Transparent Familiarity

May I know you more than your name and face show me,

More than the cold portfolio of another human shadow?

Dare I to ask what it is you believe, beg you not to deceive,

Guarantee to receive your answers, and ne’er to aggrieve?

May I humbly request all this in tones dressed in love’s best,

To impress on your heart what I now profess from my own?

Tell me, now, do you believe in God, is religion only façade,

Are you by wonders awed, and have you travelled abroad?

Are your angels benevolent, your worship simple or elegant,

Inside four walls what is your temperament? Is it malevolent?

How strong does your hope hold, can you cope with your life,

Or do you walk the tightrope between sanity and calamity?

What is your profession, confession, obsession, and delight,

As well as your insight, foresight, hindsight, and predilection?

And tell me, do you make a living or life, in giving or in strife,

Striving for more in laborious chore, or content to be a bore?

Do I dare to ask all of this? Care enough to know the true you,

To bear the burden of intimacy, hear the voice of legitimacy?

Ah! Do I dare to ask for transparent familiarity? Or do I fear?


3 thoughts on “Transparent Familiarity

    1. Ah, yes, it’s so good to hear from you again! It really has been a long time. I hope you are doing well, my friend, and thank you so much for your kind words. Blessings to you! 🙂

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