You’ve Taken the Hand of a Homeless Man

You wonder as you wander the streets
Where to go as you hear the hard beats
Of your heart like some roadside band
And you find some stranger in this land

He says he knows every twist and turn
And so his words make your heart burn
Because you’re lost and tempest-tossed
So you trust him and gladly thrust ahead

You’ve taken the hand of a homeless man
Hoping this vagabond has the right plan
Praying this vagabond has the right plan

He takes you over hills and thru valleys
Down alleys and onto great sea galleys
And you begin to question if he knows
As the wind blows through all he shows

You’ve taken the hand of a homeless man
Hoping this vagabond has the right plan
Praying this vagabond has the right plan

He leads you to the mountains so high
And never leaves, never says ‘goodbye’
And he promises streets made of gold
Are in store for you if you remain bold

This man without any home . . .

You’ve taken the hand of a homeless man
(Yeah, taken the hand of a homeless man)
Hoping this vagabond has the right plan
Praying this vagabond has the right plan

And he promises streets made of gold
Are in store for you if you remain bold

But you’ve taken the hand of a homeless man
Yeah, taken the hand of this homeless man . . .
Taken the hand . . . of the homeless man

Note: Once a man came to Jesus of Nazareth and said, “I will follow you.” And Jesus replied, “Foxes have their holes, and birds their nests, but the Son of Man (speaking of himself) has nowhere to lay his head.” He was the homeless man. First published in January of this year. Illustration by Leonard Franckowiak.


Will You Be On Time?

Will you be on time? The clock is ready to chime midnight;
Will you come in power before the witching hour? I wait
And try not to take the bait of fear when you must be near;
But I can’t see or hear you and the dark is thick – I am sick
And feel forlorn but you did warn this would occur to me;
Did I make a mistake in choosing this particular corner
At which to shake and quake until your arrival? I still wait;
But you have never been late, so why this state of terror?
It is a question of trust and I know I should be confident,
But . . .
Will you be on time? The clock is ready to chime midnight!

And You Sing to Me

How could I lie to you while captured by your piercing gaze?
Life has been like trekking thru a maze through a thick haze,
So when you asked, ‘Do you really trust me?’ it was a bust,
And felt like a powerful gust of wind nearly blowing me over;
Your voice was so penetrating and I knew you already knew!
Not a few times I’ve had to hang my head in shame in blame,
And this was no game and your inquiry anything but tame!
Your emerald eyes stabbed me to the very center of my heart
And tore me apart piece by piece and I felt no peace inside,
But I could not abide by your side in silence; I had to answer,
‘No . . . I guess I really do not, and I’m sorry,’ but you knew
And so you simply smiled; at least I didn’t skew my answer,
And so you at least appreciated my honesty and my integrity,
Which is why your reply was so soothing: ‘I thought as much
And it’s alright; you’ll learn even if it burns, but you’ll turn
To me time and time again as you churn inside;’ and I cried;
How many times already have you brought rhythm ‘n rhyme
To my life? How often and how deeply have you loved me
And hovered over me in protective care? You, my one prayer?
So now you’ve just removed another dirty, encrusted layer
So that I’m closer to shining in the bright light you bring . . .
You sing to me a new song as I bring to you all my longings;
Yes, yes . . . you sing to me

Life is an Adventure to be Loved

Life is an adventure although it may feel like an indenture
Complete with debenture but the pressure is but a gesture
To the unknown yet to be explored, uncovered, discovered
And learned without being spurned or so foolishly burned;
So boldly take every turn in the roadway with trust a must
And faith that you can defeat each wraith along your path!
Life is an adventure to be owned not simply blown away!

Note: Previously published on Pax et Dolor

Cruel Cut in Companionship

Oh! You were my friend, closer than kin,
Who could comprehend my own heart
More than I, and apprehend my feelings
Much better than anyone else,
Reading me like an open letter,
And could loosen the fetters that bound,
And, too, you seemed to be ever around
When I needed you, my one true friend;
Ah! But you plunged your knife deep
Into the keep of my despondent soul
With words of malice and ugly anger
And for the first time I sensed danger;
Then my soul shriveled up within me
And I’ve left you no key to unlock me;
Such sacred bonds have been broken,
And no token of love can easily heal
Deep wounds that steal intimate trust;
Now you’ve made your deadly thrust
And I must guard each part of my heart
As we start over again
To chart a new course
Rather than simply parting our ways;
Friendship is delicate and no one can
Quite estimate just how relevant and
Even preeminent it is in life . . . my life!
Truly it is said, ‘True friends are one
Soul inhabiting two bodies!’ And amen!

And So I Dive . . . Alive

Amazing rapture in loving you loving me
On the sea of new life with endless view!
Captain of my boat afloat on soft waves,
Master of worlds near and so remote . . .

Hold me close, hold me dear, be my cheer
As I slide into the stream of your dreams,
Beams of promise, cream of new life . . .

My bout with doubt disappears
In your emerald eyes
That hold no lies

You command as you plunge your right hand
Into warm water that swarms with creatures,
‘Now dive! And swim alive in this my soul sea,
And have no fear, for I am ever ‘n always near!’

My bay of dismay and profusion of confusion
Is now more memory, more a sensory vapor,
And I cling to you, who brings me joy untold
As you unfold your flawless plan ‘n promises

And you will never say ‘goodbye’ and fly away,
No! You will never say ‘goodbye’ and fly away!

And so I dive . . . I dive!

Note: This is really the third part to Sailing the Deep Soul Sea and Sailing the Deep Soul Sea II