in your self-made heaven . . . You dare to smile


Your joy just grows and it shows;
It’s like a whiplash of happiness,
No gaseous flashiness in an uptown
Explosion of giddiness as you drown
In laughter at the coming hereafter;
And youth is renewed when viewed
From behind ~ how kind ~ so smile
One mile wide ~ don’t hide or chide;
You’ve got the right dress to press
On to success and bless yourself
As the world goes to hell
And the bell tolls twelve
As you sell your mockery
For six pence as genuine gleefulness;
Yeah, take it out on the town, girl
And unfurl your flag while you hurl
Your skin-sag bag to the north wind



They say that a smile is but a frown turned upside down;
One smile can lift the heart of a stranger you’ve just met;
One smile can leave joy in the soul, a lasting silhouette;
One smile can be a precious gift that heals a painful rift;
One smile can sift thru the muck and mire to find a choir
Of angels singing, bringing happiness to the dreary weary;
One smile can turn tears of fear into a sphere of splendor,
An atmosphere of grandeur and render terror quite tender;
They say that a smile is but a frown turned upside down;
Perhaps, but one smile can certainly turn life right-side up!