On the Far Horizon: Believe

Arise in hope and look to the far horizon,
Where lies your destination of restoration,
For there is hope to do more than cope
From day to day along life’s winding way

Believe and receive strength for the steps,
Steps that won’t grieve you as you achieve
Such grand promise to which you cleave
As you weave your way along this pathway

Arise, believe and claim the waiting prize,
And always remember: You are not alone!


6 thoughts on “On the Far Horizon: Believe

  1. Time, time to heal, healing, start walking…Yes, beautiful!
    And so glad you added: you’re not alone. That’s what I always say to people; you are not the only one who feels depressed, unworthy and/or in pain and it is OK to lean on someone some times…
    Again, beautiful Jonathan!

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