Seven-Day Poem

Today, November 29th, I am beginning a seven-day poem. I will begin with one stanza and add one each day thereafter for seven days. (For more info on why I’m doing this, please read my previous article.) So in the end I should have one whole poem with seven stanzas, each one having been written on a different day… We’ll see how this goes! Oh, and if you want to pick up on this ongoing poem at any point and begin adding your own stanzas (maybe because you have a better idea for the direction the poem ought to take), then by all means do so! Now … here we go:

Seven-Day Poem

You intrigued me by being intrigued by me
As I wondered, ‘how can this possibly be?’
Am I to have another ‘she’ in my poor life
And will it be but another knife to my soul?

Note: Thank you again to Maja at  Business in Rhyme for inspiring me to take up this challenge!


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