Letting Go of the Show


It’s so damn hard to let go of the show,
But one must grow through the insane pain
Of turning away from the burning fake love;
Throw away the wedding cake never meant to be!

For your own sake, wake up; cling to truth,
And sing and be free from the gross misery
Of lies told beneath such unfriendly skies;
Say your good-byes, and hurt for being burnt.

You were used and abused; she was only amused
She’d caught you and bought you with a smile
One mile wide, but she was never on your side;
Now you abide in life rife with stain and pain.

Tis better to know, though, and to let it go ~
Nothing more than callous pretense and show ~
Now grow and glow as you throw away the lies
Like poisoned pies; fly up into friendly skies!

You were meant for better, and so this letter
To tell you the final bell hasn’t rung for you;
Don’t be so damn blue, then; but rise up true
To who you really are … one shining star!



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