Keep Playing Tweety Bird?

Some time ago, one of my blog buddies (whom I haven’t heard from in quite awhile! Hope he’s okay!) kept … hmmm, encouraging — strongly encouraging — me to open a Twitter account. Finally, I took the plunge and did it, and now I tweet. However, the prediction that it would do my blog site oh-so much good really hasn’t panned out. Besides, I already give blog updates on my J D Noble Publications FB page (please, please “like” it and stay connected!), and I have my Linked In account. Plus, followers can also receive e-mail notifications, and of course my new posts appear in various category streams in the WordPress world.

Okay! So here’s my question (and do please answer!): Should I keep my Twitter account open ~ only have five followers there ~ or close it down (because it’s just an extra-added, time-gobbler as it is)?

Thank you for your opinion! And do remember the J D Noble Publications FB page (found in the righthand column.) All the best w/blessings to you!


Memes and Bull S**t “News”

Australian prime minister tells Muslims to leave;
And atheistic geophysicist now comes to believe!
His Holiness Francis claims Jesus born of Satan,
Lays blame for pain on God since Christ was torn
From Mary’s womb till he was finally put in tomb!

Radical rock star turns and burns the president,
While residents of small town overturn all laws
On guns and do not shun arming every teacher,
Principal and preacher, and reach no more crime
In little to no time, and every church bell chimes!

Blood moon rising is not surprising to prophets;
It’s the end, and so-and-so will no longer suspend
Any judgment: Beast has been hurled in the world,
And Antichrist is steady, ready to take his throne;
Already Rome’s been taken and shaken to the core!

By the way, did you know the low state of Kuwait
Strives and thrives on selling poisoned flowers
That make all sniffers cower, and this is how they
Plan to rule the earth under sharia law so cruel;
Of course, they’re tool of the devil, satanic bevel.

Neville Chamberlain really had a Chinese mother,
And Irish brother; meanwhile bully Palestinians
Are harassing poor, weakened Israelis even more,
Which is something we all really should deplore,
Because at core Arabs are wicked and heart-sore.

You haven’t heard the news yet?
Bet you haven’t read the memes!

Oh! And be sure to thank the asses who pass along
What rightly and tightly belongs in the stinking trash!