One Simple Ray of Sunshine



One simple ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds,
Proudly and soundly focusing its power upon the earth,
Making the mountains its hearth ‘n giving birth to hope;
Aye! The whole world is in the scope of this solitary ray
That pays one hundredfold the breath of its tiny breadth;
And what can compare to the might of its bright light?
None and so soon to drive out all blight and every fright;
Yea, night turns to day with but one strand of sunshine
So fine and ever so piercing the clouds of gloom ‘n doom


Earth revolves around Sol, greater light to rule the day
And stay the powers of stark darkness in its own ways
With rays of brightness – happy song sung long on sea
And land by bands of people and all creatures living –
And how shall we describe him or ascribe him majesty
With glory, yet Sol is but an icon, very pure and simple,
Of the first and everlasting Light that shines brighter
And dispels thick black without a lack of magnificence,
So that Sol is but a child, young ‘n wild, by comparison


After the Storm

The sun came shining brilliantly after the storm,
Sharp, warm rays spreading out across the sky,
And the birds are singing yet again and they fly
So freely, at liberty, and reconstruction follows
Upon the heels of destruction in nature’s flow;
Reconstruction like resurrection follows death,
And the wind blows ever gently now to endow
Earth with sweet scent of rain on grass ‘n trees,
And how else should it be? This is life writ large
In the discharge of ever-winding cycles of living
And reminds us that there are storms, to be sure,
But always the sun behind the ominous clouds,
Always light so bright to overcome the darkness;
Indeed, the sun did come shining after this storm
. . . after every storm, after each and every storm!

Still Comes the Last Train

Every star is born
Every star shines
Every star is shorn
Of its bright light

What gives us wings for flight?
What puts us forward in sight?
What passion stirs us to fight?
What buries us beneath night?

We are here for awhile to make a mark
We are here for awhile to sail our bark
We are here for awhile to snap a spark
We are here for awhile then left in dark

So soon as we are born we die
So soon we live out our own lie
So soon we find truth and cry
And our whole existence deny
. . .
Or, at least, this is what we try
As time moves on with our sigh

Ah! But even the majestic moon waxes and wanes!
Trying to hold on to what we must forfeit is insane!
Still strain to shine your light
In the smog and bog and blogs!
Still comes the last train that we must all board
Still comes the last train to carry another hoard
Yes . . . still comes that train

Evening Song

As the day is dying in the West,
And I lay my head down to rest,
O give me of your best to keep
As my eyes close in deep sleep

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

As the sun dips o’er far horizon,
My heart enlighten ‘n brighten,
So there’ll be light in the night
And no awful monsters to fight

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

Stay here as day bids farewell,
For with you sleep will be well,
How comforting I cannot tell
But you are my one sure citadel

Rest me now in your arms
Far away from all alarms
And safe from evil harms
And all nefarious charms

Rest me in your best tonight,
And all will be good and right,
And all will be good and right . . .

Greetings, Thank You

Good morning, Morning Star! Humble greetings to your majesty, Sol,
Reigning so high in the sky, bathing now this side of gentle Gaia
In radiant light, so iconic of Light everlasting.

Fare thee well, most lovely Luna, sweet Selene of the night sky,
Mother of luminescence in dark, our stark reminder that the Light
Never dies, but shows forth Beauty even in shadows.

Salve cara terram, celestial orb who gently sails round Father Sun;
Saludos a usted, dearest Gaia, upon whose breasts we feed and live,
So many small children sometimes so reckless.

Another morning bathed in beams under canopy of blue-grand Coelum…

Thank You and Greetings … Greetings!

Candle Flame Flickers

Candle flame flickers and sways against the cold,
Shedding light across the way, so bold, illumining
Another untold story being written by an hoary head
From the bed of aged soul and heart-bowl of tales
To be sung by lives just begun; and the sun rises
Yet again, another candle ~ larger ~ set in sky,
Sol so beautiful it makes even the strong man cry,
And the soldier of life sigh at star so very high;
Tis a brand new day under ray of bright luminescence,
Essence of beginnings with no endings, perfect for
Finding one’s way . . .
While candle flame flickers and sways in the cold.

Sunshine So Bright

Lay aside now all of your care,
As the sun still rises so fair,
Lay bare your concerns in turn,
Let the fire of great Sol burn
In your heart healing each part;
It’s a new start, new day for you
To find your way; no price to pay
As you enter again another fray,
You’re here to stay, no dismay,
No reason for alarm, fear no harm,
As high celestial ball does charm,
Shining brightly, not slightly,
But so mightily puts you at ease;
Now rest, and you’ll be at you best,
So yes, lay aside your care and
Abide in light of the sun so fair.

Luna, Luna, Majestic Light

Luna shining in the daytime sky,
While Sol rules the blue on high;
Nothing can cover over your beauty,
And is this not my duty to sing?
To bring your praise to low earth,
To blow trumpet sound, bound by
Unfettered desire, love from above,
In creaturely heart; I play my part.
Oh Luna, Luna hear me and the strain
Of pain I bear ne’er able to reach
And touch, but teach me patience
In the wait to satiate my appetite
With so slight a beam so radiant
From celestial face ere so bright,
Splendor of the night; smite me
With might of your borrowed light,
Sweet Luna, precious Luna, star
From afar, queen of tranquility,
Regal mother of peaceful fertility,
Gentility that bows me in humility;
Touch me, caress me, and let me be
Ever in your care, your arms to bear!