No More Throne; Just Your Bone

Somebody stole your throne like a dirty little bone,
And they trashed your crown, then fled out of town;
And now you know you tried but you lied, then cried
Because you can’t confide now; nobody’s on your side;
So just how wide is redemption’s door? Can you slide
On through, crawling across the floor with no more
Pride left; you’re bereft of hope; not even the Pope
Can save you, and you can’t misbehave as you pave
Your way back to heaven for lack of good luck packed
In your haversack… Oh! You’re the big Mack attack
Are you? But your shoe’s too big and your shit stinks,
Makes the eyes blink; and you’re after another twink
But I just wink as you sink lower for another blower,
But you can’t get none; your nightmare’s just begun,
Son of a bitch! Which way now? Now that there’s just
Your dirtied up bone, ’cause someone’s got your throne!


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