Sweet Stream of Endless Dreams

Slowly rising steam from sweet, warm stream meandering
Through my soul filling every hole, and what will you
Whisper to me this day? Ray of hope, perhaps, and miles
Of smiles with no one to beguile my heart, tear it apart,
Leaving me forlorn? And maybe you will nudge me to raise
Up my horn of salvation in exaltation of all that is good
And worthy and true in this new, never-ending beginning?
Oh, sweet stream that flows from without within, can we
Begin to dance round the rugged pole and prance about
Like hinds in high places with spaces filled with love
And laughter from now till hereafter? And let me wash
In your steaming springs to bring purity to body, mind
And spirit, to unbind the better part of me ever so caked
In muck and mire; and pull me forth from dire position
Of life rife with pain with no gain, giving me possession
Of hours free from oppression but filled with expressions
Of deep joy that will be mine to keep, e’en though I sleep;
And will you bid me kiss the sky as you sing me soft lullaby
To dry my tears and end my cry? Oh, will it be sweet slumber
By you, my slowly flowing stream meandering through my soul?
Ah! Meander through my soul sweet stream of endless dreams!
Meander through my soul… Meander through my soul…

Note: First published in July 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea II

And so without fail we now sail out into the ocean
With joyful shout and no doubt to load our boat,
Our route to an everlasting destination
Without hesitation nor any reservation

And you feed and lead me away from my destruction
Without need for any instruction and no obstruction

You guide our craft as we slide over the deep blue,
Our direction straight and true, reflection of light
From the bright sun above, distant lands in sight;
And do you dare me to strip bare and take my dip?
You stare at me knowing with easy wind blowing

There is something there – rushing and brushing –
Something well-worth touching without clutching,
Something to nurture my newest birth with mirth,
Something alive upon which to thrive,
So in such soft voice you bid me dive,
Piercing me with your emerald eyes,
And slowly, surely my resistance dies,
And my cries turn to shouts of glee to be so free . . .

And will my plunge expunge the poison in my veins?
Ah! Will I be plunging into you in this the deep blue?

Note: This is the second part to “Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast).” First published in October 2016 this poem and its first part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast)

Take me out of my marshy lagoon at high noon
To sail the wide open azure sea; I want to be free

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me before my soul dies in this concavity of lies

It is a galleon, this ocean stallion of my salvation
Yet uncertain for the duration of this journey
But fascination draws me into an ocean
Without limitation and far away from
My swampy bay of self-damnation

Off the brackish shelf and out from myself
Into the soul of heaven without digression
Nor concession, an expression of freedom
Let me make my confession in procession
Into heart liberty with no more discretion

Oh, sail me now into the keep of mystical deep
Where lays life unknown, blown by your breath
Away from my groans alone in this secluded bay
Out into the bright, numinous light of day to stay
Never to return to my bay
Never to stray from glory . . .

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me though into open azure sea; I want to be free

Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea

Note: First published in October 2016 this poem and its second part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

Fall Into Your Eyes

Silently, softly, I fall into your eyes
And know for you I hold no surprise;
Emerald gaze, penetrating, intoxicating,
Here there is luscious, lovely serenity
And happily I know I am secure;
To look in you is crossing the brook
From shadows into real reality,
An unseen world all around me
And I am bound by your affection,
Deflection from earth in reflection
Of heaven; you leaven my heart,
Not in part but in whole,
Throughout my soul
And fill the hole in my life
To overflowing, glowing radiantly
With you . . . with merely a glance,
By no chance, but because you see me
And cleave to me as I cleave to you
And together we swim in the blue
Ocean of the sky by day and by night,
Through the dark into the light,
But you are brighter still than the sun
And the moon and all the stars afar . . .
Soon, very soon, we will forever
Be together, heart in heart, ne’er to part
Ne’er to part . . . heart in heart as one

Note: Previously published in October 2016, this is one of my personal favorites. It is my hope that new reader-followers will enjoy this poem as well. God bless!

Poetry of Life

There was calm neath the palm tree, complete serenity,
But then you blew through in bending wind, transcending,
Offering no salaam, only aplomb at your sudden arrival;
Then you did flow like the tidal wave, but… where now?
After such glorious flow of exciting show, you’ve only left…

Line upon line so finely interwoven
And breathed across the Cosmos
Into heart sifted and adrift alone
But not made of stone in flesh
And bone, but rather radiant
And supple in rhyme and rhythm
With the multiverse of your poem

But there is the grander Poem interwoven in the Universe
To nurse hearts and souls that ne’er depart from the path
Of fine poetry in potency in probity of soul so knowingly
Open to Truth of Love that never fades in blight of night;
This is…

Poetry of Life

Note: First published in mid-June 2016, now republished (again) due to some rather unexpected renewed interest as well as for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. I would now count this as, perhaps, one of my best offerings. Blessings to one and all!

