This Too Shall Pass Into Brighter Days

What do we do when once again we descend into confusion

And another profusion of lies about the worth of our lives?

Should we crawl up into a corner of our bedroom and cry,

Think about singing goodbye to this old world to fly away?

Or should we stay another day to play some happier tune,

When we know this will so soon pass on into better times,

And the sun will rise again amid breaking clouds to shine

On us once more for finely renewed peace in our souls?


13 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass Into Brighter Days

    1. Thank you so very much, Kamal! I’ve been having a rough time for several weeks, mostly ill, but am getting better now. And I’m happy to be back. Blessings to you!

  1. Cherish this beautiful gift of life, dear Jonathan. Connecting with you for a few years, I know you have a lot to offer. Tap into that; all emotions are here for a reason, embrace them all. Sending you a big hug, thanking you for another marvelous piece of art.

    1. Thank you as always, dear Patty. I consider it an honor and privilege to know you, and to have been connected for some years now. Blessings from across the Pond! 🙂

      1. I wish a Pond was not separating us, because I think I could talk for hours with you about many interesting topics. Fortunately, we have this option of online communication and I look for forward to stay connected for many more years to come. XxX

        1. Me, too, Patty… Me too! One day, perhaps, who knows? One of us may cross the Pond and then we would have that hours-long conversation. It would certainly be a joy!

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