No Need for Conflict

We need not be adversaries, said the spirit to the mind, we can bury the hatchet,

But the mind was very wary, and could not long tarry to undo its own latchet,

And so the spirit would bend, but not the mind, to obtain a better brighter end,

One in which soul and science cooperate on problem issues both small and great,

There need be no conflict, said the spirit to the mind, no reason to afflict or convict,

Just living together in peace in our own place, face to face in God’s grace


Forever Free in Atman

Fierce, fiery life freely flowing in me, through me, into you, through you

So new, so true, so pure to ignite in the soul an unadulterated coup

Meant to liberate from desolation, privation and divine reprobation,

So we feel overwhelmed and compelled to kneel, to heal in life so surreal,

So very serene, across the ravine of space and time to an unseen union

Of heart, mind and soul, combined into one chi forever free in atman,

To wander ever together in cosmic pastures of endless delight in sight

Up From the Deep Inside of Me

There is something deep inside of me that I have not even seen;
It has been held in spiritual keep all of these years, pure, clean;
Numinous fire burning through prior ages and pages of history,
It is not of me, from me or by me but it is quickly becoming me;
Spirit untamed and wild, nothing mild about her, yet like a child;
And the lowly gods whirl their heads trying to keep her in bed,
But in vain and it drives them insane; they cannot stop this train
And my clouds are full of rain ready to shower upon this world
Into which I’ve been hurled on purpose for a show in this circus;
Yet my tongue remains wordless but with earnest I try to release
What is roiling and boiling inside me rather than to bide my time
Because the clock chimes daybreak and it’s ready to break forth,
This something deep inside of me that even I have not yet seen

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure of new blog followers. Blessings to one and all! (And, by the way, the above is as true today as when it was written two months ago.)

Out Into the Deep

Out into the deep where your secrets you keep
Is where I dare to venture to better know you
And to show you the depths of my own passion
For you and only you and how true I am to you
If only you will open up all your treasure to me
To take pleasure in the profundity of your soul
As you abide in me and I in you in stride as one
Under sun, moon and stars into the far reaches
Of love from above through days ‘n nights
Taking flight together in inseparable union
Forever and forever in an infinity of affinity . . .
But first the deep where your secrets you keep
Out into the deep


Take these hands and curl them round about the handles of the plow;
Take these knees and teach them in awed reverence to bend and bow;
Take these eyes and open them so the world of suffering they can see;
Take these ears and unclog them so the cries of pain they can hear;
Take these tears and let them be for washing feet with every heartbeat;
Take these lips and set a coal to purify them for a kiss they never miss…

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison

Take this mind and let it find your favor to unbind from wasted trash;
Take this heart and teach it to love with unbounded love from above;
Take this soul and fill the hole from your overflowing heavenly bowl…

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison


Note: Inspired by “Yahweh” (an ancient Hebrew name for God) by the rock-n-roll band, U2, and originally published in May 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest. The phrase, “Kyrie eleison,” is an ancient Greek prayer simply meaning, “Lord, have mercy.” Blessings to all!

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast)

Take me out of my marshy lagoon at high noon
To sail the wide open azure sea; I want to be free

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me before my soul dies in this concavity of lies

It is a galleon, this ocean stallion of my salvation
Yet uncertain for the duration of this journey
But fascination draws me into an ocean
Without limitation and far away from
My swampy bay of self-damnation

Off the brackish shelf and out from myself
Into the soul of heaven without digression
Nor concession, an expression of freedom
Let me make my confession in procession
Into heart liberty with no more discretion

Oh, sail me now into the keep of mystical deep
Where lays life unknown, blown by your breath
Away from my groans alone in this secluded bay
Out into the bright, numinous light of day to stay
Never to return to my bay
Never to stray from glory . . .

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me though into open azure sea; I want to be free

Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea

Note: First published in October 2016 this poem and its second part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

Halcyon: Romance Me to New Life

As my soul wanders thru numinous grove
Pondering my role and high goal in this life,
You move like liquid crystal so wistfully
And mystically, calling me past artificial
Existence to something more beneficial,
Beyond superficial reality and all banality;
You bid me to enter into an halcyon day,
Luxuriant and peaceful, deep and blissful,
And so I turn to you to unbind my spirit,
Unblind my eyes, and find myself renewed
Into the real me I was always meant to be
. . .
And so I take a chance and dance
In the expanse you freely enhance
As you romance this child in the wild

Note: First published in early October 2016. Republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Rush of Exhilaration from Excitation

Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin
Welling up inside ready to explode the full payload
From heart ready to burst in thirst of unrestrained joy
And no toy will do for this boy in this rolling moment
There is no looking for atonement already bestowed
As center component of this breathless ecstasy relished
And embellished with lovely goods and exquisite foods
Volcano rumbling inside cannot abide without eruption
Without corruption and there can be no interruption
In spewing forth unadulterated pleasure like a treasure
By pressure forcing out what is presently held inside
Personal pride can no longer hide the mystical landslide
Of mind and soul that has occurred without one word
. . .
Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin!


She wants to get up and go but her body says, ‘no!’
And she would surely show the world all she can do,
But her whole frame would sue her for misconduct;
And it’s the same game today as it was yesterday:
Her mind and heart start while her body lies down;
It’s crash and burn again without even taking a turn!
And she wracks her brain trying to learn, to discern
What is happening, but all she knows is . . . fatigue;
Like some dæmonic intrigue in league
With her physiology, fatigue takes her
And makes her lie down for the sake of needed rest –
Though she’s had plenty – so she curls up in her nest,
Her best efforts remain unblessed . . . only fatigue
Ah, only fatigue . . . fatigue

Cruel Cut in Companionship

Oh! You were my friend, closer than kin,
Who could comprehend my own heart
More than I, and apprehend my feelings
Much better than anyone else,
Reading me like an open letter,
And could loosen the fetters that bound,
And, too, you seemed to be ever around
When I needed you, my one true friend;
Ah! But you plunged your knife deep
Into the keep of my despondent soul
With words of malice and ugly anger
And for the first time I sensed danger;
Then my soul shriveled up within me
And I’ve left you no key to unlock me;
Such sacred bonds have been broken,
And no token of love can easily heal
Deep wounds that steal intimate trust;
Now you’ve made your deadly thrust
And I must guard each part of my heart
As we start over again
To chart a new course
Rather than simply parting our ways;
Friendship is delicate and no one can
Quite estimate just how relevant and
Even preeminent it is in life . . . my life!
Truly it is said, ‘True friends are one
Soul inhabiting two bodies!’ And amen!