Something Has Changed, Something Strange

Something has changed inside you, something strange
Over the whole range of your person, now rearranged,
Yet you smile the same way and walk through the day
Just as you always have, but it’s as if you have cried
For the last time and somehow have now died inside;
So as we walk side by side now and talk as we have,
There is only your shell, your inner-well has run dry;
And try as I might the sight is not the same, not really;
You are present, persisting in existing, but with no life;
Is this just the gyration my imagination, or is it true?
Did your spirit finally break for the sake of survival?
And is there is no hope of revival? Are you living dead?
Something has changed inside you, something strange;
Yes, something vital has changed you are not the same

Expressing Inexpressible Love

You make art in my heart that’s ready to explode
Since you rode in and made me your free abode,
And do I really comprehend the end of the design
As I resign myself to you to drink your fine wine?
You shine in my soul and refine me to pure gold,
As I am told you boldly do with all of your lovers
Under the cover of your hovering wings,
And my heart sings in the joy you bring!
Ah! But words fail to express the sheer loveliness
Of your presence in the quiescence of my spirit,
Or the delight I feel as I bathe in your bright light;
In your sight all fright disappears —
No blight, fight or reason for flight —
All is as right as the fairest moonlight at midnight;
Oh! And I cannot repress what I cannot express,
And how this distresses and even depresses me!
Yet with what skill I have I will try even as I sigh
At how very short I fall in answering such a call;
That is, to express an ongoing inexpressible love
… an inexpressible love above all and everlasting

Note: Previously published in early October 2016. Republished here as well as on Pax et Dolor, an online magazine you really should visit!

Rush of Exhilaration from Excitation

Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin
Welling up inside ready to explode the full payload
From heart ready to burst in thirst of unrestrained joy
And no toy will do for this boy in this rolling moment
There is no looking for atonement already bestowed
As center component of this breathless ecstasy relished
And embellished with lovely goods and exquisite foods
Volcano rumbling inside cannot abide without eruption
Without corruption and there can be no interruption
In spewing forth unadulterated pleasure like a treasure
By pressure forcing out what is presently held inside
Personal pride can no longer hide the mystical landslide
Of mind and soul that has occurred without one word
. . .
Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin!

The Lightning Chaser … Unrestrained

You say you want to know the flashing lightning and thunder roll,
But that might be a grave error, you see, inside such a panoply
Which you can hardly imagine, still less handle, so much greater
It is than your pathetic candle, but you run out of your bubble
Straight into the arms of trouble only to double your own misery
And in no subtle fashion for the excitation without explanation;
Ah! This is you, though, ever grasping for the unknown, gasping;
And what will you have gained in your vagabond independence,
In your freedom from dependence upon anyone or anything else?
You yourself are like an untamed wind that tends to bend
Elements and people to your will, and you still want more!
Oh! but you might one day cross that tight line of sense and sanity
In forthright vanity, turning your sunshine day into blackest night!
Oh, be careful what you search out in your devout chasing of life;
Some doubt is not bad and will not bring any drought to your soul,
But simply rein you in to begin living within the bounds of reason;
Ah! but that is completely out of season for you, is it not? Yes . . .
You say you want to know the flashing lightning and thunder roll!

The Spirit Blows and Flows

The Spirit blows from where nobody knows
And freely flows there, where nobody knows;
Like the wind bending trees eyes can see,
But unseen winds her way and binds hearts,
And minds and souls, and life of every kind;
Truly, she moves so smoothly and beautifully,
With gentle touch so forceful, so resourceful…


The Spirit blows from where nobody knows
And freely flows there, where nobody knows;
In and through crowds with all good and true,
Within, without all creation with reverberation;
Breath of Life, death of death, knife of God
To end all strife, tearing down each façade…


The Spirit blows from where nobody knows
And freely flows there, where nobody knows;
Thru street band shows, over high plateaus,
In the beggar low, and every Hawaiian isle,
Thru birds of the air, and every flower fair;
She moves unseen, known well by the keen…


The Spirit moves in relation with all creation;
Incarnation, consummation of intimate relation,
Dispensation of peaceful consolation, assumption
Of the dispensation of glorious reclamation…


The Spirit blows from where nobody knows
And freely flows there, where nobody knows…

Note: Originally published in September 2015; being re-published due to some renewed interest and also just to share with new followers/readers. Enjoy!