Sweet Sole Spirit of Life

Move so gently ore the deep in soul depth of my keep

An unilluminated world waiting for your bright light

Streaming thru opened floodgate of innate radiance

To belong wholly to you as new creation in formation

Neath your ethereal wings bringing life to lifelessness

To ever abide in your shadow as one suppliant bride

So compliant, never defiant, always reliant upon you

Sweet sole Spirit of Life

Have You Ever?

Have you ever seen your life reflected in someone’s eyes?
Have you ever felt your unseen self floating in the skies?
Have you ever heard your unsung song sung in a stream?
Have you ever met your mirror image in a vivid dream?
Have you ever known there is more to you than you see?
Have you ever shown yourself what your self could be?
Have you ever been drawn beyond the dawn of being . . .?
Have you ever?

And the Spirit Moves

When the first winds swept the earth, before the birth of humanity,
Before the Great Calamity, she moved across land and ocean deep
With all of its hidden keeps, bidden by her love to breathe out life,
Spirit divine, shining brightly, creating the world as an holy shrine,
Sign of desire, and never to resign from her beautiful, sacred work;
Twas when the earth was young and mirth hung heavily in the air,
And all to prepare a paradisiacal home for the epitome of creation;
And there’s been no cessation of motivation of the same holy Spirit
Since time began as she still flies across the earth, place of our birth,
Breathing life into lifeless souls, filling the holes of hearts torn apart,
Shining more brightly than the light of the sun for those who can see
Through the cross-cleansed lens of faith and have been made friends
Of the Spirit rather than many dead men walking in need and greed,
And acrimony, rancor, enmity and stony hearts as phony creatures
Though they feature themselves as wise teachers ‘n even preachers;
Ah! But the Spirit still sweeps o’er this world and never does sleep
But moves across the land and oceans deep with their secret keeps

An Excursion Into the Mind

More than grains of sand on the seashore
Thoughts lay dormant inside of my mind
Brought by time as my soul water washes
Over them again ‘n again in ebb and flow
As the Spirit blows across the coastal line
Of my finite psyche with whispers of love
From above from an infinite space
In which I find my individual place
As I stare into the beautiful face of Beauty
While serenely thinking thoughts brought
To me from a primordial past of humanity
Of which I am like only one grain of sand
In an eternity I cannot understand
Not do I try to apprehend what is beyond
. . .
I rest me in the vest of my own finitude
With an attitude of humblest gratitude
As I stare into the beautiful face of Beauty
With an innate duty to bow in reverence
As thoughts lay dormant inside my mind

Out Into the Deep

Out into the deep where your secrets you keep
Is where I dare to venture to better know you
And to show you the depths of my own passion
For you and only you and how true I am to you
If only you will open up all your treasure to me
To take pleasure in the profundity of your soul
As you abide in me and I in you in stride as one
Under sun, moon and stars into the far reaches
Of love from above through days ‘n nights
Taking flight together in inseparable union
Forever and forever in an infinity of affinity . . .
But first the deep where your secrets you keep
Out into the deep

Return, O Lover, Return

Oh, has part of my heart moved so far away
To decrease my peace in your fair bosom?
Ah! How my soul minds this kind of absence!
It is the essence of loneliness
Out from the madness of love!
Come back, Lover, and again hover over me,
Or shall I die as I lie awake for your sake?
You’re like a rose that knows when to bloom,
So blossom in me once again
So I’ll cease to strain in pain!
I cannot stand the distance in this existence,
And so I persist to insist upon your return!
Come back to me and let me see you again;
Come back and fill me with the love I lack!
Or has part of my heart moved too far away?
If so, then the day will end in restless dismay
And I’m afraid I will stray even further away!
Return, oh return to this heart that burns . . .
For you . . . for you!

Note: Originally published in November 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Yes, I Rest Me Now

Rest my head against your chest
Feel the pulsation of your heart
Evocation of passionate affection
New habitation for my very soul
In prostration to authentic love
Salvation from mere stagnation
In purgation leading to real life
                     . . .
Oh, no test to pass to rest in love
In the nest of an heavenly dove
Only the best to come from above
So I rest my head upon your chest
Yes, I rest . . . I rest . . . I rest

Note: Originally published in October 2016

Fruit of the Spirit

Envy, strife, deadly thoughts and frenzy fill the world,
But there is another way, some say, for a brighter day:
Love from above, and joy, peace and increase of charity
Without disparity in clarity of the knowing of equality
Among all without recall of division and cruel derision

Love is the wellspring from which flows the life stream
In dream of better, brighter days, new and lighter ways,
As the Spirit fills the vacuum with the values of heaven
To leaven the loaf of humanity in calamity of confusion
And profusion of lies that fly by day and night to blight

Florid garden grows among horrid weeds of wickedness,
Flourishing along the stream that nourishes new life
Amid the strife of earth, strong and true under blue
Of sky so high where we may now mount and freely fly,
Liberated from cancer of death in answer to the call.

Note: Originally published in June 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Sweet Stream of Endless Dreams

Slowly rising steam from sweet, warm stream meandering
Through my soul filling every hole, and what will you
Whisper to me this day? Ray of hope, perhaps, and miles
Of smiles with no one to beguile my heart, tear it apart,
Leaving me forlorn? And maybe you will nudge me to raise
Up my horn of salvation in exaltation of all that is good
And worthy and true in this new, never-ending beginning?
Oh, sweet stream that flows from without within, can we
Begin to dance round the rugged pole and prance about
Like hinds in high places with spaces filled with love
And laughter from now till hereafter? And let me wash
In your steaming springs to bring purity to body, mind
And spirit, to unbind the better part of me ever so caked
In muck and mire; and pull me forth from dire position
Of life rife with pain with no gain, giving me possession
Of hours free from oppression but filled with expressions
Of deep joy that will be mine to keep, e’en though I sleep;
And will you bid me kiss the sky as you sing me soft lullaby
To dry my tears and end my cry? Oh, will it be sweet slumber
By you, my slowly flowing stream meandering through my soul?
Ah! Meander through my soul sweet stream of endless dreams!
Meander through my soul… Meander through my soul…

Note: First published in July 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea II

And so without fail we now sail out into the ocean
With joyful shout and no doubt to load our boat,
Our route to an everlasting destination
Without hesitation nor any reservation

And you feed and lead me away from my destruction
Without need for any instruction and no obstruction

You guide our craft as we slide over the deep blue,
Our direction straight and true, reflection of light
From the bright sun above, distant lands in sight;
And do you dare me to strip bare and take my dip?
You stare at me knowing with easy wind blowing

There is something there – rushing and brushing –
Something well-worth touching without clutching,
Something to nurture my newest birth with mirth,
Something alive upon which to thrive,
So in such soft voice you bid me dive,
Piercing me with your emerald eyes,
And slowly, surely my resistance dies,
And my cries turn to shouts of glee to be so free . . .

And will my plunge expunge the poison in my veins?
Ah! Will I be plunging into you in this the deep blue?

Note: This is the second part to “Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast).” First published in October 2016 this poem and its first part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.