Here For You

When you shiver and quiver inside and all hope seems lost,
And your very soul is tempest tossed and all looks bleak,
Seek me out and find me; I’m as close as your own breath,
Not far away like some distant star, but right beside you
Through night and day, and I’m here to stay nor to stray;
Like light of dawn shines bright over blue-green horizon,
Like sun rays bathing your face, your body, I enlace you
To myself to love, cherish and care for you in bare life,
If only you call and let down your wall of cold resistance;
I AM here for you…

Note: Originally published in May 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the pleasure to new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!



Home . . . a place to call my own
Where in secret dreams are sown

A bed where to lay my head
And find the best rest for my body weary

A table where to eat my daily bread
After thankful prayer is said

Home . . . where ideas are freely sought
Home . . . where there is liberty of thought

Safe and secure from all alarm
Walled in securely from all harm

Far above and beyond mere survival
Home . . . where there is daily revival

Home . . . where God is ever so near
And there is no need for fear

Home . . . where there is the heart
And of life every best part . . . home