Tapestry of Your Life

Threads woven together to form a beautiful tapestry,
Like streams flowing together into one majestic river,
Like myriad colors brushed on the canvas is your life
At the hand of the Artisan, dear child; you are beauty
An icon of Beauty still being sculpted so statuesque,
So fret not the unfinished work; it will be completed;
You’re an amazing creation and yet still being created
By the Hand that spread the moon ‘n stars in the sky;
You are unique and lovely, yet still an unfinished art,
But when the last note is put you will be a symphony
Sung in the heavens glorious, sung by choirs of angels!

Note: First published in January of this year, offered again now due to some renewed interest as well as for the reading pleasure (and hopefully inspiration) of new followers of this blog … and anyone else who happens to drop in. Blessings to one and all!


The Tree: Part of You, Part of Me


I am part of everything I see;
Everything I see is part of me
~ the tree, honey bee, the deep blue sea ~
So hating myself is hating you;
Hating you is hating myself;
Striking you is striking myself;
Striking myself is striking you
~ cries in war-torn lands and villain bands ~
Reach for the sky, touch the earth;
Teach my soul from place of birth,
Eternal worth, and you’ve taught
Yourself your own invaluable value
~ up from shallow valleys to mountains grand ~
Sand of time an illusion, fusion
Of our souls in transformation
~ blind men bait with hate merely to satiate ~
You are part of everything you see;
Everything you see is part of you
~ old and new, many and few, the morning dew~
Being good to others is good for you;
Others good to you is good for them, too.

Touch the earth and reach for the sky!


Note: Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh