Interpenetrating Love

I in you and you in me and no room for an ugly jealousy

Chosen from eons ago to forgo selfish self-centeredness

Pierced to my soul by eyes belying the hole in my heart

Filled by love ere asking above my self, O heavenly dove

Greater romance with you through the dance of real life

Living now in perpetual thanksgiving forgiving the past

Who could know greater deeper unity in gifted opportunity

To love ‘n be loved by you who are me in carefree guarantee


Forever Free in Atman

Fierce, fiery life freely flowing in me, through me, into you, through you

So new, so true, so pure to ignite in the soul an unadulterated coup

Meant to liberate from desolation, privation and divine reprobation,

So we feel overwhelmed and compelled to kneel, to heal in life so surreal,

So very serene, across the ravine of space and time to an unseen union

Of heart, mind and soul, combined into one chi forever free in atman,

To wander ever together in cosmic pastures of endless delight in sight

Together Two as One

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere beautiful, somewhere bountiful

Together we will gather ourselves together two as one here, there, and everywhere

Together we will be something wild, never mild, oblique in mystique, sleek physique

Together we will run two as one for fun, not to be outdone, with nothing cumbersome

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere heavenly, somewhere cleverly

Never to turn back from one to two

Never to part our ways in the heart

Flowing Into One Another … Your Love

Oh I prayed and thought you didn’t hear, my Shepherd so dear;
So I screamed and fell, yet you still felt so very far away.
I cried, lamented, and my very soul was gripped in abject fear;
In oppressive darkness I laid down with my own ending so near.

Ah, do we embrace before ere we touch? Sweet kiss
In the Eye of the Mind before lips ever meet?
Like the oceans and the river and the mountain
Springs, do we flow into one another, fulfilling?

You awakened me from my deathly slumber and enabled me to see;
You moved in the night in heavenly light, and answered my plea;
You opened my eyes, breathing in me life in timeless eternity,
So your Spirit rushes in, and in your love is my only safety.

Ah, shall we laugh and cry like the wind and the rain?
Play like the moonlight across sweet mountain lake?
Shall we belong to each other, both giving and receiving,
Never living apart, no more than branch without tree?

Note: First published in June 2015, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the enjoyment (and inspiration?) of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

And Our Eyes Meet

Our eyes meet, greeting one another without a sound;
My hearts pounds inside my chest to be with the best;
I reach my hand to your shoulder, strong as a boulder;
You reach inside my very heart to take the better part;
Flames leap inside my soul and I smile without shame;
You enter in ever so deeply to the center of my being;
Here you find a home; in like kind I also find my own;
Here you find a throne, not made of stone, but of flesh;
And I gladly supplicate myself in the state of servitude;
You are my all in all, strong and tall, and ever-present;
And our eyes meet again to greet, so eternally sweet!

Note: First published in December 2016, now republished for the pleasure of new reader-followers (and quite possibly for long-time reader-followers as well!) Blessings to one and all!

If Hatred Is All That Unifies You

If hatred is all that unifies you, then you will always have to hate to be unified;
Is this the kind of unity you desire? Unity completely devoid of love and peace?
And what happens when the object of your hatred changes or simply vanishes?
If hatred is all that’s unified you, you’ll have to find something else to hate,
Or what is worse, someone else to hate with no room left for true compassion,
No room for understanding, for bridge-building, for reasonable compromise . . .
Is this kind of unity an healthy unity? Unity centered upon feelings of hostility?

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years upon years,
And now my life is filled with too many decades of time with too few left to me
To live in hatred and animosity, fear, paranoia, enmity, rancor and bitterness;
And this man is too old and tired to spend his precious time with those who do!
Even my ears grow weary of hearing the poison spewing out from such people!
Light, life ‘n love stand above all and are more than enough to take all my time,
So too there is truth ~ yes ~ but my choice is to stand upon truth in true peace.

Crossing the Threshold of Reason

Crossing the threshold of human reason —
Unadulterated treason against rationality —
My eyes spy an unsullied season of serenity,
An intensity of clemency and compassion,
An attraction of devotion without retraction,
Affirmative action of peace as an alternative
To the hell-spawned bait of hate, purgative
Of animosity and paucity, atrocity, ferocity
And monstrous pomposity; where generosity
Reigns and gain is not defined in undignified
Victory over enemies that should be friends;
To understand one another will command
Each heart and will be part of discovering
An art of healing without any exacerbation
Of pain that stains the human soul . . .
As I dare cross the threshold of human reason
In this season of the cream of new dreams . . .

United We Stand?

american-eagle-wallpaperOn Memorial Day we remember those who gave their lives for this country. Patriots proudly wave the flag, which represents all Americans through space and time, and politicians adeptly quote founding fathers to support their ideas and proposals. We remember, honor and celebrate our country from its humble origins in pilgrims seeking freedom in a new world to the miraculous birth of a nation following her struggle with a mighty empire, through the darkness of war that divided families and pitted brother against brother, to our own day and time.

We are Americans — the fact hardly ever escapes us — and we almost vigorously proclaim this when we are threatened or attacked.  We proudly speak this truth when we send our sons and daughters to foreign lands to fight, and very possibly die, for those ideals we hold so dear … ideals we also call “American.”  And these facts alone would seem to unite us, except for one glaring characteristic of what it means to be an American today:  namely, radical individualism, an odious quality cherished now perhaps more than any other.

Americans have tragically become so utterly individualistic that we have to a great extent lost any sense of community and the collective conscience.  Individualism is defined as “personal independence in action, thought, interests, etc.;  the state of being separate or individual; self-interest without regard for others; the social theory that emphasizes the importance of the individual and his/her rights and independence of action.”  Economically it is the equivalent of laissez-faire.  Psychologically it is nothing more than rank egoism.

America has always had a strong sense of individualism, but that sense, until fairly recently, has been balanced by a realization that we rise and fall together — a realization that inspired the motto, “united we stand, divided we fall.”  Today, however, American society has moved beyond mere individualism as social theory and practice into the wasteland of radical individualism that, unless faced with a monumental and unifying tragedy such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, all-too-often asks the question, “What’s in it for me?”  Especially when whatever issue or problem being considered does not directly impinge upon the individual.

We have fractured into a multiplicity of lonely islands floating on the tumultuous ocean of what used to be the United States of America.  It would do well for us to remember, if it is not already too late, what it means to be community.  This is the fact of any society, any kingdom, any nation:  to be one community comprised of communities.  And as simplistic as it may sound, there is no community without unity.  As community, we are more than simply a group of individuals living in a particular geographical area, being subject to the same laws.

As community, we lay claim to the same history and share much of the same heritage with all of the persons, places, events and documents, traditions and customs that entails.  As community,  we share many of the same values and interests and characteristics.  As community, we are bound together in our responsibility to and for one another, as well:  rich, poor and middle class;  strong and weak;  old,  young and middle-aged;  of whatever race or ethnicity, occupation or level of education.  As community,  we see past the differences to what unites us,  to what makes us more than merely the sum total of individuals … to what makes us uniquely who and what we are together,  in unity.

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”
~  W. Somerset Maugham  (Early 20th Century British Playwright)

“Where there is unity there is always victory.”
~  Publilius Syrus  (Ancient Roman Writer)