In Your Eyes

In Your eyes I can dream one thousand dreams

Streaming from the subconscious of my mind

To bind me to you bound to me for all to see

And to be mesmerized forever in my endeavor

To love you as much as you love me

Above all the world’s fray as we play

And I sink into your eyes where lies my peace


soul mates


Like sun and sky reflected in the rhythm of the ever-flowing river…  They embraced long before they touched, sweetly kissed in the soul before lips ever met.  From eternity they were lovers, before stars sprinkled light across the canopy of darkness; wrapped one another in arms of affection before oceans wrapped themselves round cold and formless earth. They laughed and cried like wind and rain in the hallowed dreams of heaven before ever they wailed at birth; played like moonlight dancing along mountain lake before ever they learned to walk. Both belong to the other; give and receive everything and nothing.  And one can live without the other no more than tree can grow without soil.  They are two lovers; they are one soul. One.

“You reached without touching, breathed without a sound,
And I found myself awake in your dream, breathing endless beauty unknown,
Intoxicating, hypnotic, arrested in your glance and you held me spellbound…
And I walked through the meadows of your heart to flirt
With eternity and learn to live and laugh and love again.”
–  From Hymn to Selene by Jon N

“And love became suddenly very clear – no more questions, no more confusion – and he was blessed, and he was thankful for the moment … diving into her eyes, touching her heart, and meeting himself for the very first time.”