Time: Friend or Foe? (Free Verse)

Sometimes time seems to fly by so very quickly,
And you wonder where the moments have gone
And what you have really done
Since you last looked at a clock;
And it stuns you to realize how the minutes pass
Without your capturing them to do something . . .
Yet time can seem so slow when you are working;
You wonder if the minutes have turned to hours –
‘Tempus fugit’ is not always the case in this life –
But when time does fly by you often want to stop
And rewind the clock to retake those lost minutes
But you cannot . . . You can only move forward . . .
Ever forward with time, whether so fast (or slow)
Time: Do you have her, or does she have you???


2 thoughts on “Time: Friend or Foe? (Free Verse)

  1. Brilliant penned lines and what a flair with words. Loved each and every single line. Friend or Foe and that is Time. If we know how to take Time in our stride it will become our friend but if we do not know how to respect Time it will become our Foe for sure.

    1. Indeed, you are right … and with that I have to make a confession: I am still learning to respect time and take it in stride. Thank you for your comment, and as always all the best to you w/peace and blessings!

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